Nikolay Amosov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Nikolay M. Amosov is a world-famous cardiologist with extensive experience. He put forward a theory and proved in practice that physical labor can make a person not only healthy, but also cheerful and happy.

How the childhood of the future doctor

Nikolai Amosov was born on December 6, 1913 in a poor peasant family. The father left home when the baby was still very young. Nicholas's mother worked as a midwife, and besides she did not take gifts from her patients, so they lived very poorly.

Little Amosov avoided children and was very closed. Before school I could neither write nor read. But very quickly mastered the basics of elementary sciences, and a few months after entering the school I was able to read "Robinson Crusoe."It was very difficult to learn new things. The lack of notebooks, books, as well as poor education system could not give a proper result. But everything changed when the political party took up the education of children. Nikolai Amosov began to lead a very interesting and fascinating life.

Further education

At the age of twelve he entered a school in Cherepovets. Studied diligently, so all the teachers saw what a talented person Nikolai Amosov. Biography says that of all the subjects he did not like only physical education.

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At the age of eighteen he entered a mechanical college and got a profession in mechanics. He began to live a very boring and lonely life. From one thousand nine hundred and thirty-two, I got a job at a power plant. A couple of years later he entered the correspondence Institute of Industry and married the girl Gale Soboleva.

amos nikolay mihailovich biography

In 1919 he entered the medical institute and graduated with a red diploma. He wanted to become a physiologist, but there was no free place in graduate school. He became a good cardiologist. Nowadays this name is widely known - Amosov Nikolai Mikhailovich. Biography emphasizes once again the fact that as a child he was destined to become a doctor.

Life during the war

In one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine, Amosov Nikolay Mikhailovich conducted his first operation - he cut out a tumor on his neck. At the same time, the war began, so the doctor was taken to the front and made the chief surgeon. As soon as hostilities began, the hero of the article felt all the gravity of the war. Every day hundreds of seriously wounded fighters came to him, and, unfortunately, not all of them managed to save. He managed to come up with his own methods of conducting operations, significantly reducing the deaths of fighters. Not only in the Second World War, but also the Japanese doctor Nikolai Amosov took part. Biography shows that he was awarded four military orders. Despite the difficult life during the war, the surgeon still found the time and energy to write his first thesis. The practice of the field doctor provided invaluable experience for further research.

The Further Life of

Nikolai Amosov is a surgeon who has learned his work from beginning to end. The war made him a true professional. During the fighting on his operating table, there were about forty thousand wounded, and not more than seven hundred died.

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In the year 1916, the manager of the Sklifosovsky Institute - SS Yudin - helped Amosov to demobilize. By his patronage the surgeon was sent to Moscow. Every day he visited the medical library and improved his knowledge, studied foreign materials. In December of that year, Yudin suggested that Amosov become the head of the operating corps. True, no one offered him operations. His goal in this hospital was to bring the equipment into working order. In his spare time, he was able to write a thesis on how to properly treat wounds on the knee joint.

After the failures of

, Nikolai Amosov was invited to Bryansk as chief surgeon. He easily managed to operate the lungs, kidneys, stomach and other organs. Over time, he was able to develop his theory of operations. But soon he suffered misfortune. The unjust investigator wanted to make a career, defiling the authority of a talented surgeon, and started a criminal case, in which it was said that Nikolai removed the lungs to healthy people. Unfortunately, no one at the party meeting tried to justify Amosov. When Stalin died, his case was closed, and an experienced surgeon was able to use his talent again to save people.

nikolay amosov biography

Further successes of the

Visiting Mexico, he became fired by the desire to design an apparatus that would allow carrying out on his heart the most difficult operations. And in two months I was able to build an apparatus for artificial circulation. At first the scientist tried to turn off the heart on the dog. When his experience was crowned with success, operations on the human body were carried out. Positive results have made Amosova a surgeon, known to the whole world.

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In the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-three, the Amosov Clinic became the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, therefore, in addition to the operational duties, the doctor had to take over the director's offices. In addition, at this time, Nicholas issued several books that aroused world interest. Moreover, the editions were not only medical, but also fantastic. Also the surgeon wrote down his memories.

