Children's polyclinic № 58 Nevsky district. Address, patients feedback

Most adults forget about their own health. But when the state of health of the baby worsens, moms and dads begin to sound the alarm. And this is absolutely correct. After all, the children's body is characterized by immature immunity and reacts to virtually any change in conditions. During the summer period, intestinal infections are common, and in winter almost every child is diagnosed with ARD.Parents feel more confident if there is a good medical institution nearby with qualified specialists. For residents of the Nevsky district of Moscow is a children's polyclinic № 58. About the institution you can hear only positive feedback.

Basic information

The main building of the medical facility is located in Moscow at: ul. Tvardovsky, etc. 5. For a scheduled appointment to specialists, you can only get by appointment at the number:( 495) 491 15 70. You can call the therapist at the same number if the child has a fever or other unpleasant symptoms. The main doctor of the polyclinic today is Gornostayeva Lyubov Mihailovna. If you believe the reviews of patients, this is a pediatrician with a capital letter. Lyubov Mihailovna not only solves working issues associated with the polyclinic, but also accepts small patients.

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children Today 58 children's polyclinic of the Nevsky district enjoys great popularity not only among the inhabitants of Moscow. Visitors can also visit specialists on a fee-paying basis. Parents of small patients need only provide a policy of compulsory health insurance, as well as provide basic information about the baby.

Directions of work

The medical institution renders services in all main directions. The entire Nevsky district is divided into sections, each of which is assigned its own specialist. For babies up to a year, which parents lead on a monthly scheduled inspection, there is a separate office. This greatly simplifies the work. In the corridors of the polyclinic you can rarely see the queue. Admission of patients by specialists is carried out by appointment. Only children with acute pain pass without turn.

58 children Children's polyclinic № 58 gathered in its walls the best specialists in all areas. There is an opportunity to make an appointment with a neurologist, cardiologist, dentist, endocrinologist, orthopedist, ophthalmologist. Additionally work: physiotherapy room, laboratory, department of day hospital.

Much attention is paid to women who have just returned from the hospital. Lectures on breastfeeding and proper care of infants are held at the polyclinic. Such occupations are especially relevant for the fairer sex, who for the first time felt the joy of motherhood.

Complete examination of the child

At the request of parents, the children's polyclinic № 58 can conduct a full examination of the child. This includes visiting the main specialists, as well as collecting all the necessary tests. The baby takes blood from the finger and vein, perform ultrasound diagnosis of the pelvic organs. If the expert identifies any deviations, a small patient is prescribed treatment.

children A medical checkup for a pre-school facility can also be carried out by the children's polyclinic № 58. Parents' testimonies show that a visit to specialists here is a complete pleasure. There is no need to stand in a long line with a small child. It is only necessary to come to the medical institution at the exact time specified in the coupon.

"Health Center"

For children from 7 to 18 years old, the "Health Center" branch is functioning within the precincts of the polyclinic. Here there are qualified specialists who can assess the basic health indicators of a small patient within a few days. First of all, attention is paid to the ratio of body weight and height. Unfortunately, the problem of childhood obesity is topical today. Many babies eat fast food and move little.


Children's polyclinic № 58 of the Nevsky district gives parents the opportunity to show the kids with a problem weight to a nutritionist. After conducting a complete examination, the specialist will help to compose a daily diet, and also write out the direction to the pool and the room of physiotherapy exercises.

In addition, the "Center for Health" studies the parameters of the heart, as well as the respiratory system. Sometimes only a complex examination makes it possible to identify a particular chronic illness. If a child often complains of headaches after school and does not eat well, it's worth visiting a medical facility. Children's polyclinic № 58 works daily, except for weekends and holidays.

