Thai diet pills "Bears", IBS, Yanhee: reviews and recommendations

Thailand is a mysterious country with incomprehensible traditions. This is where people live without medicines and other "chemistry", giving preference to natural ingredients. Thai doctors can be considered real healers and healers. After all, they own the development and release of thousands of names of medicines.

Thai diet pills

In this infinitely long list, you can find a panacea for almost all diseases. The most popular among them are Thai diet pills. A large number of clinics dealing with problems of excess weight, produce whole courses to combat excess kilograms.

The secret of

The formulation of tablets is kept under strict confidentiality at the state level. Producers assure that this is a completely natural product based on a specially selected collection of herbs. Throughout Thailand there are many clinics that take overweight patients all year round, in parallel with this, releasing slimming courses, which consist of packets of pills.

Fake or not?

According to the Government of Thailand, the export of tablets for the territory of the country is strictly prohibited. Accordingly, the importation to other countries - too. But then what do they offer us to buy on the Internet? There is no unequivocal answer to this question to this day. Some experts say that everything that is sold on the Internet is a fake, and Thailand has nothing to do with the release of these pills.

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Thai diet pills with worms reviews

Their production is established in other countries of Asia and the Middle East according to the recipe, which, of course, does not correspond to the original one. Working under the well-known names of Thai clinics, dishonest companies deceive the citizens of our country. Others, in turn, assure that, in order to sell Thai diet pills, a license and a quality certificate is enough. Perhaps, let everyone decide for himself who to believe. Nevertheless, the Internet remains the place where you can buy Thai diet pills without problems.

On the taste and color of

A fairly wide range of these products will allow everyone to find the right course for themselves. Do not be afraid of the strange names of tablets, this is due to the place of their release. That is, with the name of the clinic, in which the drug was developed. Thai experts can offer herbal teas besides slimming pills. Having a laxative effect, they are recommended for use in parallel with physical exertion. Next, consider the most popular courses that offer Thai diet pills.

Tablets with a "surprise"

Popular in the 90's Thai tablets called "Lida", quickly gained popularity. A quick effect without much effort was waiting for everyone who would take these pills. Why risk? Yes because the secret of these tablets is the presence of eggs of worms.

Thai diet pills yanhee reviews

Are there really desperate girls who are ready to intentionally settle into themselves parasites? Still as, in fact in the complete set with the infected tablets enters a capsule which kills all parasites. It is recommended to take it when the result is achieved, and the excess weight is lost. Here are the frightening Thai diet pills with worms, reviews of which are not always positive. As the girls who have experienced all the delights of this drug say, the capsule with the poison from the worms does not always work. And then the fun begins. Exhaustive treatment, and after - a whole course of rehabilitation after the stay of parasites in the body.

Plush "Bears"

One of the popular courses of Thai pills that will suit everyone. Bears are produced in one of the prestigious hospitals in Bangkok. There are various courses - "Bears 6 Super Strong", "Bears 4", "Bears 3", "Bears 7".Each of them is aimed at weight reduction. If you want to lose up to 10 kg, then a light course, which consists of eight packets with tablets, will suit you. And if your excess weight is more than 10 kg, then choose a thirteen-pack course.

How do bears work?

Depending on the course chosen, you receive a different number of packages with capsules, from eight to thirteen. Take the pill according to the instructions, in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. In total, you will swallow eight to thirteen tablets per day. On each bag with the image of bears there is an inscription about when to take them.

where to buy Thai diet pills

Extra kilograms will start to go on the first day of admission, due to which the Thai pills for weight loss "Bears" became popular. Feedback from those who took this drug, indicate a loss of appetite and hunger, removing fluid from the body, reducing blood sugar. This is due to the components that make up the "bears", namely valerian, ginger, chrysanthemum, round, senna, garcinia and others.

Popular "Yanghi"

No less popular Thai diet pills are released by Yanhee General Hospital. The impeccable reputation of doctors with work experience of about twenty years helps to fight overweight in the shortest possible time. There have been developed five programs for correction of the figure, which you are offered to pass in just a month - Standard, Strong, Strong Plus, Super Strong, Super Super Strong. Each course contains packages of three types: morning, lunch, evening. The total number of packages varies due to the selected course, all of them from eight to thirteen.

Recommendations of specialists

As you already understood, Thai diet pills Yanhee are potent drugs. Their reception will help to lose excess 10-20 kg without harm to the body. They have a diuretic, choleretic and laxative effect, and also remove toxins and toxins from the body.

Thai diet pills bears reviews

Note the recommendations regarding their reception. First of all, you should drink plenty of water, at least 1.5-2 liters per day, limit the consumption of tea, coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol. To include in the daily diet more vegetables and fruits, to avoid fatty and sweet. The organism needs more rest during the taking of tablets, so a healthy sleep is the key to success.

Be ready

In the first week of reception, unstable behavior of the body is noted. Do not confuse it with the side effects that can cause Thai diet pills Yanhee. Patients' opinions helped to make a list of ailments: weakness, dizziness, dry mouth, increased palpitations. All this - the reaction of the body to the drug, the restructuring will take about a week, after which the state is normalized.

IBS - innovative development of physicians

Ten years of experience in this field has allowed specialists from Inter Bangkok Clinic to find a unique in their properties a tool for weight loss. It's not for nothing that in Bangkok this clinic is called the Beauty Institute. The course of the released tablets helps not only to fight excess weight, but also to restore the body after losing kilograms. This is due to the reception of capsules, which have a different goal.

Thai diet pills yanhee

Some will help to cope with hunger, others - to remove excess fluid from the body, others will save you from toxins, the fourth will satiate the body with the necessary vitamins, the fifth will fix the result. As a result, we get a comprehensive program that does not harm the body.

No promises

At first glance it seems that all these courses are similar and do not differ in any way, but this is misleading. Inter Bangkok Clinic will not promise you a minus 20 kg of weight. Scientists are sure that such a big loss is very harmful to the body. Slow and insignificant weight loss is what this drug offers. Taking capsules, you will lose about two kilograms per week, and a month - not more than ten. Experts from the Institute of Beauty are confident that this is the amount of weight loss that will not harm the body. Moreover, the course includes vitamins and minerals. Due to this sparing effect these tablets are suitable for people from 15 to 90 years old and have no special contraindications.


So, we reviewed the most popular Thai diet pills, reviews of which are very mixed. It should be noted that the start of taking these capsules can truly brave people. After all, as recent studies of these drugs show, some of them add components of amphetamine. This helps to achieve such a huge effect, as we promise commercials.

Thai diet pills reviews

In patients taking such pills, there is a violation of the psychoemotional state, insomnia, increased activity. This leads to a sharp and significant loss of weight, a person, so to speak, dries, gradually losing his mind. To distribute such drugs is prohibited, this is a criminal offense. So think carefully about whether or not your health is at risk by taking such dubious drugs.