Aspen root: medicinal properties and contraindications

Today the recipes of traditional medicine are again gaining lost popularity. If at the beginning of the XX century, most doctors diligently refused them in favor of the latest achievements of the pharmacological industry, today many people come to the understanding that natural analogues in the majority operate more carefully and can be an excellent alternative to pharmaceuticals. And today the conversation will focus on the use of aspen root as a primary or auxiliary remedy for a number of diseases. aspen root

Synonyms of the name

Often it is sold in a pharmacy called gentian. The people use other names, for example: the root of the whisper-tree, the poplar trembling, the shaking. But all this is the root of one plant, or more precisely, of a family of willow trees. Aspen ordinary is fast growing, in height it reaches 35 meters, and in diameter - 1 meter. Why exactly did the root of aspen interest phytotherapists and healers? Because it has a lot of useful properties, but more on this later. This tree has huge branched roots that go deep into the ground. Thanks to this tree can survive even a fire. The burned ground part will again be reborn from the new sprout. Of course, this will take several years.

Collection of raw materials

It can be performed throughout the season. In this case, it is not necessary to destroy the tree. It is enough to excavate the earth and cut off a piece of root with a shovel. The tree quickly replenishes the loss, and you will have an excellent material for cooking healing infusions. The aspen root can be replaced by bark of the same tree. Therefore, raw materials can always be easily obtained even in the winter season.

But it's best to work on harvesting in the spring, when the sap flow begins. The collected material is dried and then ground. And already from the received material prepare various tinctures and broths, which can be stored in the refrigerator and applied as needed. aspen root medicinal properties

Composition of

The aspen root is an excellent source of energy due to carbohydrates, including fructose, as well as glucose. However, this is not a food product, but a real medicine. Due to what is the therapeutic effect? Due to the content of tannins, organic acids and valuable essential oils. However, drinking infusions and decoctions from the root is not too pleasant. They are very bitter in taste. Such qualities are given to drugs by glycosides and salicin.

And do you know an interesting fact? Many years ago it was from this raw material that aspirin was obtained, and later it was isolated from the bark of a tree. It contains a substance that is a natural source of aspirin. Natural fatty acids, as well as resins, enhance the action of the aspen root. The use of this natural antibiotic allows you to fight microbes and relieve inflammation. In addition, aspen is a valuable source of various minerals. A large number of them contains the root of aspen. Their therapeutic properties contribute to the strengthening of immunity. This is iron and zinc, nickel and copper, bromine and a number of others.

Use in medicine

Not only traditional healers, but also representatives of traditional medicine today use the generous gifts of this simple tree. The healing properties of the root of pine were studied quite thoroughly and confirmed by the results of the studies. Decoctions and infusions on its basis have anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic, softening and antitussive properties. These remedies cope well with heat and pain, stop bleeding.

Do you still think that modern pharmacology stands head and shoulders above folk medicine? Then know that active substances extracted from the root of aspen are widely used in production for the manufacture of antipyretic agents and antibiotics. A small number of contraindications allows you to recommend this tool to the elderly, when a number of drugs have to be excluded. aspen root photo

Recommendations for using

What helps the aspen root? Most often folk medicine uses bark, but the underground part of the plant is considered the most healing. It is used in medicine and cosmetology. Preparations and infusions are an excellent painkiller, help with stomach diseases, improve the production of gastric juice. In addition, they effectively help with problems with urination and diabetes.

Let's sum up a little and list, from what diseases the root of aspen helps. Decoctions on its basis successfully fight flu and cold, awaken the appetite and help the body cope with the consequences of any ailment. Some substances in its composition help to remove the ache in the body, which is typical for viral diseases. Not bad proved this tool in the complex treatment of diarrhea and gastritis, especially when dieting.

Preparation of

tincture Now let's take a closer look at how to prepare the aspen root( you can see the raw material photo at the beginning of the article).It is used in most cases in the form of alcohol tincture. So raw materials are perfectly stored and can be used for a long time. The infusion is prepared on the basis of alcohol or vodka. To do this, take 500 g of alcohol and pour 200 g of dry roots. Then the container is tightly clogged and cleaned in a dark place for two weeks. Periodically you need to shake.

Do not forget to consult your doctor before beginning treatment. Apply a similar infusion in the treatment of the prostate. The healing properties of the aspen root allow for effective therapy not only of prostatic adenoma, but also of other pathologies of the genitourinary system. To do this, in 50 ml of water you need to drip 20 drops of the resulting infusion. This drug should be taken three times a day, before meals.

Doctors officially confirm that as a result of such treatment the clinical manifestations of pathology decrease significantly, the size of the prostate decreases and urination normalizes. The aspen root( photos confirm that the roots of this tree differ little from any other dried raw material of this kind) really helps in the treatment of cystitis, hemorrhoids and dysentery. The root of aspen from which diseases helps


It is prepared faster than tincture, but it can be used for a limited amount of time. Usually, doctors recommend storing the drug for no more than 2 days, after which the therapeutic properties of it begin to decrease. The healing broth is able to eliminate various manifestations of incontinence or painful urination. To this end, 100 g of dry raw materials should be placed in a saucepan and pour a liter of boiling water. Now the pan should be placed on a stove and kept for 25 minutes at the lowest heat. It remains to cool and drain the broth. Now you can take it a glass daily. It has excellent analgesic properties, it is used for gastritis and diarrhea, it helps to normalize the digestive function.

