Eye-diamond or how to keep the vision permanently

For days on end, streams of visual information are being poured on us, which our eyes must have time to absorb. Therefore, the best that we can do to preserve our vigilance is to observe a number of simple rules. So, what you need to know for those who decided to wonder how to keep their eyesight:

1. Give your eyes after a tense visual work a short break, during which you can do gymnastics for the eyes. This is a good prevention of spasm of accommodation, with the long existence of which can significantly reduce visual acuity. There are many methods to reduce it, which should not be neglected. Systematic eye training will make the question of how to save sight, irrelevant. If there is no time to do exercises for the eyes, and you want to see well, you can try using phenylephrine preparations, but only after consulting a specialist.

2. Frequent blinking can restore the pre-corneal eye film, which is often disturbed by prolonged blinking. This is the prevention of an increasingly important dry eye syndrome( SSH).Long-existing SSH, can cause not only permanent discomfort, but also serious changes in the cornea of ​​the eye - xerosis and keratopathies. The unfavorable factors of the environment in the form of air conditioners, often used hair dryers, tobacco smoke, the use of various aerosols, the general air pollution, play a significant role in the development of CCGs, as well as the lack of vitamin intake, the imperfection of one's own tear-producing system, the abuse of contact lenses. And how to keep eyesight in such unfavorable conditions? When the first symptoms of CCG appear, artificial tear preparations should be purchased, which in a wide range are presented in the pharmaceutical market.

3. To show any motor activity, attend massage sessions, especially the cervical-collar zone, which stimulate blood circulation, and, consequently, nutrition in the organ of vision.

4. It is more common to be outdoors, to minimize bad habits. Especially smoking leads to a disruption of microcirculation in the retina, which most unfavorably affects the nutrition of photoreceptors.

5. To use vitamins and microcells useful for eyes: A, B6, B12, B1, E, D and Ca. How to keep eyesight with these substances? Very simply, they should be included in the daily diet. They are in many foods and vitamin complexes. A special place in modern ophthalmology is given to such unique substances as lutein and zeaxanthin. This is a very good prevention of age-related macular degeneration and cataract.

6. Avoid catarrhal diseases, angina, sinusitis, dental caries, which serve as sources of eye diseases leading to decreased vision. It is the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic foci that helps in an important question: how to preserve sight.

7. And, lastly, you sometimes need to visit a reception with an ophthalmologist. This is especially important after 35 years, becausesuch a disease as glaucoma, is more often manifested after overcoming this age line. Medicine is still powerless in its cardinal treatment. Therefore, it is better to detect it in time and begin treatment as early as possible in order to preserve the objective vision.

Is it possible to improve vision today, if it was originally reduced? The answer to this question from ophthalmologists is very optimistic. If the patient has a refractive vision loss that has not progressed for a long time, then by the age of 20 he can quite afford refractive laser surgery, correcting and restoring vision.