Andrey Nikolaevich Senyuk - maxillofacial and plastic surgeon

The name of the plastic maxillofacial and orthognathic surgeon, author of scientific publications on ortho-facial surgery, a qualified doctor and the head of a large clinic is known in our country and abroad. Andrey Nikolayevich Senyuk, Candidate of Medical Science, is a full member of the European Association of Physical Education. He wrote many scientific articles and publications.

Development of Maxillofacial Surgery

In medicine, the development of CHF is most relevant. This is due to such complex diseases as the treatment of diseases and pathologies of the oral cavity, various deformities and pathologies of the facial skeleton and face, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses and salivary glands. A qualified specialist also treats tumors on the bones of the jaws, various injuries of the facial skeleton, performs rhinoplasty and bone plastic surgery, reconstructs various areas of the face after injuries. Only a real professional will cope with his task, given the closeness of the diseased organ to the brain and the fact that the face is the business card of its owner.

andrey nikolaevich senyuk


Andrei Nikolaevich in 1995 graduated from the largest university in Russia, the First Moscow State Medical University. THEM.Sechenov, specializing in general surgery. The following year he graduated from the subordination of the Thoracic and FH.

In 1999, in FGBU "TSNIISiCHLH" he graduated from residency, and in 2003 he defended his thesis. The dissertation topic was chosen by orthargatic surgery. The essence of this medicine consists in correcting the pathology of the dentoalveolar system and improving the aesthetic parameters of the face( bite violation, disproportionate facial parameters, the consequences of trauma to the face, etc.).Specialists( orthopedists, orthodontists, surgeons and osteopaths) work in the same team to achieve the best result in treatment.

Andrey Senyuk for several years passed internship abroad: in the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, France.

In October 2013, the first International Conference on Orthodontics and Orthofacial Surgery was held, in which specialists from Europe, Russia, the United States and Latin America participated.

Andrei N. Senyuk wrote about 40 scientific publications, a participant of several foreign conferences on CF.

Despite the fruitful work, Andrei Nikolaevich finds time for hobbies and hobbies: boxing and skiing.

Scope of scientific work

  • Maxillofacial traumatology - e is a section of the FH that covers the injuries of the soft and bony tissues of the maxillofacial region and a number of located regions( skull, organs of vision and ENT organs, brain).
  • Dento-alveolar surgery, which consists in distraction osteogenesis or bone block transplantation for subsequent implantation.
  • Orthognathic surgery .

Professional activity

Andrey Senyuk works in a large surgical center, where operations in the field of dentistry, bone plastic surgery, dental implantation, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery are carried out. Doctors use a minimally invasive technique and endoscopic technique, thereby reducing the number of surgical interventions. The Facility Smile Center is equipped with innovative cleaning and video endoscopy equipment. After plastic operations of the maxillofacial area, patients have the opportunity to stay in comfortable wards.

face smile center

The work of Senyuk A. in the clinic of maxillofacial surgery allows performing unique and complex operations:

  • all kinds of treatment of pathologies of the upper lip and palate;
  • osteoplastic operations on the face;
  • reconstruction of various areas of the face after trauma;
  • treatment of post-traumatic deformities and many others.

The Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic has the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment that allows you to provide medical assistance in accordance with European standards.

Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery

A. Senyuk is a professional and experienced doctor who makes a significant contribution to the development of Russian medicine.