A sophisticated tincture of

It is made from a variety of ingredients. The most suitable time of the year is spring. It will be necessary to collect buds and leaves, and also to prepare roots. The ratio is 1: 1: 2.At the same time, alcohol should be taken 2.5 times more than vegetable raw materials. For example, 50 g of kidney and leaves, 100 g of roots and 500 g of alcohol( 70%).Insist should be about two weeks, after which you can strain and put in the refrigerator. the root of aspen from which diseases

Lose weight with the aspen

Actual topic for many, especially on the eve of spring. To remove excess kilograms, decoction is used from the roots of aspen, and this is due to its basic properties: diuretic, antimicrobial, choleretic, diaphoretic. Due to this, the following changes occur:

  • A superfluous liquid is withdrawn, so that the weight will decrease rapidly enough.
  • The digestive system begins to function normally. Thanks to this, the metabolism is normalized and accelerated.
  • How does the choleretic effect of aspen promote weight loss? First of all, the infusion helps to improve the functioning of the liver, which means that nutrients will be better absorbed and all unnecessary waste will be removed.

Get rid of parasites

Cleansing the body does not end with the removal of excess fluid and slag. Toxins can be a consequence of the vital activity of parasites. The roots of pine help to get rid of various helminths that live not only in the intestines but also in other internal organs quite easily and quickly. By the way, this too can be the first step to losing weight. The fact is that the toxins that are released by microorganisms destroy the normal intestinal microflora. And this is the main cause of metabolic disorders.

For these purposes, prepare the next infusion. A tablespoon of ground roots should be poured into 500 g of water and boiled for 30 minutes. After that, the broth is to be poured into a thermos bottle and left for 3 hours. Infusion is taken by 100 g three times a day. The course should last at least two weeks. In the first days of admission, sweating and urination may increase, indicating that the body is cleansed. aspen root in diabetes

Infusion for the normalization of blood sugar

It is best to use not dry but fresh raw materials for this purpose. For this, a tablespoon of ground roots is poured into a glass of boiling water and left in a thermos for several hours. Take this broth 1/2 cup three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The root of aspen is used and with diabetes - drugs on its basis allow to maintain sugar at a normal level, but do not replace the basic therapy. Therefore, before you start taking the course, consult your doctor.

For joint disease

For this purpose, the drug is taken orally, and is also used for rubbing. A tablespoon of dry raw material is poured with 10 tablespoons of good vodka. Insist drug for two weeks in a dark place. Be sure to shake the container every day. Ready tincture poured into a clean bottle and drink one teaspoon three times a day. Rinsing with this compound of joints is carried out twice a day: morning and evening. After applying, it is necessary to wrap the affected area with something warm for an hour.

Ointment for external use

And we continue to talk about that heals the root of aspen. A very effective remedy is an ointment for the treatment of wounds and burns on its basis. For preparation, clean ashes should be prepared from the roots of aspen or its bark. Collect 10 g of raw material and mix with 50 grams of lard or butter. Stir well both ingredients and refrigerate for 24 hours. Now you can apply a thin layer on the wound every day when changing the bandage. Continue until complete healing. root of aspen application

Use in cosmetology

Decoctions and tinctures from the root of aspen are widely used for the treatment of acne and eczema. If the problem is serious, then take an alcohol tincture. It does not dry the skin and makes it more elastic. To this end, alcoholic tincture should be rubbed into problem areas of the face at least once a day, after which do not wash for an hour. If irritation occurs, lubricate the face with panthenol or another cream that will soothe it.

After washing, it is recommended to rinse the hair with decoction from the roots or bark of aspen. This method helps to stop loss and accelerates growth due to the saturation of the skin with useful minerals.

Aspen for men and women

Aspen-based products are effectively used to treat the genitourinary system. This tree is considered male, so it is useful for a strong half of humanity. Folk remedies on the basis of such raw materials help with diseases of the genitourinary system, adenoma and prostatitis, and are also used to stimulate potency. Judging by the reviews, the problem really goes away, and this despite the age! According to many men, urination normalizes and even an erection is restored.

But for women, tinctures and decoctions can become a real salvation. They help with inflammation of the ovaries. Aspen perfectly removes inflammation, it can be used even in complex infertility therapy. Of course, everything here is very individual, but there are reviews in which satisfied patients tell us that after many years of unsuccessful classical treatment, it was finally possible to give birth to a healthy child.


Take any medications under the supervision of a doctor. Are not an exception and alternative medicine, including decoctions and tinctures based on aspen. Especially careful to be in colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. In its composition, it has many tannic substances that enhance unpleasant sensations. Do not forget about the individual intolerance. Children such treatment is not recommended. In any case, it must be remembered that the recipes of folk medicine are quite serious, such drugs have medicinal properties and contraindications. The root of aspen is no exception. Therefore, do not self-medicate and do not exceed recommended dosages.

Instead of concluding

Tinctures and decoctions of the roots of aspen as a whole very favorably affect the body. Their use has almost no contraindications, the drugs are well tolerated and give good results. Doctors confirm that from patients who took decoctions or infusions in the treatment complex, there were only positive responses. The course of treatment should be at least 2 weeks. This is when using a strong antibiotic the result can be seen after a few days, here the same effect is carried out more gently and delicately.

But doctors also note that you should not refuse to visit the clinic and treat any problem with decoctions from the roots of aspen. Despite the obvious benefit to the body, this remedy is in a number of cases only auxiliary. Especially if it concerns the treatment of acute and chronic phase of the disease. In order to prevent or at the very first symptoms, you can, of course, manage only folk remedies, but in this case the doctor should make a scheme of treatment, and also prescribe a dosage. Especially it concerns preparations based on alcohol.