Green walnuts: tincture and preserves

green walnuts tincture Unripe walnuts that have not yet dropped their green clothes are often used for various culinary and medicinal purposes. From them prepare as various marinades, compotes and jams, and honey and spirit tinctures. For these purposes, green nuts are harvested at the end of spring-early summer, when they have not yet passed the stage of milk maturity and reach 2.5 cm in diameter. In such fruits, the core and skin are still relatively soft. They can be pierced with a toothpick or a needle. Green walnuts, tincture of which helps with various diseases, are collected at the time of their maximum saturation with useful substances. For medical use pericarp harvested at the time of harvest - in the fall. In this case, the harvested part is cut into two halves, and then dried in a warm room at a temperature of 30-40 C. Fully dried pericarp can be stored in a simple paper bag for up to 2 years.

Green walnuts: tincture and its use

treatment with tincture of green walnut In its immature state, walnuts contain a huge amount of vitamin C, as well as vitamins B, E and PP.In addition, it contains a huge amount of carotene, iodine and protein, as well as various aromatic compounds. Green peel is a very valuable medical raw material. It produces a huge variety of various ointments and tinctures. In the people this remedy has long been used to relieve muscle weakness and overcome the consequences of overwork. Treatment with tincture of green walnut goes into the darkness of times. Useful properties of this plant were used by doctors from all countries of the Ancient and Ancient Worlds. If you mix the juice of the skin with honey, you will get an excellent anti-tumor, antiulcer, blood cleanser. A mixture of honey and chopped unripe walnut perfectly strengthens immunity, and the powder, prepared from carefully dried and shredded pericarp, helps to heal abrasions and perfectly stops nosebleeds.

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Green walnuts: tincture and its preparation

tincture of green nut application For the treatment of metabolic disorders, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver diseases, getting rid of worms and many more diseases, many doctors and healers recommend using a tool such as a tincture of green walnut. The application of this wonderful tool will help not only to get rid of a heap of diseases and to strengthen immunity, but also will improve the general state of health and mood. For its preparation carefully washed and cut into 4-6 pieces of nuts are placed in a glass vessel and filled with alcohol or vodka. After that, the can is closed with a lid and placed in a dark place, where it remains until the liquid becomes a uniform brown color. For use, the necessary part is poured into a separate vessel, after which the leftovers are poured with alcohol or vodka and sent to infuse further. Green walnuts, the tincture from which is obtained in this way, can be used a large number of times before they completely lose their useful properties.