Terrenkur - what is it? What is a health path in a sanatorium?

Already in the second half of the 20th century, doctors began to recommend patients walking through mountainous terrain for medicinal purposes. Then the term "terrenencourt" became firmly in use. The first Russian route was laid about eighty years ago in the city of Kislovodsk. Now he is considered one of the best in the country. In this article we will try to answer the question: "Terrenkur

- what is it?".

The term

This term refers to the method of training therapy, which consists in metered ascents uphill at an angle of 3 to 20 degrees. Walking is spent in the fresh air, which temperes the body, increases physical endurance and normalizes psycho-emotional activity. The purpose of this type of therapy is carried out individually, taking into account the current state of the patient. Walking is adjusted by the doctor in such parameters as the length of the route, the pace, the angle of climb, the number of stops for rest, the number of daily walks, etc. You got the answer to the question: "Terrenkur - what is it?".Next, consider the main rules for using this walk.


Before the development of the program of the route, the doctor must take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. This is the presence of major and concomitant diseases, the state of the cardiovascular system, the constitution of the patient and his age, the ratio of height to body weight( obesity or malnutrition), as well as fitness and physical endurance. Walking should be done every day in a cool time( early in the morning, in the evening before or before dinner).It is not recommended to climb as soon as you eat. Before walking, it is worth paying attention to the meteorological conditions. Some patients may be very sensitive to weather. In accordance with this, you need to either shorten the distance or move the path to another time. Clothing for walking should not constrain movement, and shoes - have heels.


As a rule, routes for walking lay in a beautiful mountainous or rugged terrain with clean air and lack of wind. The degree of load is determined by the duration of the distance, the angle of ascent( from 3 to 20 °), the number of breaks, the tempo( from 60 to 100 steps per minute) and other factors.

What is a health path in a sanatorium?

Walking is practiced in this institution. There are sanatorium and general health resorts. The first have three levels of loading the route: easy( up to 500 m), medium( up to 1000 m) and difficult( up to 3000 m).In the course of travel in the darkened places, benches are set every 200 meters. All-round routes vary greatly in both length and terrain.

Medical walking is a simple and affordable method of preventing diseases, eliminating nervous stress and the consequences of a low-activity lifestyle. It is a valuable addition to the treatment with mineral waters, stimulates metabolism and normalizes the work of the digestive organs. The alternation of relaxation and stress during the terrenkur favorably affects the respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. While walking on a person simultaneously affects the surrounding nature and climate, which positively affects the psycho-emotional sphere and has a hardening effect on the body.

In the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters( Zheleznovodsk), walking is used to treat patients with heart problems, digestive and respiratory diseases, metabolic disorders, and also for rehabilitation after a heart attack and other diseases. For each resort there are three main routes with different degrees of physical activity. After the Olympics, the so called "health road" in Sochi became very popular, where several hiking trails also were laid.

General recommendations

Before walking, it is worth consulting with a doctor. He will develop a route taking into account your individual characteristics.

Breathing during a walk should be uniform( through the nose).And breathing should be combined with the pace and rhythm of walking( straight road - exhale for 3-5 steps, inhale at 2-4, rise - exhale 3-4 steps, inhale 2-3).It is better to make a step on the rise short.

Medical walking should end an hour before receiving mud applications, narzan baths and other physiotherapy procedures. After taking the procedures to do dosed walks on level ground, you can after a couple of hours.

A good sign of walking tolerance is free, even breathing, pleasant easy physical fatigue, a sense of satisfaction. If there is a heaviness in the head, pain in the heart, high pulse, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, then walking is organized incorrectly. If these symptoms occur, you should immediately stop taking a walk and consult a doctor.

General walking rules

Everyone who knows the answer to the question: "Terrenkur - what is it?", - adheres to the following rules.

1. Walking is better to do in the evening or in the morning. In sunny weather, the headdress does not hurt.

2. Beginners should start with 500 meters at the slowest pace and for every 100 meters to take breaks.

3. For self-monitoring every 5 days, you need to count the pulse at the beginning of the route, at the end and after 5 minutes of sitting rest. After a break, the palpitation should return to the normal rate.

4. The appearance at the end of the route of easy fatigue is a sign of proper training. Noticeable fatigue indicates an incorrectly chosen rhythm or too long a distance.

5. As for children, the path in the kindergarten is undesirable. Kids will be very tired of him. But the children of school age, he is very useful.

Exposure to the body

Fragrance of flowers, picturesque gorges, mountain peaks give cheerfulness and create a great mood. After the passed route the appetite improves and becomes a sound sleep.

Walking on flat terrain, alternating with ascents, optimally loads the ligament-articular apparatus and muscular system, normalizes metabolism, increases oxygen consumption and activates blood circulation.

Descent from the mountain stimulates the work of the abdominal organs, which is especially important for sluggish intestines.

Particularly useful is a health path for obese people. It helps to reduce weight. An hour of fast walking burns about 35 grams of fat.

Terrenkur for osteochondrosis

To ensure that all organs and systems of the human body function optimally, you need to run or walk for at least 1 hour a day. When osteochondrosis, running is strictly contraindicated. Patients with pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency, with impaired motor functions, as well as with exacerbations of chronic diseases( the same osteochondrosis) should dose the pathogen.

During rehabilitation after exacerbated osteochondrosis, walking is dosed as follows:

  • The rate increases very gradually( from slow to normal).
  • The first days you need to walk with crutches, then with a wand and only then without it.
  • The walking distance should increase slowly( from 5 minutes to 1 hour).
  • In the first days after an exacerbation, you need to wear a weightlifter belt or an orthopedic corset that unloads the spine.
  • After every 10 minutes of walking it is necessary to have the same rest. In the future, the break should be reduced to 5 minutes for every half hour of the terrenkur.

During the walk it is necessary to control the tolerance of the cardiovascular system. The best way is an ECG during a terrenkur. This control can appoint a doctor. Daily monitoring can be carried out independently, assessing your health and measuring your pulse.

Belokurikha Terrenkuri

This wonderful resort town has several hiking trails. The most popular one leads to the Old Mill. The steepness of the ascents is 3-6 degrees, the total length is 2.4 km, and the highest point above sea level is 375 meters. The minimal decrease in oxygen in the air, the gradual decrease in atmospheric pressure as it rises and the moderate increase in the content of air ions make this route available to most people with no contraindications.

The most difficult route is the path to the top of the Round Hill with a length of 2.5 km. There are significant fluctuations in the steepness of the slopes, atmospheric pressure and oxygen content. All this is well trains the human body. To pass this route, you need to spend 1.5 times more energy than on the road to the Old Mill.

Now you know the answer to the question: "Terrenkur - what is it?".It remains to mention two favorite routes for tourists in Belokurikha. This is a "romantic" path to the "Pine of Love" and a trail to the spring "Dunyushkin Log".