Children's polyclinic "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensky lane - reviews and photos

Today we have to find out what the "Medsi" pediatric clinic in Blagoveshchensk is actually. The choice of a medical institution in which to inspect a baby is not so simple. Therefore, we have to study a variety of customer testimonials in relation to each clinic. And "Medsi" is no exception. What do parents think about it? Are they satisfied? Can you trust this institution or better bypass it?

What does

do First of all it is necessary to find out what services our today's clinic has. Maybe it does not have the doctors you need? Frankly, for their activities the children's polyclinic Medsi on Blagoveshchenskiy earns only positive reviews. children

Why? This is a private medical multidisciplinary center. Here you can get any help from doctors for babies from the very first day of life. The thing is that there are narrow specialists working here, you can pass tests and generally choose a special program for medical support of the baby in a certain period of life.

A distinctive feature of the organization is that it has a female consultation. Here, future moms can watch their "interesting situation."It turns out that the center is designed for mothers and children. It is very convenient.


The next most important point is the location of the clinic. That is, at what address should I contact if you needed the Medsi clinic at Blagoveschensky? It is not enough to know about the advantages of the center. You should additionally be aware of the exact location of its location, so you do not have to search for a medical center for a long time.

Where is the medical school "Medsi" located? In Blagoveshchensky Lane, in Moscow. To be more precise, that the house is 2/16, building 1. This is the Tver region, the district of the Central Administrative District. By the way, the medical center is located near the metro station "Mayakovskaya".medsi at the children

As you can see, there are no problems with the location of the clinic. As noted by customers, it's not so difficult to get to the address indicated. Moreover, nearby there is a metro station "Pushkinskaya".A medical facility is located directly in the center of Moscow, which is very pleasing to visitors. Do not have to drive to the outskirts of the city. A trifle, but it favorably affects the rating of the organization.


What if you needed to contact the medical center in any way? It is noted that he offers his clients a fairly wide range of options.

Children's polyclinic "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensky pereulok contacts has a variety. And e-mail, and phones, and just a reverse form of communication. All this contributes to the simplicity of communication between customers and the company.

If you want, call the numbers: 7 495 7 800 500, 7 495 223 70 56. The first combination is round the clock, multi-channel. It's kind of like a hotline phone. But the second one is the registry. As practice shows, there are usually no problems with recording. So, you can easily contact the company with the help of these numbers or through personal contact. This is very encouraging. Do not have to stand in kilometer queues to get this or that information about the medical institution.


We are dealing with a private center. And so many parents pay attention to such an indicator as the proposed comfort. Giving something for money, I want to get only quality service, and even with acceptable conditions. If the patient feels uncomfortable within the walls of the organization, this phenomenon will not affect the rating in the best way. children

This phenomenon is observed in our case."Medsi" on Blagoveshchensk( children's polyclinic) does not arouse confidence in clients because of the conditions that it offers. No, in general, the situation is not bad - the institution looks more or less neat and tidy. But some moments do not please visitors.

For example, many people focus on toilets. In "Medsi" they do not look the best. As parents say, it's terrible to drive children there. This leaves an unpleasant residue. The result is negative feedback to the organization. Fortunately, comfort is by no means the very first indicator, important for a medical center. Therefore, more attention should be paid to other aspects of the work of the private clinic.

Recording to reception

Let's say, how the reception goes to specialists. This moment plays a huge role for many. It's not enough to find a good clinic. You should also make an appointment with a specialist before evaluating direct care. children

The clinic "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensk( children's) reviews earns in this area are mostly positive. After all, you can make an appointment in several ways. Problems with this usually not observed. What are the options for solving the problem?

To get started, you can use the phone. This type of appointment is very popular among the population. Do not forget to say that you are interested in the center on Blagoveschensky Lane.

The second way is an email. This method is not very popular. Clients indicate that e-mail recording takes a lot of time.

The third approach to solving the problem is to use the official page of the company. There is a special form for doctors. Be sure to specify the method of payment. Please note - the clinic works on VHI policies. children

As you can see, the children's polyclinic "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensky pereulok writes to the doctor in a variety of ways. The last option is a personal visit to the organization. You can see that clients are satisfied with the meetings with doctors in the clinic. There are almost no problems with recording.


But this is not the only important point. The value of services plays an important role in the evaluation of any private organization. In our case, "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensk( a children's polyclinic) earns mixed reviews from visitors. Why?

The whole point is that for a private medical organization the cost of service here is not too big. For example, a primary intake of medical specialists will cost 2,700 rubles, and repeated visits - 2,100. Not very much. But here for some services the price tags are huge. For example, with regard to special programs for accompanying health in certain periods of time( "The First Year of Life" and all that sort of thing).

Plus, considering the quality of service, many customers are far from delighted with Medsi. As noted, for the money that parents pay, it could be better to hold receptions. Expectations are often not justified.

Attitude of the personnel

Children's polyclinic "Medsi" on Blagoveshchensky reviews earns not the best content for another important point. It is about the attitude of the staff directly to children. The doctors here are also mentioned in a negative light. children

The problem is that many visitors remain unhappy with the attitude towards the kids. There are both staff and doctors who do not know how to treat children at all. You can say, to some extent they are afraid of kids. Such employees can not provide quality services. So, the cost of reception is not justified.

All this despite the fact that most of the personnel in the clinic are educated people, candidates of medical sciences or just people with long experience in the field of medicine. There are professionals who know their business. Only for some reason it is often the negative that is encountered in relation to Medsi in Blagoveshchensky in this sense. It turns out that the doctor will have to choose carefully. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will remain dissatisfied with the reception.

As you can see, "Medsi" on Blagoveshchenskyy reviews about doctors receives ambiguous. But for some reason most often the overwhelming majority notices any shortcomings even with good it so bad? According to the majority, not really. Just need to carefully choose from whom to be treated.

Extension of money

"Medsi" on Blagoveshchensk( children's) reviews receives most often as a clinic that literally draws money from its visitors. Of course, this phenomenon is not the best way to influence the popularity of the company.

Quite often, parents indicate that doctors prescribe many tests to children, without explaining why. Either generally spend a quick inspection and do nothing more. It turns out two extremes - or you will be constantly assigned extra and additional research to draw money, or in fact will not provide any help.

Similar phenomena, of course, do not have the best effect on the Medsi rating. So do not be surprised if you are strongly advised to avoid this organization. Although, as the pregnant women say, women's consultation here is simply magnificent. But the work of the immediate children's clinic "limps."medsi at the Annunciation children

Drawing conclusions

So what can be done from the above findings? The children's polyclinic Medsi at Blagoveshchensk is a private medical center, but it resembles in its surroundings and work some of the usual polyclinics, municipal ones. Sometimes price lists for some services do not meet expectations.

Do I have to ask for help here? Everyone decides for themselves. There are no problems with recording in Medsi. And if you choose a good doctor, you can get professional help here without problems. To bypass the organization clearly is not worth it. But with caution to approach the choice of the attending physician - quite.