Furacilin Avexima: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

For many diseases of the skin and mucous surfaces, specialists prescribe antiseptics that allow to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria, accelerate the process of repairing damaged epidermis. The drug "Furacilin Avexima" is popular. Instructions for use describe how to properly prepare a medicinal solution.

Form and Composition

The medication is available in the form of tablets that dissolve easily in water at room temperature. The active ingredient is the antimicrobial substance nitrofural. The drug is widely used externally. As additional components are used: tartaric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, macrogol. Tablets have a characteristic yellow color and a facet on both sides.

furacilin avexime instructions for use How does the agent "Furacilin Avecsima"( effervescent) work? Instruction for use indicates that the main component inhibits the multiplication of pathogens. Over time, the bacteria already existing in the lesion area are dying. Plus, the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms develops slowly. The drug is active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

When should I take the medicine?

The drug "Furacilin Avexima"( effervescent tablets) is very popular today. Instructions for use indicate when the medication can be prescribed. A solution based on tablets is most often used to treat wound surfaces after operations, bedsores, first and second degree burns. The drug prevents the rapid multiplication of the infection, helps to avoid dangerous complications. Any cracks, cuts, abrasions can be treated with an antiseptic solution.

Must be studied before using the drug "Furacilin Avecsima" instructions for use. Rinse throat can also be performed using this medication. The solution helps to relieve the patient's condition with various forms of tonsillitis or stomatitis. The drug is used to treat mucous membranes with gingivitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc. The drug is dispensed without a prescription. It really is worth keeping in a home medicine cabinet.

Furacil Effervescent Avexime Instructions for Use Medication has a small list of contraindications. In rare cases, sensitivity to the active ingredient may develop, which will manifest itself as an allergic reaction. Do not use medication with severe renal dysfunction. The period of pregnancy and lactation to contraindications does not apply, however, before using the medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Method of use

The tablets are intended for solution preparation, the medication is only used topically. One tablet dissolves in five liters of water. The product is used for rinsing. The solution can also be used to perform antiseptic lotions on the burned places. A small gauze dressing is moistened in the prepared medicine and applied to the inflamed epidermis.

furacilin avexia effervescent tablets How does the preparation "Furacilin Avexim" be used in purulent processes? Instructions for use indicate that in such cases a more saturated solution is prepared. With purulent tonsillitis( angina), one tablet dissolves a glass of warm water. With this medicine it is recommended to rinse up to ten times a day in an acute period. As the condition improves, the amount of antiseptic procedures can be reduced.

Special instructions

Despite the fact that the preparation has practically no contraindications, it is not recommended to use it for self-treatment. Must be studied before using the Furacilin Avexim tablets. Instructions for use. Rinse will not give a good result, if the procedure is carried out from time to time. And if you make a concentrated solution, there is a chance of getting a burn of the mucous membrane.

The drug does not affect the ability to drive a vehicle.


What can I replace the drug "Furacilin Avecsima"?Instructions for use indicate that the medication is used for antiseptic treatment of inflamed mucous and wound surfaces. The same readings have a solution of "Mirasmistin".The drug has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. The medicine is not effective only for gram-positive microorganisms. Antiseptic solution is widely used for skin treatment for burns, as well as for complex therapy of angina, gingivitis, gynecological and urological diseases.

Furacilin Avexime Instruction for Use Rinse Chlorhexidine solution also has a good antibacterial properties. A huge advantage - a low cost of the drug( no more than 20 rubles per package).The drug is widely used to treat the hands of medical personnel before surgery or diagnostic manipulation.

Comments on the use of the drug "Furacilin Avexima"

The instruction for use describes when to use the medication. Along with this, the reviews show that the antiseptic solution is widely used for other purposes. It is used for surface treatment in places where increased sterility( kitchen, toilet) is needed.

Furacilin Avexime Instruction for Use Rinse Throat Medication is also quite good in the main direction. Tablets "Furatsilin Aveksima" help to remove pain in the throat, accelerate the healing process of wounds. However, it is not necessary to exceed the dosage, otherwise there is a risk of getting a burn.