The preparation "Laennek": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

The state of the human immune system is affected by many factors. This is a bad ecology, and unbalanced food, and non-observance of the regime of work and rest. In this regard, many pharmaceutical companies have become increasingly releasing immunomodulating agents that help to overcome the development of various infectious and other diseases. lainek instructions for use

Today we will tell you about what is a drug, like "Laennek".Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and consumers, as well as the cost of the drug will be described below.

Composition, form, packaging and description

The preparation "Laennek" goes on sale as a solution for injections. Its active ingredient is human placental hydrolyzate( i.e., cellular growth factors EGF, HGF, IGF-1, FGF, NGF, TGF-β, interleukins, 18 amino acids, vitamins C, E, B2, D, B1 and PP, as well as low molecular weightpeptides, about 40 minerals and about 100 enzymes).

In addition to the listed, the composition of the drug includes additional substances in the form of water for injection, hydrochloric acid( for pH correction) and sodium hydroxide.

The "Laennek" solution is produced, the price of which is indicated below, in the form of a transparent liquid with a characteristic smell of light yellow or brown. You can buy the drug in ampoules of dark glass in a paper bundle.


What is the medicine "Laennek"?Instruction for use reports that this is not only immunomodulatory, but also a hepatoprotective drug.

The effectiveness of this tool is due to its composition. Due to the ability to activate humoral immunity, and also to increase the activity of natural killers and phagocytes, "Laennek" has a pronounced immunomodulatory effect. лаеннек reviews

Cytokines included in the preparation under consideration are capable of stimulating the barrier and metabolic functions of the skin. Moreover, they increase the bactericidal activity of leukocytes and their ability to eliminate the captured pathogen.

Features of the drug

What other properties are inherent in the injectable solution "Laennek", which reviews are more positive? Active substances that are contained in the hydrolyzate, restore liver cells, reduce the accumulation of fats and cholesterol in hepatocytes, have an antitoxic effect, activate metabolism and tissue respiration, and also inhibit the proliferation of connective tissue in the liver parenchyma.

Indications for the use of

solution In what diseases is the drug "Laennek" shown? Instructions for use indicate the following pathological conditions of the patient:

  • atopic dermatitis in severe form, including complicated( as part of combination therapy);
  • chronic recurrent herpes( as part of polycomponent therapy);
  • is a chronic liver disease( for example, steatohepatitis is alcoholic, metabolic or mixed in nature).price

For what purpose can the injection solution "Laennek" be appointed? Reviews of doctors say that this drug is often used in cosmetology. Its use significantly improves the quality of skin. Also, this medication reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, normalizes PH balance and creates a lifting effect.

Contraindications to the use of medicament

In what cases the patient in any case can not be appointed "Laennec"?Experts say that this medication does not have a large list of contraindications. According to the instructions, it can not be used only in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in childhood;
  • in breastfeeding;
  • for hypersensitivity to active and additional constituent components.

It should also be noted that this drug is cautiously recommended for elderly patients, as well as for individuals with a polyvalent allergy to medicines.

Preparation "Laennek": instructions for use

The method of administration, as well as the dosage of the injectable solution depends on the indications and the clinic of the disease. lasneck

Intravenous droppers "Laennek" with chronic recurrent herpes and atopic dermatitis prescribe in a dosage of 10 ml, which corresponds to five ampoules. The drug is dissolved in a 5% solution of dextrose or in 260-500 ml of saline.

Drug infusion is carried out at intervals of two days. The course of this treatment includes 10 injections.

If a solution has been prescribed to a patient with chronic liver damage, then it is recommended to administer it intramuscularly at a dose of 2 ml per day. If necessary, the frequency of such injections can be brought up to three times a day.

In addition to intramuscular injection, this drug is allowed to enter and intravenously drip. In this case, the above scheme should be followed. The course of treatment of chronic liver damage is three weeks.

Side effects of

Undesirable effects on the background of the drug in question occur very rarely. Sometimes patients develop allergic reactions. Anaphylactic shock is also possible.

In addition to the above, the introduction of "Laennec" can contribute to the emergence of pain, numbness at the injection site and gynecomastia( however, communication with the use of medication is not established).latenek reviews of doctors

Drug Interaction

It is extremely undesirable to combine the solution of "Laennek" with other drugs, or rather with strong bases, alkalinity of which exceeds 8.5 points. Otherwise, the effect of the drug in question is significantly reduced.

Specific recommendations

According to the instructions, this medication can be prescribed for elderly patients. But it should be borne in mind that the physiological functions of older people are gradually deteriorating. In this regard, the drug "Laennec" should be used under the regular supervision of a doctor.

It should also be noted that this solution is not recommended for small children. This is due to the fact that studies on the safety of the drug they have not been conducted.

Terms of sale, shelf life and storage method

You can buy the injection solution "Laennek" only by prescription. The drug should be protected from small children, and stored in a place inaccessible to them and sunlight at a temperature of 20-26 ° C.

The expiration date of the funds in question is three years.

Preparation "Laennek": price and similar medicines

The price of this medication is very high. Often it reaches 20-30 thousand rubles. However, experts argue that the cost of this medication is justified in full. There are practically no analogues. If you need an immunomodulating agent, we recommend that you consult a doctor who will choose for you an effective and not very expensive drug. dropper

Reviews of patients and doctors

In view of the fact that "Laennek" is not only a very effective, but also an expensive drug, it is often falsified. Therefore among the patients' reviews there are often those in which it is said that this medication is completely useless.

Doctors recommend buying this medicine only from trusted suppliers. Only in this case the effect of therapy will not take long.

According to reviews, most often this drug is used for cosmetic purposes. The use of the solution helps strengthen hair bulbs and restore the skin. It is also an excellent hepatoprotective agent.