Evpatoria: "Sea" - sanatorium for family rest

This remarkable sanatorium is located in the urban settlement Zaozernoye, seven kilometers from Evpatoria. The treatment is provided by the Crimea. Not so long ago the health resort was used as a rehabilitation center in Ukraine. If you are bored with a monotonous life, want to relax on the sea and receive medical treatment, then you will be pleased to receive Evpatoria."Sea" is a sanatorium that provides services not only for adults but also for teenagers and children from one year to 17 years. Health resort Yevpatoria

Description of the sanatorium

The main feature of the sanatorium is its quaint architecture. The building from the outside resembles an octopus. And all because inside the complex is a beautiful winter garden with a fountain under a glass dome. Here you will meet exotic plants from around the world. And on the territory of the health resort there is a lawn and flower beds with flowers, all the paths are decorated with tiles, there are shops with canopies and gazebos with tables. It is very pleasant to enjoy here the mild climate that Evpatoria is famous for.

"Marine" - a sanatorium, which is well equipped with modern equipment. In addition, there are used for therapeutic purposes massage, aromatherapy, exercise, well, of course, the climate. In the complex there is a beach. It is well equipped and has sun beds, a medical center, catamarans, locker rooms, umbrellas and other equipment for guests. The beach area is covered with golden sand, and the water is clean. This is the best vacation spot that Evpatoria can offer. evpatoria sea sanatorium

"Morskoy" - a sanatorium, where you should come

This place offers services for the treatment of many diseases. Here you can improve your health and improve your condition in the following cases:

  • in case of nervous system disorders;
  • for skin diseases;
  • for problems with the spine;
  • in diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • for problems with pelvic organs;
  • in diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Infrastructure of the health resort

There are many different places of recreation offered by Evpatoria."Sea"( sanatorium) is a complex of two buildings and one cottage. The first building is a three-story building with rooms for two. Includes the following amenities: toilet, TV, balcony, refrigerator, washbasin and shower. The second building is also a building of three floors with double and triple rooms. This is a case with increased comfort: air conditioning, shower, toilet, washbasin, TV, refrigerator and balcony. All the sleeping buildings are connected with each other by insulated corridors.

The cottage is a two-storey building that can accommodate ten rooms. The amenities here are the same, but the plus is that the room can accommodate a whole family. The entire territory of the sanatorium is well guarded. Vacationers have nothing to worry about. In the village Zaozernoe you will find bars, restaurants, money exchange offices, post office, markets, banks, liaison offices.

Before you go to the sanatorium "Morskoy"( Evpatoria), you can see the photo in advance in this article. Here you can see what the sanatorium is like, its winter garden, the beach and the rooms in which you will live. sanatorium sea evpatoria reviews

Entertainment in the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Morskoy"( Evpatoria) offers the following services to holidaymakers:

  • active rest: basketball and volleyball court, simulators, badminton;
  • for children there is a well equipped playground with swings and slides, all kinds of games, as well as various mugs( beading, gymnastics and art therapy);
  • entertainment: dance floor, disco, cinema, sauna, library;
  • excursions to Evpatoria and other routes on the peninsula of Crimea. Health resort Yevpatoria photo

Evpatoria - sanatorium "Morskoy": how is the treatment

The health resort offers consultations of professionals: psychologist, gynecologist, urologist, neurologist and pediatrician. All further treatment is determined by the doctor, based on the general state of health of the holidaymaker. Additional services that can be prescribed by a doctor are laboratory tests: blood, urine and biochemical analysis for blood sugar, protein, cholesterol. If necessary, you can undergo ultrasound examination of the liver, thyroid, pelvic organs. Also, spirography, ECG is available for vacationers. The food in the hospital is five times a day. With some diseases, a diet menu is provided. For example, with violations of the liver, with diabetes, gall bladder and obesity.

Other methods of treatment in a sanatorium:

  • massage;
  • curative mud;
  • Climatotherapy( here it is very soft);
  • children's treatment profile: urology, endocrinology, neurology, general therapy, dermatology. Crimea Yevpatoria health resort

What documents are required for the settlement of

It is necessary to have a passport, medical policy and referral for treatment. For children, you need to take a birth certificate, a passport for teenagers, an extract of vaccinations and a medical certificate. The cost of the tour includes accommodation, meals in the dining room, use of the beach and library services, procedures, classes for children and a cinema. For regular holidaymakers discounts are provided.

How to get to the sanatorium

If you flew to Simferopol, then from the airport you can get to Evpatoria by bus or electric train. From the railway station the car leaves on a route to a stop in sanatorium "Morskoj".You can come by own transport. The complex includes a parking lot. For the safety of the car do not worry, for the entire sanatorium is guarded. Health resort address: Evpatoria city, Zaozernoye village, Chkalov street, 42-6.

Reviews of holidaymakers

Many recommend for rest and treatment of the sanatorium "Morskoy"( Evpatoria).The reviews point out the goodwill and high qualification of the staff, the quality of the treatment procedures. The main advantages are considered to be a magnificent clean sea, beautiful well-groomed territory, good food and a rich cultural program.