Prevention of colds

A well-known saying that a cold is treated for a week, not a medical one - for 7 days, is right, but in part. Indeed, during the cold, accompanied by all the known symptoms( runny nose, headache, cough, fever), the protective properties of the body are activated, and if these days are spent alone with certain simple recommendations, the cold passes without any medication. Treatment of colds with folk remedies - herbal preparations, honey, cranberries, raspberries, radish juice, etc.quite effectively. However, it should be remembered that diseases, the symptoms of which are very similar to colds, are many, so it is important from the first day of a malaise to determine its causes.

Any doctor will say that the prevention of colds and ODS is not less, and maybe even more important than their treatment. Therefore, during the onset of cold and wet weather, as well as the spread of various viral infections, it will be more correct, without waiting for the first symptoms of the disease, to deal with its

prevention. There are several basic recommendations, which include proper nutrition, sports, special water procedures and hardening, vaccination with bacterial preparations, intake of vitamins, herbal infusions that strengthen the body, finally, such simple tips as keeping your feet warm, more out in the fresh air, avoid a large crowd of people during the epidemic, etc. Prevention of catarrhal diseases is, first of all, increasing immunity, strengthening the body and thereby, its resistance and immunity to viral infections.

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition with daily inclusion of vitamins and minerals in the diet is a very important component of strong immunity. Vitamin C is indispensable in the fight against viruses and microbes, vitamin A protects the mucous membranes and the hematopoietic system, vitamin B is involved in many metabolic processes of the body.

Prevention of colds begins with taking drugs that stimulate the immune system. These are multivitamins, tincture of ginseng, magnolia vine, aloe, as well as modern preparations( "Immunal", "Imupren"), which contain natural plant components. To increase the protective forces of the body, it is recommended to take decoctions from the collections of medicinal plants such as Livsei, Melissa, Psyllium, Pink Radish, St. John's wort, leaves of strawberry and blackcurrant, rose hips and many others.

During the development of diseases there are several simple folk methods of prevention, which quickly and reliably protect the body. For example, it is good to inhale for 15 minutes the aroma from the grated bulb, or to cook a decoction of ginger with honey( 1.4 cups of grated ginger and a glass of honey) and add a teaspoon to any drink.

Prevention of colds in children deserves special attention. During the spread of viral infections, care should also be taken to establish protective "barriers" for the baby. To disease-causing bacteria do not penetrate the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to lubricate the nostrils with oxolin ointment or peach oil. The protective forces of the child's organism also stimulate homeopathic preparations and adaptogens( Aflubin, Arbidol, Antigrippin).Very important in the overall program aimed at improving the immunity of the child, hardening, therapeutic exercises and physical exercises. In winter and early spring, when the children's organism is most vulnerable, the course of vitamins will not interfere for at least a month. What to choose vitamin preparations, the doctor-pediatrist will prompt.

Prevention and prevention of colds is the most effective way to stay healthy and alert in the most dangerous periods of time. Compliance with simple rules will help strengthen the body and increase its resistance to external viral infections.