How to anesthetize a toothache?

This article will tell you how to numb toothache. However, you, as a reasonable person, are simply obliged to understand: only the dentist should solve dental problems. Temporary relief will not restore tooth enamel and certainly will not help to grow a new tooth.

Any pain signals an inflammation. And since the human body is an apparatus where all the details are interrelated, only one problem tooth can cause a number of diseases. A tooth with signs of developing caries is home to an army of harmful bacteria that, in turn, produce toxins that poison the body. As a consequence, the immune system, trying to protect the body, works hard and eventually fails. Infection in the meantime moves further, to the root of the tooth, then - further, to the bone system. Inflammation of a wider area can start, a purulent inflammation will begin, a cyst is formed. All this will definitely lead to blood poisoning. That is why, if today you can absolutely anesthetize the toothache due to the following tips, tomorrow you must go to the dental clinic. And now - several ways to relieve toothache.

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Anesthetized toothache can be folk remedies:

1. Rinse with sodium bicarbonate solution( baking soda) or sage( decoction).They will help to remove the inflammation.

2. Apply propolis to the tooth( you can put propolis directly into the cavity).

3. Applying garlic to the tooth or wrist, opposite to the tooth. To do this, you need to place a piece of garlic in the cavity of the tooth, or rub the wrist with a slice, and then wind this half( you can both) to the wrist.

These are the most common methods, well helping one and absolutely not acting on others. You just need to try, maybe one of the options - it's yours.

I would very much like to talk about another method that will help numb toothache. For some reason, this method is not advertised anywhere, and it is practically impossible to find it in the recipes of traditional medicine.

This is an effective pain reliever for toothache, but cooking it takes time( minimum day), but then it can become a "duty option" if it is stored in the refrigerator.

Find a plant called lovage( see photo).It is cultivated practically throughout Europe and grows in the garden almost at every grandmother. He can be called more dawn, libistikom, love potion, love potion, lyubchik, love-grass.

It has long been used by sorcerers, including for the relief of toothache. They say that he is even capable of killing a nerve. Rub the washed root of the lover on the grater( or cut it as finely as possible), place the grated root in a dark vial of medicine( tightly, to the top) and pour alcohol. Leave at least for a day.

The longer the root is insisted, the more it grows. For more than two years, this tincture has not been stored.

You can try to use painkillers. From the toothache very well help preparations such as "Bellalgin" or "Bellastezin"( with benzocaine and belladonna extract).

Excellent means - "Ketanov", "Nyz".A slice of any of the above is placed in the cavity of the tooth. In the first few minutes, the pain may increase a little, but then there will be a quick relief.