How to properly wash your nose

When working with high dust, with chronic rhinitis, during the epidemic of colds and flu, it is useful at home to wash the nose. For this, you can buy a mug of Esmarch with a tube in the pharmacy. The tip that is sold in the kit is not needed, but a special tip in the form of an olive is necessary, better made of steel. The maximum diameter of the tip is 2 cm, the minimum diameter is 1 cm, the internal channel, which passes through - 4 mm.

In the clinic it is possible to wash the nose for the first time. There physicians can show how to properly wash your nose so that complications do not develop.
If breathing is difficult through the nose, it is more practical to inject vasodilating drops to improve nasal breathing 15 minutes before rinsing. In the bathroom, hang Esmarch's mug over the sink, pour a half liter of solution into it, adjust the tap with a slow flow of liquid through the tube. Then insert the olive into one nostril so that the liquid does not leach, tilt the head above the sink, breathe with the mouth open and pronounce the sound A.

The liquid will slowly flow through one nostril, wash the nose and flow through the other nostril. Do not let the fluid run under pressure and at high speed, so as not to provoke otitis. Repeat the same with another nostril.
After the procedure you can not blow your nose half an hour, it is easy enough to blow out the liquid from the nose alternately from each nostril. It is enough to know how to properly wash your nose, and do it every day in the absence of contraindications, so that for a long time you do not have catarrhal diseases.

At home, a saline solution can be prepared for washing the nose itself. To do this, take 15 g of table salt per 1 liter of water, the temperature of the human body. You can use pharmacy saline, saline, aqual.
Parents always need to know how to properly wash the nose of a child, because it's small children often get cold and they find it difficult to breathe. For newborns pharmacies sell the device Aqualor Baby, with which you can rinse and clean the mucus from the baby's nose. Washing is done with a sterile solution in the supine position on the side, and the liquid is carefully aspirated in the upright position of the baby.

Children under the age of 4 can be washed at home using two syringes. This procedure can be performed by a mother trained to properly wash the nose without complications. To do this, put the child on his side, put the oilcloth under his head, slowly pour the solution into the lower nostril, squeezing a small syringe 30 ml. Immediately suck the liquid out with another syringe, inserted into the same nostril in a compressed form, by means of which it is necessary to draw the liquid gently, releasing it.

Children older than 4 years can be washed with the nose complex Dolphin, and to interest the child to use the game moments well. We must ask the child to bend over the sink, take a deep breath, then hold his breath and close his eyes. At this time, insert the device into one nostril and slowly squeeze it until the liquid stops flowing out of the other nostril. Remove from the nose, only then unscrew the container. Rest and open mouth to blow out the liquid from the nose, easily, effortlessly. Repeat the procedure on the other side. Then ask again to take a deep breath, and hold your breath for a while. During this time, insert a compressed pear into the right nostril, clamp the left nostril and unclamp the pear to remove excess liquid from the nose. Do the same with the left side of the nose.

Very convenient to use Aqua Maris devices that are used for children and pregnant women. Their convenience is due to the fact that sea water has only natural substances in its composition and does not contain chemical impurities, and the liquid flows into the nose by gravity, without creating pressure.

Even knowing how to properly rinse your nose, it is important to follow the necessary recommendations:
1. Mark only with your mouth open to avoid pressure on the eardrum.
2. The procedure should be performed half an hour before bedtime, because the liquid in the nasal cavity may remain after 15-20 minutes.
3. In frosty days for the same reason, it is not necessary to conduct the procedure before going out. It is worth to rest at home for at least an hour.
4. All movements with a pear to carry out slowly and smoothly, not to create pressure and not to injure the nasal mucosa.

It is important to remember that, even knowing how to properly wash your nose, and following all the necessary precautions, there are contraindications for carrying out this procedure. In no case should this be done with bleeding from the nose, with polyps, injuries and tumors of the septum, with adenoids of grade 3 in the child.