How do circumcision for men

Earlier, when discussion of everything connected with sex and other intimate issues was considered indecent and shameful, circumcision was remembered only in "Jewish" jokes. But since the forbidden topics ceased to be so, circumcision became more and more interesting. After all, it turned out that not only Jews, but many people, do it, not only for religious reasons, but for hygienic, medical and even aesthetic reasons. The general idea of ​​how circumcision is done for men, and how the trimmed member looks like, is in the majority, but not all imagine this operation in detail.

Yes, it is the operation, since circumcision is nothing but a surgical operation, in which the foreskin is excised. The most original of all demonstrated how circumcision is done for men, the famous leading program of Russian television Elena Malysheva. She pulled the neck of a sweater that represented the foreskin on the head of a volunteer assistant from the audience in the studio( we will not specify what exactly this lady was meant to represent), and then she cut off this very neck with a big scissors. Without going into the moral aspect of such a demonstration, we note that from the standpoint of visibility Malyshev, as usual, was on top.

Something like this happens. Specialist - in our time it is usually an ordinary surgeon - gently cuts out the foreskin in a circle, completely or partially removing it. The difference in the end result: either the head will always be open, or in the quiet state of the penis, it will partially cover the remaining skin. In some countries, usually when circumcised in infants, the methods are also used, which most accurately convey the manipulation of Malysheva - the foreskin as far as possible is pulled forward and the blade is snatched. The result is the same. Sometimes this is limited, but during surgery it is usually still in the aesthetic order to apply seams, which are then either removed, or they dissolve themselves.

By and large, most people are still not interested in how circumcision is done for men, but for what. It is clear that Jews and Muslims do not have this question, because circumcision is a requirement of their religions. In Jews, such rites occur, as a rule, on the eighth day after the birth of the baby, among Muslims - in adolescence, until the boy attains puberty. There are also medical indications for such intervention. This phimosis is a narrowing of the foreskin, in which it is impossible or extremely difficult and painful to open the head, balanitis and balanoposthitis - various forms of inflammation, and some others. In America, such an operation is made for hygienic reasons - to avoid the accumulation of all kinds of bacteria under the foreskin. At one time, this measure was also popular there to prevent teenage masturbation, which was then considered a harmful occupation. As for aesthetic preferences, it's a matter of taste - some find the circumcised penis beautiful, others - almost ugly. It is clear that in this case circumcision should be done by a person who is already able to make decisions on his own appearance. And anyway, when it's not about religion or medical indications, the question of whether to circumcise is not worth deciding for someone.

Behind the interest of how circumcision is done for men, one more question often hides: is it painful to circumcise. Since we are dealing with a surgical operation, it is logical and perfectly correct to assume that it is performed under local anesthesia. The action of the drug, injected into the root of the penis, suffices for a time sufficient to make the painful sensations pass. The next morning after the operation, when a member, as usual, reminds himself of an erection, unpleasant, even slightly painful sensations are possible, but they will pass quickly enough.