Paid services

Patients from other regions and cities are served on a paid basis. For the first consultation specialist will have to pay 100 rubles. The cost of further treatment will depend on the diagnosis. There is an opportunity to undergo a full medical examination, including diagnostics of the main organs and vital systems. The cost of a full survey is 2000 rubles. Money is paid to the cashier. Each patient has the opportunity to receive a receipt.

children On a fee basis, services are provided not only to small patients, but also to adults. There is a dental office where you can undergo therapeutic treatment. Reception is by appointment. Only patients with acute pain take a turn.


Children's polyclinic № 58 of the Nevsky district differs from other similar institutions by the presence of a swimming pool. Any expert will say that water procedures help get rid of many diseases. The real professionals are working with children. The direction to the pool is primarily children who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Also swimming has a positive effect on the nervous system of the child, and cool water helps strengthen the immune system.

To get directions to the pool, you must first visit the district pediatrician. The specialist will offer to take basic tests and visit a dermatologist. If there are no contraindications, a child with parents can visit the pool. He works daily from 9:00 to 18:00.It is necessary to have with you rubber slippers, a special hat, and a towel. Babies up to one year must purchase special waterproof panties.

Children's dentist

Some parents mistakenly believe that milk teeth should not be given special attention. After all, they will sooner or later change to permanent. In addition, adults remember their childhood. A visit to the dentist was associated with real torture. Today much has changed. And follow the teeth from the first days. Scientists have already found that the quality of milk teeth depends on the health of the permanent. Therefore, parents are advised to bring the child to the dentist once every six months for a preventive examination.


Children's dental polyclinic № 58 offers a wide range of services. Some of them, such as silvering, are performed on a fee basis. A simple sealing or removal for the residents of the district will be made free of charge provided the health insurance policy is available. The dental office in the children's polyclinic does not frighten the kids at all. Here there are many toys, and the specialist treats the child gently and carefully. Technologies have stepped far ahead. Even the drills work almost silently. If you believe the responses of parents, most babies visit the dentist in the polyclinic № 58 without fear and tears.

Therapeutic physical training

You can talk about the benefits of exercise therapy for hours.58 children's polyclinic of the Nevsky district invites parents with kids to visit the gym, which operates daily, except for weekends. There are running tracks for adults and older children. With small patients, you can practice on a gym mat or use a fitball. A qualified specialist will develop an exercise system for each child.

Physiotherapy is shown primarily for children who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. In just a few days it will be possible to correct the posture, strengthen the muscles. Kids with whom they are engaged, much faster start to walk. Sport from an early age helps to strengthen the immune system. Therefore, pediatricians write a referral to the gym for physiotherapy as well, often for the sick children. If you believe the responses of parents, such classes do give results. The complex of exercises in parallel must be performed also at home.

Calling the doctor at home

Offers assistance from a qualified pediatrician for children's polyclinic № 58. Calling a doctor at home can be done if the child is not feeling well, he has a fever. The recording takes place by the telephone number of the registry. In the most difficult situations, such as continuous vomiting, diarrhea, experts recommend still causing emergency care.


The on-call pediatrician comes within two to three hours. A specialist can put a preliminary diagnosis and prescribe drugs to improve the baby's condition. However, it is only the analyzes that allow one to determine precisely the disease. In some cases, treatment in a hospital environment is indispensable. Has a day hospital for children's city polyclinic № 58. Address: ul. Tvardovsky, house number 5, building number 4.

Parents' comments about the medical institution

Most patients speak well of the children's polyclinic. Pleases in the first place service by appointment. This allows you to avoid queues and a large crowd in the corridors. The specialists of the polyclinic know how to behave with the kids correctly. Almost every cabinet has toys. Children are not afraid to visit a dentist, neurologist, orthopedist and other doctors of narrow specialization.

Another significant advantage, according to many, is the presence of a pool in the institution. In order to get into it, you do not need to have this or that diagnosis. It is only necessary to undergo a preliminary examination and get permission from the pediatrician.


It is located in a place with a convenient transport interchange children's polyclinic № 58. Address of the main building: st. Tvardovsky, house number 5. Here is the dental office, as well as a day hospital. The medical institution is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00, except for weekends.