How to wake up in the morning

Often, when we see the exhausted faces of our colleagues at work in the morning, we joke and ask a lot of questions about what happened, where he spent the night and so on. To which we get a banal answer: "I can not wake up."Almost everyone has been in similar situations, and for many, this is an everyday problem. She interferes with living, makes us late for work and experience numerous inconveniences.

The media keeps telling us that this is normal, they offer a variety of drugs and products( like coffee) that can help you get out of bed and cheer up. But is it not better to do without this and teach your body how to wake up in the morning full of strength and vitality.

The first thing to do when you hear the hateful sound of an alarm clock is a small charge. Stretch and turn your head slightly from side to side. Raise and lower your legs several times. Work with your hands, spread them apart. You immediately feel that the body is awake and filled with energy. Now you can get out of bed.

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Do a few sit-ups, razomnites, jump and boldly go to the shower. Note that the water should not be cold or hot, it can have an unnecessary effect.10-15 minutes of water procedures will help finally drive away the dream and the desire to bask under the blanket.

Now you can start a useful and delicious breakfast. If you think in the evening, how to wake up in the morning, then take care of what you will eat and drink. It depends on how well your body will function during the day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal. If you like porridge, in particular oatmeal, then give preference to it. Oatmeal porridge is rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition, it is incredibly useful for the stomach. In order to diversify the menu, try muesli. If such food is not for you, then pick something suitable. The main thing is that it is useful and nutritious.

Many people prefer to make sandwiches. In this case, cheese is good, but butter should not be taken a great interest. Experts recommend for breakfast there are dairy products, in particular yoghurts, cottage cheese, milk. They contain amino acids, calcium, iron.

For a change, you can make eggs in any form: scrambled eggs, "soft-boiled", "hard-boiled," fried eggs. This is very useful, and most importantly, always delicious.

For many, the only way to wake up in the morning is to have a few cups of coffee. This, of course, will wake you up, but it is unlikely to be good for your health. It is better to give preference to such drinks as juices or tea. If you still do not have enough caffeine, try green tea. It excellently invigorates and contains the antioxidants your body needs.

Having gained strength, you can safely start a new day.

If you still think how to wake up in the morning, then pay attention to your mood. No business will be in joy, and even the best breakfast will not do good if you are depressed. If you do not have serious reasons for concern, then start to cheer yourself up in the evening. Think, for example, about what you will pamper yourself in the morning. Perhaps it will be a delicious candy or an interesting book. Waiting for something pleasant is a great incentive to wake up and start a new day.

Try not to deprive yourself of pleasant trifles. Do nice things for your loved ones. Write a funny note and attach it to the fridge. You will certainly be answered the same, and waking up in the morning will become even more pleasant.

It has long been known - in order to get up in the morning from bed, you need an incentive. It can be an interesting job, a pleasant meeting, an upcoming trip to the beauty salon and a long-awaited trip.

Do not postpone it all "on Monday".Start acting today and never say "I can not wake up in the morning."