Diseases of the breast: a cyst of the breast

Female breasts are one of the most beautiful parts of the body. That she always liked not only the hostess, but all around her, and also stayed in excellent condition for a long time, it is necessary to know about the possible threats and diseases that can destroy beauty. For example, a considerable harm to health can cause a cyst of the breast.

To the great regret, most often such a disease is experienced by middle-aged fair-haired women, especially those who have not yet experienced the joys of motherhood. An unpleasant fact is that the cyst of the breast is diagnosed every year with an increasing number of women. The most common causes of this formation are all kinds of hormonal disruptions caused by the use of appropriate contraceptives, as well as individual genetic heredity. A significant influence on the definition of a cyst is having previous operations on the chest and mastitis.

In general, according to the medical definition, the cyst is a special formation with a content inside a clear liquid, often with a yellowish tinge. Such cavities, as a rule, are a consequence of the started clogging of the ducts of the gland. They can be single or grouped and consist not only of benign cells, but also of malignant cells. Thus, with the slightest hint that a breast cyst may have formed, you need to go to a medical facility to undergo the necessary examination and, if the diagnosis is confirmed, the appropriate treatment.

Actually, it is quite easy to determine the formation of a cyst in the chest. It is only necessary to carefully examine the chest and slowly feel it with light pressure. If in performing these actions some kind of round or oval shape is felt, which, after some time, increased slightly, this is the reason for an unscheduled visit to a specialist doctor. In addition, the cyst of the breast periodically begins to ache. The most unpleasant thing is that the cyst should reach considerable sizes so that it can be independently probed. For this reason, doctors generally recommend that their patients regularly examine their breasts at home so that in the event of a threat, it can be quickly eliminated until it has developed into a malignant tumor or is not festered. Otherwise, the consequences can be very unpleasant.

To recognize the presence of a cyst in the chest, when it is not probed yet, it is possible with the help of ultrasound or radiograph. Also, some blood tests, mostly hormonal, can help diagnose this. After receiving the conclusion, before a breast cyst can be treated, a biopsy can be administered that will help to recognize the cancer cells. In addition, in most cases, the sexual life of the patient is investigated in order to exclude pathologies in other organs.

Treatment of the cyst of the breast depends on its size. If this is a small education, then, as a rule, various creams or ointments are prescribed, as well as various homeopathic remedies. Do not exclude the use of drugs, which include certain hormones that affect the disease. When the foreign body is large, it is punctured and removed with the help of the operation, after which the walls of the bladder coalesce. The extracted liquid is sent to the laboratory for investigation.

For pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding young mothers, the cyst is usually not a cause for concern. But you should always keep in mind that the cyst, like any other disease, should be treated, otherwise it sooner or later can cause serious violations in the functioning of the body and the health of women.