Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar: the best surgeon, photo, reviews

Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar - plastic surgery, which surgically allows you to correct the shape or size of the nose.

The essence of the operation

The main purpose of this procedure is to give an aesthetically correct appearance, while preserving individual characteristic features of the face. Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar, a photo of which can be considered, improves the shape of the nose, resizes, corrects birth defects, and also eliminates cartilage problems that interfere with normal breathing.

rhinoplasty in Krasnodar

Cartilage and cartilage-cartilaginous form of rhinoplasty is performed. The procedure for accessing the procedure is open or closed, it is determined before the specialist, after examining the patient and indicating its individual characteristics. The operation is performed depending on the goals set by the doctor. The basis is the correction of the cartilaginous and bony structures forming the nasal skeleton.

Indications for the procedure

Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar has such indications:

  • Breathing barrier with nose.
  • If the nostrils are enlarged.
  • Wrong nose shape.
  • Deformed form after strokes and fractures.
  • Hunchback.
  • Shape in the form of a saddle.
  • Thickening at the tip of the nose.
  • The nose is too high.

Not recommended for use:

  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • If there are cardiovascular diseases.
  • The latest form of diabetes or thyroid problems.
  • For cancer diseases.
  • With individual intolerance to anesthesia.

In some cases, non-surgical rhinoplasty is used in Krasnodar. This is a faster method of getting rid of minor shortcomings.

Preparing for the

procedure Rhinoplasty is a complete surgical intervention that is performed with the introduction of general anesthesia, local anesthesia. This means that each patient will need to undergo a complete examination, which includes obtaining results from a specialist and recommendations for surgery( you need permission from the ENT, anesthesiologist, therapist).

To avoid any complication during the procedure, a specialist needs to be aware of what acute or chronic diseases the patient has. Otherwise, anaphylactic shock will occur during the operation.

rhinoplasty Krasnodar pictures

Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar, like most surgical interventions in plastic surgery, requires a lot of time and restrictions, which are related to the lifestyle before the procedure.

What happens as a result of

Rebuilding and tissue formation after the procedure is no less than six months, in some cases it takes up to 15 months. Experts compare the final result after rhinoplasty not earlier than this designated period. The most suitable age for the alignment of nasal septums or elimination of deficiencies is considered from 20-45 years, but this is not a critical boundary, as it is possible to perform an operation at any age if necessary.

rhinoplasty Krasnodar is the best surgeon

A person's recovery takes place depending on the type of nose correction technique and physiological features of the patient.

Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar: the best surgeon

In this city there is an ENT clinic where the best specialist Semenov Fyodor Vyacheslavovich works. He is a doctor of medical sciences, a professor, head of the Department of ENT diseases of the Kuban National Medical University, a doctor with the highest qualification category. In the arsenal of his more than 250 scientific articles.

rhinoplasty nose krasnodar reviews

Is the chief otorhinolaryngologist of the Ministry of Health of Krasnodar Region, chairman of the society of otorhinolaryngologists of the city of Kuban, a member of the board of the society of otorhinolaryngologists of Russia. He received a diploma of higher education. At the moment he manages the largest ENT hospital in Krasnodar, performs daily complex operations. In this institution rhinoplasty of the nose in Krasnodar reviews received positive, all talking about the professionalism of doctors.

Merits of Semenov Fedor Vyacheslavovich

  • In 1976, began his medical career, he began training in the medical faculty of the State Medical Institute of the city of Kuban, with a red diploma completed his studies in 1982 with a specialization in "Medicine".
  • Further he passed clinical residency at the Department of ENT diseases in his institute.
  • Worked as an assistant at the Department of ENT diseases.
  • Became an associate professor at the department.
  • Appointed professor at the Department of ENT diseases.
  • Appointed the head of the department at the State Medical University in the Kuban.

Work outside the institute:

In postgraduate practice I was trained in the best hearing surgery on the basis of the 1 st MMI and Research Institute of the City of Moscow. He passed internships abroad, upgraded his qualifications. At the moment he continues his scientific activity in the leading plastic clinic in Krasnodar. He is publishing his medical book at the moment.

ENT clinic in Krasnodar

Development of rhinoplasty in the Krasnodar ENT clinic is in full swing, patients are available procedures that allow you to adjust all parts of the nose, indicate the exact location and fixation of transplants. In this case, each incision is performed in the nose, excluding millimeter incisions in the anterior part of the septum of the nose. Recovery takes 2-3 months.

rhinoplasty Krasnodar pictures

Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar, reviews of which speak about positive results, confirm the fact that in each case of plastic surgery a strict individual, even creative approach is necessary. Each case is unique. Rhinoplasty in Krasnodar in this institution combines the profound knowledge of professionals in the field of plastic surgery and advanced nose alignment procedures. All this is confirmed by the work of experienced surgeons.

What is needed for the operation

To undergo the procedure of plastic surgery, it is necessary to pass such tests:

  • Complete blood test for HIV, AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis.
  • Urine and feces analysis.
  • Photo of a fluorography, which is not more than 12 months.
  • A picture of the condition of the heart.
  • Confirmation that operation is allowed.
  • If the minor is under 15 years of age, he needs a separate permit for the procedure of plastic surgery.
  • If the patient has a nasal or paranasal sinus disease, a sinus radiography with a computer tomogram is performed( the study is determined by the doctor in the counseling process).
  • If there are suppuration - radiography.
  • You should also check for anesthesia reaction.
  • Analyzes are valid for 10 days, which means that the possible date of the operation on the nose is prematurely agreed.

rhinoplasty nose krasnodar reviews

If the operation is performed according to an aesthetic indication( the shape of the nose is corrected or the hump is removed), it is desirable for a person to have a photo in the standard perspective. In Krasnodar, a photo before and after can be done by the doctor himself during the consultation. Also, the patient is shown on the computer the possibility of changes and how it will look from the outside.