Tablets and cream from thrush for men

Thrush, a very unpleasant disease, most often appears in women, but men are also not protected from treacherous fungus. The representatives of the stronger sex who suffer from this disease, there may be a number of questions: what are the causes of its appearance, is it dangerous for thrush for men and how to effectively get rid of it?

Causes of the

problem In order to find the disease in time, you need to contact the urologist regularly, because the statistics show that every third patient has Candidiasis. Sometimes men prefer to wait out an unpleasant condition, rather than apply immediately for qualified help. It is worth remembering that in case of untimely diagnosis of yeast infection, the ailment develops into a chronic form, which threatens with serious problems with the genitourinary system.

Thrush is often transmitted sexually with unprotected intercourse, but there may be another cause of the disease. Candidiasis develops due to hormonal changes in the body, with severe stress, with prolonged intake of antibiotics and their incorrect dosing. Also thrush can occur as a result of dysbacteriosis, intoxication of the body, chemical and mechanical damage.

Symptoms of

Candidiasis of the genitals is caused by Candida fungi, which are present in the human microflora and are not terrible with strong immunity. The presence of fungi does not lead to inflammation of itself, but only with increased multiplication of microorganisms. Following a decrease in immunity, there may be signs of thrush. The disease is divided into endogenous( sexually transmitted) and exogenous( the appearance of an agent in the body).The flow of balanitis, or superficial candidiasis in men is known in three forms. On the penis lesions are localized ulcers, film or bright red bubbles and spots.

The first form of the disease is characterized by hyperemia and the formation of scaly spots. It is erosion, and it has the property of spreading quickly to the hip area and inguinal folds.

Late stage of the disease is accompanied by hyperemia of the head, edemas, the appearance of infiltrates. The patient is often disturbed by itching and burning in the groin, the appearance of cracks, a milky plaque on the surface of the skin.

Development of the disease

Urogenital candidiasis( scientific name for thrush) appears as a result of the effects of fungal infection. The Candida albikans family, which belongs to yeast fungi, parasitizes most often on the surface of the mucous membranes of the genitals. Thrush is more common in women. Anatomico-physiological features of the male genitourinary system help to protect the representatives of the stronger sex from candidiasis. Fungal spores, the main causative agent of the disease, leave the body together with the current of urine. The development of the disease in a man more often indicates problems that have appeared in the body.

Do not mistakenly believe that for a man thrush does not carry a serious danger. Genitalia during the development of the disease become a storehouse for fungal infections due to damage to the mucous membrane. If the time does not take measures against the thrush, for men it threatens the appearance of bacterial infection and purulent inflammation.


To prevent the emergence of thrush in men, you must strictly adhere to the rules of hygiene and lead a healthy lifestyle. If the suspicion of thrush already arose, then you need to give up primarily from cigarettes and alcohol. A good prevention of the disease is a diet, because the fungus is provoked by some products. Among them are canned vegetables, sweet flour products. Strict monitoring of your health and periodic consultations with specialists will help reliably and permanently get rid of thrush in men without any complications or consequences.

Treatment of

In most cases, antimycotics( ointments, solutions, cream for thrush for men) are used to eliminate the disease. Among the most common drugs are the following: "Triderm", "Pimafucin", "Clotrimazole".The cream for yeast for men is applied to the head and foreskin during the week 2-3 times a day. In severe forms of the disease, strong antifungal agents can be used. Of course, before starting treatment, you need to consult an endocrinologist and therapist. Dragee and tablets from thrush for men help fight the disease from the inside. Popular drugs such as "Diflucan", "Orungal", "Flukostat", "Kanefron".

Thrush requires constant monitoring of a doctor. It is very important at the first stage to diagnose and eliminate the disease-provoking factors. To prevent the growth and development of the fungus, you need to strengthen immunity, taking vitamin complexes and eating healthy food.

Treatment at home

In order to forget about this problem, it is not enough to use only the cream for thrush for men, here you need a comprehensive approach. Permanent stay in the hospital is not a prerequisite, you can conduct procedures at home. But self-medication is not worth it, you need to consult a dermatologist in advance. In the future, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations of a specialist. Even a slight deviation from the norm can lead to the progression of the disease.

Fungicidal substances

To combat the problem should be sent to effective drugs for thrush for men. These include, in the first place, antimycotics. They can have systemic or local action. Local treatment of thrush involves applying the drug to areas directly affected by the fungus. If all you need is at hand, then you can be treated at home.

The problem of yeast infection is fought with the help of fungicidal agents. They are released in the form of creams, gel, ointments( for example, ointment nystatin).To maximize the effect of treatment with these agents, it is recommended to treat affected areas three times a day. Usually the course lasts from 10 to 12 days. It is impossible during the treatment to enter into sexual contacts, to drink alcohol and foods that contribute to the development of the fungus.

Integrated treatment of

Fungicide preparations of both local and general action should be used in the treatment of thrush. Only a full-scale complex treatment of the disease will save against the possibility of relapse in the future. To drugs of general effect, tablets from thrush for men "Fluconazole".Take them for a week, one per day. For three days use the remedy for yeast infection for men "Intraconazole"( 200 mg).

The frequency of taking and dosage of drugs depends on the stage of the thrush and the individual characteristics of the patient. If both partners are ill, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment together, since a man can only be a carrier of the disease without obvious external signs.

Treatment with folk remedies

Traditional medicine has its secrets to eliminate this unpleasant disease. Here attention is drawn not only to the elimination of infection, but also to the enhancement of immunity. Folk medicine against thrush for men helps to overcome the problem without any side effects. But here you also need to have some knowledge so as not to harm.

To treat thrush in men use infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs, which have an antifungal effect. Bottoms are washed by the external genitals several times a day. For greater efficiency, you can do compresses at night. Infusion is prepared from St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula. Chamomile tea is recommended for ingestion. Drink a small portion of the juniper's infusion. For compresses suitable eucalyptus.

Chronic thrush is treated with tea tree oil, garlic. The latter not only improves the immunity, but also effectively fights against the fungus. You need to eat garlic during the meal as a whole or make an infusion of it. Garlic mash is used to lubricate the affected parts of the genital organs. To relieve burning, you can pre-lubricate the skin with a fat cream or vegetable oil.

How to make a cream for thrush for men? You will need chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus. Grind them in a mortar, add a little tea tree oil, mix and apply to the skin. You can also use contrasting trays with a decoction of chamomile. Immunity will be strengthened by such means as hemlock, royal jelly, pink rhodiola extract, propolis and others.

Personal hygiene

Treatment with tablets, creams or other means will be useless unless you follow the basic rules of personal hygiene. After all, purity is the guarantee of a healthy organism. In unhygienic conditions thrush develops and progresses. Prevention for men provides, in the first place, a thorough care of the body.

Always be clean hands. Underwear should be changed regularly, while taking water procedures to cleanse the genitals. Do not use aggressive soap or shower gels, it is better to use creams that are specifically designed to care for the genitals. Linen is better to choose one that is made of natural materials with a minimum percentage of synthetics.

It is important to remember a simple truth: it is better to prevent the disease than to fight it later. Therefore, do not risk your health, go through periodic examinations with a doctor, watch for hygiene, do not overload the body with harmful food and alcohol. These simple actions will help to avoid illnesses and keep health for many years to come.