System of Nicholas Amosov

Surgeon believed that human vices such as greed, laziness and lack of character could ruin one's health. Amosov's system includes such requirements.

Nicholas Amosov system

- A well-thought-out balanced diet, eliminating the consumption of large amounts of fat. Every day you need to eat at least three hundred grams of vegetables and fruits.

- Stabilization of weight and bringing it to normal, no more than a person's height minus one hundred centimeters.

advice of Nikolai Amosov

- Mandatory physical education. This is especially true for children and the elderly. It is enough to conduct daily workouts for half an hour, but such that the body sweats well. But one-hour classes can do wonders. Useful effect on the human body fast walking. Every day you need to walk at least one kilometer on foot.

- Control over the psychoemotional state.

A very important component of a healthy and happy life is good mental health. It is important to learn how to manage your mood and emotions from childhood. Doctor Nikolai Amosov insists that all people control their thoughts and desires. Only then will a person be happy and healthy.

The advice of Nikolai Amosov

The surgeon gained his popularity thanks to the many health books he wrote. In one of his works advice is given to all people who want to change their lives for the better.

  1. Do not hope that doctors can make you healthy. The hospital can only begin to qualitative treatment. Everything else depends on human nature, desire and perseverance.
  2. The goal of doctors is to cure human ailments. But health must be obtained independently by physical exercises and by the formation of a persistent nature.
  3. Everyone knows what a disease is. Man has a very strong nature. Of course, small diseases are inevitable, but serious ones happen only because of a bad lifestyle and lack of training. Daily exercises for at least half an hour can prolong human existence.
  4. Training of reserves within reasonable limits. It is worth keeping an eye on the weight indicators and eating as much vegetables and fruits as possible, - advises Amosov Nikolay Mikhailovich. The biography of this man shows readers that a healthy lifestyle is an exclusive desire of everyone. It is very useful to go in for sports at least half an hour a day. Classes can be combined with watching TV to save time. Daily walks in the fresh air are mandatory.
  5. Willpower training. Most human diseases are due to an incorrect lifestyle. But, to adhere to the appropriate regime, you need to have good willpower.
  6. It is worth preparing for the fact that there are a lot of bad doctors in the world. This is another reason to strengthen the immune system and exercise.
  7. Once you get to a good doctor, take care of it. Follow the doctor's instructions to the extent of your faith in him, and do not beg him for extra medicine.

The decision to leave the hospital

In the year nineteen ninety-second year, Amosov felt his imminent infirmity begin to haunt him. This is what caused the decision to start with surgical practice. The doctor was worried not for himself, but for the patients, because he was afraid to harm them. He still continues to play sports, namely running and dumbbell exercises. In addition, it was decided to increase the load several times. The doctor believed that during sports it is necessary to bring the pulse no less than to one hundred and forty beats per minute, otherwise any exercise loses its meaning.

Experiment of Amosov

At the end of his life the surgeon decided to conduct an experiment on rejuvenation with his body. Every morning he ran five kilometers jogging, after which he spent two sessions of gymnastics, each of which lasted about an hour. Two thousand five hundred movements with dumbbells every day - a pledge of a strong spine and all joints - was considered by Nikolai Amosov. Photo of the famous surgeon can be seen in many sources. To work out all the exercises, the author of the experiment had to spend about two months.

According to the method, you need to discard fat and butter, and reduce the consumption of meat to fifty grams per day. During the experiment, Nikolai Mikhailovich used more food, but his weight did not change. Muscles became stronger, and the layer of subcutaneous fat was reduced. Charming condition of life - every second breath control.

The experiment lasted more than four years. Amosov himself claimed that there was progress: the muscles became more trained, the organs and joints were more hardy. But the process of old age could not be slowed down. Of course, such a short period of experiment does not give the right to judge more accurate results.

The cause of Amosov's death

Nikolai Amosov died on December 12, 2002.He lived eighty-nine years and proved that with the help of physical exercises a person can not only prolong his youth and delay his old age, but also be cured of heart disease. During his life he suffered about five heart operations. During one of them, he was given a heart stimulant, which turned out to be an excellent thing. The surgeon himself believed that if it were not for heart disease, he would have lived much more. He was buried at Baykovoye cemetery in Kiev.