Ophthalmological Clinic "Constellation" in Kirov: description, services, reviews

The desire to have acute vision is inherent in every person. It's unpleasant not to say hello to a friend, just not knowing it, because because of astigmatism the face of a friend has blurred into a soulless spot. It is insulting to refuse to read books or practice your favorite hobby simply because age changes have made it impossible to see normally near. And any problem with the eyes can cause, if not despair, then bitterness. Fortunately, modern ophthalmology allows you to forget about most of these diseases. We offer you to get acquainted with one of the modern institutions, the "Sozvezdie" clinic in Kirov. So, let's get started.

ophthalmology clinic constellation of Kirov


Ophthalmological clinic "Constellation" in Kirov offers its patients a wide range of services aimed at restoring and correcting vision. So, among the most popular of them are laser operations using LASIK and MAGEK techniques, cataract surgery, complex treatment of glaucoma and infectious eye diseases, plastic surgery, helping to get rid of the consequences of eye injuries.

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At the initial stage of the treatment, diagnostics are carried out, which allows to identify the whole complex of problems and develop recommendations for their elimination.

Among the advantages of the ophthalmological clinic "Constellation"( Kirov) in the reviews patients indicate the following:

  • Experienced skilled personnel.
  • Use of exceptionally high-quality materials.
  • Work on the most modern equipment of the European standard.

Addresses of the clinic:

  • Kirov, ul. Profsoyuznaya, 7A
  • Kirov, ul. Kazanskaya, 86.

Each patient can choose a more convenient address.

ophthalmology clinic constellation of the Kirov prices


According to the feedback of visitors, the staff of the clinic are highly professional masters of their field, with experience and necessary qualifications. At the moment, the following specialists work at the institution:

  • Alexei A. Zamyrov, head physician, expert on the surgical treatment of glaucoma and cataract.
  • Olga Borisovna Dryagina, works in the field of laser eye surgery with LASIK and PRK techniques, performs operations to remove cataracts and glaucoma.
  • Alexander Yudin, an experienced laser surgeon.
  • Mikhail Anatolyevich Shcherbakov, expert in the treatment of diseases of the retina.

There are also several experienced ophthalmologists with extensive experience and a desire to work.

ophthalmology clinic constellation of kirov reviews


Works on vision correction in the ophthalmological clinic "Sozvezdie"( Kirov) are carried out only on modern equipment of European manufacture. The innovative excimer laser of the German manufacturer is used, which guarantees a minimum of discomfort during the operation and complete safety. Diagnosis is also carried out on quality equipment.

Price policy

Prices in the ophthalmological clinic "Constellation"( Kirov) are quite low in the country. For comparison, information on the value in rubles is given in the table.

Price Comparison for Russia


"Constellation"( Kirov)

Excimer( Moscow)

"Enlightenment"( Nizhniy Novgorod)

Integrated eye examination




Doctor's consultation




Cataract treatment, 1 eye

18 000

From 40500

From 32000


From 18 000

From 20000

From 19000

Treatment of glaucoma


From 43800


It is also interesting to compare prices in Constellation and other ophthalmological centers in Kirov. Data on the cost of services in rubles are given in the table.

Comparison of prices for Kirov



KOGBUZ "Kirov Regional Clinical Hospital"

"Eye Microsurgery"

Reception of ophthalmologist




Comprehensive investigation of




Tonometry of the eye








From the comparative tables we can see, that in the ophthalmological clinic "Sozvezdie" in Kirov prices are quite democratic, and there is also the possibility to pay for treatment on credit without an initial payment, which indicates a flexible pricing policy. For certain categories of beneficiaries there is a system of discounts.


Reviews about the ophthalmological clinic "Constellation" in most cases are positive. Clients note the attentiveness and professionalism of the staff, a short period, necessary for rehabilitation, correction on imported equipment.

reviews about ophthalmology clinic constellation

The patients of the clinic also point out that for their high quality the prices for the operations and examinations performed are quite accessible.

The Sozvezdie Ophthalmic Clinic in Kirov gives a chance for eye health and keen eyesight even for those who do not have the opportunity to pay huge amounts for treatment. The prices here are quite democratic, treatment can be paid on credit if necessary, and the level of service and professionalism of doctors are estimated by patients rather highly.