BA "Evalar Teanin": reviews, composition and features of the application

Stressful situations and nervous overload, accompanying people almost constantly, reduce the quality of life and negatively affect well-being. In order to minimize anxious symptoms, biologically active additive "Teanin" from "Evalar" is used. Reviews about it are in large numbers in various forums. This dietary supplements is positioned by the manufacturer as a source of calm and cheerful mood.
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This is a natural product that has a stimulating effect on mental activity and a normalizing level of pressure. Even if not a medicinal product, but a biologically active additive, Teanin has its contraindications and is not intended for uncontrolled self-use. It is best to take this medication after consulting a doctor. In this article we will tell about this preparation: about its composition, application features, etc.

Reviews about "Theanin" from "Evalar" will also be presented.

What is it?

This drug is based on the natural amino acid L-theanine. This substance is an excellent relaxant and antid

epressant. Based on the experimental data of studies of specialists, it was established that the use of L-theanine affects the brain in such a way that in half an hour the character of its activity changes.

Stressful beta waves give way to relaxed alpha waves. Therefore, as a result of taking this drug in patients a good mood, clear mind, they feel calm and relaxed.

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If your work is associated with significant mental stress or spending a lot of time at the computer, this supplement can help you get rid of some health problems. It can significantly improve working capacity and overall well-being. Biologically active additive can be used for general fatigue, severe fatigue, during rehabilitation after a stroke, as a means of improving attention and memory.

In addition, it is used in the treatment of depression, as an auxiliary for neuroses and neurasthenia. As one of the components of the complex therapy of epilepsy. In the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, with immunity to learning, with comprehensive rejuvenation procedures. Reviews about "Theanin" from "Evalar" are mostly positive.

Source of L-theanine

People regularly drink tea. Modern science has revealed the reasons for the popularity of this drink. According to the research, tea contains molecules that prevent many diseases, improve mood and cognitive brain functions, reduce anxiety, prevent the recruitment of excess body weight.

Caffeine, polyphenols and L-theanine are useful properties. The last of these substances was discovered in 1949.But its useful properties became known not so long ago. Japanese scientists have found that L-theanine has unique qualities: it promotes relaxation of the body, reduces the negative impact of stress, normalizes the pressure, which, in case of stressful situations, can rise even in a healthy person. Also this substance helps maintain a high concentration of attention.

L-theanine is a natural neurotransmitter, that is, a substance that provides the transmission of nerve impulses from one brain cell to another.

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Brain needs

The brain can not do without neurotransmitters. In nature, the source of L-theanine is green tea. But with the classical method of brewing tea leaves, this substance practically does not remain in the beverage, since the molecular structure of tea leaves does not lend itself to cleavage. And L-theanine firmly in it "mounted".

In one brewed cup of tea, the content of theanine is minimal - about 10-20 mg. The daily dose, which will allow to obtain the effect of taking the drug, should be not less than 200 mg. The release of the theanine molecules is possible only in production conditions using special technologies. In each capsule of this dietary supplements contains 250 mg of natural theanine.

How does dietary supplements work?

Only two capsules per day, ie 500 mg provide:

  • maintaining mental activity and good mood at the proper level;
  • calmness and relaxation;
  • preserving clarity of mind and consciousness;
  • normalization of pressure.

This is confirmed by the instructions for use and reviews on "Teanin" from "Evalar".Theanine Advance Application Guide

In addition, this substance increases the amount of the hormone of joy - dopamine, which, accordingly, improves mood and increases resistance to physical stress. What's important, L-theanine does not affect blood pressure, unlike caffeine, which is also found in green tea.

Clinical trials have shown that this substance increases the effective effect of drugs intended for the treatment of cancer, reduces the possibility of developing diabetes and heart pathologies.

Features of the drug

The new dietary supplement, released by the company "Evalar", has the following features that favorably distinguish it from other drugs of this kind:

  • does not affect the concentration of attention;
  • does not have a sedative effect;
  • is not addictive;
  • contains high-quality components that are manufactured in Japan;
  • advantageous value, especially in comparison with foreign counterparts;
  • is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards on the latest equipment.

According to reviews, the instructions for use and the price of "Teanin" from "Evalar" buyers are quite satisfied.

Usage and dosage of

Adults take two capsules a day. The course is 30 days. If necessary, the reception of this facility can be continued further.

The use of the drug in the recommended dosage provides the body with a daily rate of the designated amino acid. One package of the drug is enough for just a month of intake.

This is confirmed by the instruction and feedback on "Theanin" from "Evalar".

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Contraindications are:

  • individual intolerance of the components of the drug;
  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breastfeeding.

Before taking the supplement, consult a doctor for advice.

Reviews about "Theanine" from "Evalar"

According to people who took the drug, the effect is felt after a few days of use. It is noted that it becomes easier to work, memory improves, there is clarity in thoughts. As a bonus from taking this remedy, one can consider the fact that the quality of sleep improves and the process of falling asleep easier.

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Judging by the reviews about "L-Theanine" from "Evalar", it really helps to reduce stress and tension, lightness and speed of thinking, and does not cause side effects in the form of drowsiness. For many consumers, taking this supplement is a good way to bring the pressure back to normal and increase mental stability without the use of antidepressants.

In their reviews buyers of BAE "Teanin" from "Evalar" also note that the drug accumulates in the body and its effect remains for some time after the end of admission.

But the web also has reviews of another nature, for example, about pronounced adverse reactions, as well as the fact that the products of the company "Evalar" does not have the stated effect, and is at best just a pacifier.

Reviews about "Theanin" from "Evalar" from doctors urge to be cautious in the choice of treatment. In addition, experts often say that one should not forget: a biological active supplement is not a medicine. Therefore, the reception of these funds should be treated accordingly.

Experts Rosobrnadzor repeatedly gave interviews, from the content of which it is clear that preparations of the firm "Evalar", in their opinion, in some cases not only do not have a positive effect, but are harmful.

Despite this, many people use this tool and claim that it is effective and does not cause any negative reactions of the body.

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Some buyers among those who try to keep themselves in good physical shape, in their reviews of "Theanin" from "Evalar" write that they use the drug as a sports supplement. This dietary supplement gives them an influx of energy that is necessary before physical exertion. And also it raises the mood and adds strength.

Based on all the above, we can conclude that the drug will not change the life of the person who takes it, but it can help to remain alert and active person.


The cost of this tool is 400-450 rubles, depending on the region and the pharmacy network. Judging by the reviews, the price for "Teanin" from "Evalar" for some buyers is acceptable, while others believe that it is expensive.