Compression inhaler Little Doctor: отзывы, описание

Little Doctor is suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases in children and adults, as several masks are included. Its difference from many other models is that it is possible to use a variety of medications, whether water-based or oil-based.

What is the need for an inhaler

Inhalation is the best way of local exposure to respiratory organs, since drugs are delivered directly to the inflammatory focus and immediately begin to exert the required effect. The inhaler is characterized by the fact that it sprays the drugs, which are then converted into steam.

little doctor inhaler The medicine is injected into the respiratory tract and acts directly in the inflammatory focus. The drug does not spread throughout the body and does not provoke the occurrence of side effects. He must necessarily be in a house where there is a child, especially if he is prone to frequent colds. Nebulizer will significantly reduce the number of medications taken.

In addition, they do not provoke an allergy, nor do they have a negativ

e effect on internal organs. Having a home nebulizer, you can cure at home those diseases that were previously treated only in a hospital.

Features of the Little Doctor

The Little Doctor is available in several types of products, so you can choose the option you want. They can be ultrasonic and compressor type. The nebulizer is used to treat respiratory diseases through the use of special aerosols.

inhaler little doctor ld The device is equipped with a special air compressor, thanks to which compressed air moves through the tube to the nebulizer chamber, where a therapeutic aerosol is formed. Due to special constructions, which are made in the form of connecting chambers, there is a distribution of air flow with a significant concentration of aerosol.

The use of this inhaler is effective for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract. This is achieved due to the fact that aerosol particles with drugs penetrate deeply into the respiratory system.

What are the types of inhalers

Nebulizers are of several types, in particular such as:

  • compressor;
  • ultrasonic;
  • MIX-inhalers.

inhaler compressor little doctor Compressor inhaler Little Doctor developers was brought almost to perfection. First of all it is worth noting it:

  • stylish design;
  • functionality;
  • reliability and high quality work.

Inhalers are made in a bright and colorful design. The child does not have any fear when using this device, since it is made in an interesting childlike style. Children perceive it as a toy.

The construction of nebulizers is very simple, easy to disassemble. Particular attention deserves inhaler Little Doctor LD-210C.Thanks to the high level of reliability and the presence of a variety of attachments, it is used even in medical institutions.

In addition, the Little Doctor 212C inhaler is very popular, which works very well, and also features functionality and reliability, so many parents choose it for their child. Depending on the size of the particles to be sprayed, they fall into the respiratory system, which is important in the process of treatment. This is the most affordable device with a wide range of features.

The Little Doctor ultrasonic inhaler is characterized by the fact that the drug is divided into as small particles as possible under the influence of ultrasonic waves, which allows them to penetrate very deeply into the respiratory system and to affect the pathological process as efficiently as possible. However, it should be borne in mind that the impact of ultrasound may have a bad effect on the structure of some drugs, since it leads to their destruction.

The Little Doctor ultrasonic inhaler has several nozzles designed for different levels of drug spraying, as well as various impact points. The automatic system automatically turns off the device when there is no medicine in it or if there is an overheating. An important quality can be considered almost noiseless work.

MES-inhalers differ in that the principle of their operation is based on high-frequency oscillations of a special membrane, which divides the drug into very small particles. Features of this device consist in the fact that it is very compact, and thanks to the unique structure of the camera it can even be tilted.

What is the difference between

The Little Doctor LD 212C compressor inhaler is a universal product that is widely used to treat ENT diseases. Due to the creation of small aerosol particles from drugs, it has a high therapeutic effect.

inhaler little doctor 212c All steam inhalers work the same way, as they heat the drug, turning it into steam. In this case, all useful substances settle, and only water evaporates. That's why they do not have therapeutic effect, but only moisturize the mucous throat.

Compressor types of inhalers work without exposure to high temperatures. This allows us to deliver useful substances to the respiratory system, so treatment is more effective.

Principle of operation

Inside the nebulizer there is a compressor that directs a powerful airflow, which allows you to break the medicine into small particles. After that, the particles with air collide with the damper, which breaks them into even smaller particles. Then they penetrate into the nebulizer and throw them out in the form of an air stream.

inhaler little doctor ld 212c It is believed that the compressor is very reliable and functional. In addition, it is absolutely not fastidious in terms of care and use of medicines. Unlike an ultrasonic device, a compressor-based device allows the use of such agents as:

  • antibiotics;
  • expectorants;
  • hormones;
  • herbal medicinal herbs;
  • essential oils.

This device has a significant drawback, since it works quite noisy, which presents special difficulties in carrying out inhalation in young children, as they begin to get scared.

How to use

For the work you need to fill the drug in the nebulizer capacity, tighten it, without forgetting to put a foam filter. It is impossible to fill in the inhaler essential oils, water, syrups. It should be used exactly the solution for inhalation.

inhaler little doctor reviews You need to breathe for about five minutes. If inhalation is given from a cough, then it should be done no later than thirty minutes after eating and sleeping. In addition, do not recommend to conduct the procedure before going out in the cold.

In which diseases the

is used The nebulizer can be used at home to treat diseases such as:

  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • sinusitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • asthma and others.

The use of a nebulizer makes it possible to eliminate spasm of the bronchi, to normalize the departure of phlegm and mucus. It has a therapeutic effect directly on the focus of inflammation.

Reviews of buyers

Inhaler Little Doctor reviews deserved only the most positive, as this device is characterized by high functionality and reliability of operation. He pleases children with his attractive design, in a few days you can significantly normalize your well-being.