How to prevent gingivitis - possible causes and characteristics of treatment

Gum recession( recession) not only harms the aesthetic plane, but also threatens to lose completely healthy teeth. Not to mention that this is a progressive process, because over time it can capture the entire jaw. The cause of this condition is the destruction of bone tissue, which causes exposure of the roots of the teeth, because the gingiva is lowering. Treatment is discussed in this article.

omission of gum treatment

Types of

The recession of the gums can be classified according to the following features:

  • The degree of spread of the process can be localized( in one tooth), generalized( for several teeth), systemic( covering all teeth).
  • Light, medium( 3-5 mm), heavy( more than 5 mm) in severity.
  • This pathology can also be physiological, symptomatic, traumatic. Physiological recession of the gums affects patients who are more than sixty years old.

Reasons for the recession

To restore the gums, it is necessary to find the cause of bone tissue destruction, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective and eventually relapse will occur. The main reason is the anatomical location of the alveoli. If by nature the thickness of the alveoli is small, then, under additional pressure when cleaning teeth or taking solid food, it becomes even thinner. To aggravate this condition may be periodontal disease: gingivitis in the severe stage, periodontitis, periodontitis.

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desensitis of the gums

Inadequate hygiene of

The reason for the descent of the gums may also be the lack of proper oral hygiene. In the dentogingival pocket, the remains of food fall, which creates a favorable atmosphere for pathogenic microflora. As a result, the depression increases in size, the toxins that bacteria secrete, gradually erode surrounding soft tissues, including damage to the bone, which causes the gingival articulation. There may be other factors provoking the development of this disease. For example, improper brush movements when brushing teeth that damage the gums, as well as using an old brush or toothpaste with the presence of a large number of abrasive particles. With the help of dental floss, you can also provoke this condition.

How to treat the descent of gums, it is interesting to many.

Abnormal structure of

In addition, there are cases of abnormal structure of the oral cavity or teeth, as well as an incorrect bite. Cervical or basal caries, the presence of bad habits( smoking, habit of gnawing nails).Also as a provocative factor may act hormonal failures in women, age changes in the elderly, a lack of vitamin C and poorly fitted dental structures.

The causes and treatment of gingival dysfunction are often interrelated. omission of gums

Basically, the disease affects the front incisors and canines, but in some cases premolars suffer. The depth of the descent of the gums can be up to seven millimeters. After eliminating the cause that caused the descent of the gums, go to the next stage of therapy, the result of which should be the raising of soft tissues to cover the roots of the teeth.

Symptoms of the disease

With the initial stage of omission of the gum, it is almost impossible to determine it. Especially if there are no painful sensations and gums do not bleed. In this case, dropping by two or three millimeters is imperceptible. But you need to contact the dentist if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Reducing the gum level by three to five millimeters or more.
  • Full or partial exposure of the root of the tooth.
  • Teeth began to react to hot or cold.
  • Carious formations on the roots of the teeth.

All this indicates the descent of the gums. What to do? Causes of gum causes

Treatment of

To begin with, quit smoking. It's no secret that smoking is the source of many health problems. But in this case we are interested in exactly the consequences that arise from smoking in the oral cavity. Tobacco has a strong effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth, which causes the descent of the gums. How to raise?

If there is piercing in the mouth, then it must be removed. Metal trinkets not only harm the teeth, but also cause problems with the gums. Decoration in the tongue or lip will constantly graze the gum and eventually there will be an omission in this place.

Where to go?

At the first sign of recession, you need to contact a dentist who will inspect and prescribe appropriate treatment. There are several techniques that allow you to bring the oral cavity in order. Often use the method of lateral flap. It consists in the fact that healthy tissues from the sky are moved to the damaged areas, but the whole problem is that when the jaw is almost intact, such a method is difficult.

Collagen membrane

In parallel with surgical intervention, doctors prescribe a course of medicines. The advantages of this method can be attributed to the fact that the effect of treatment is visible immediately and the return of the disease( with the prevention, of course) is unlikely. It is possible to use a collagen membrane. It is installed on the cortical plate of the alveolar process for the regeneration of tissues. After the membrane has completed its work, it is removed.

How to raise the descent of gums folk remedies, consider below.
omission of gums as a cure

To date, there are membranes made of absorbable material, but they are significantly more expensive for the price. As a result of the work of the membrane, up to 80% of gum tissues will be restored, the rest remains untreated. The most frequent option is, of course, drug therapy. This type of treatment allows you to activate the regeneration process by injecting enzymes that stimulate the growth of amelogenin( a tooth enamel protein).Gradually, the restoration of connective tissue and the roots of the teeth will begin. Simultaneously, the gums are treated with an enamel matrix designed to slow the growth of the disease. The result will have to wait a long time, but eventually the restored gums will look the same.

At the present time, most manufacturers produce a series of toothpastes and brushes specifically for the prevention of gum recession and other problems of this kind. Brushes at the same time are made in round form, which provides penetration close to the tooth roots, and new generation toothpastes contain an extract of medicinal herbs that help restore damaged gums. In order to enhance the effect of traditional methods, doctors recommend using the treatment with folk remedies for the descent of gums.

Folk remedies

Certainly, decoctions and infusions do not return the gums back, but they can reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of lesions. The first place, of course, belongs to herbal decoctions for mouthwash. Rinses are brewed from mint, chamomile, lemon balm, yarrow and other plants with anti-inflammatory effect, in the ratio of one tablespoon of crushed dry raw material to a glass of water. Then you need to boil for 15-20 minutes and cool the broth. Rinse after each meal.

In addition, doctors often recommend a tincture of propolis and roots of calamus. Prepare it individually and in advance, as the composition must be infused. Take 10 g propolis and pour them half a liter of alcohol, leaving in a dark place for two weeks. Roots of calamus crush and insist on alcohol as well as propolis. After two weeks, both tinctures are mixed in a one to one ratio and rinse three times a day after meals. Rinsing the oral cavity in this case has only an auxiliary effect, visits to the dentist and traditional treatment it does not cancel.
omission of gums treatment with folk remedies


With age, and for some other reasons, it is not possible to completely avoid gingivitis. But this process can be largely inhibited if you follow the recommendations of the dentist and follow the oral cavity. Proper oral hygiene prevents the formation of plaque, which is the main cause of gingivitis and other gum diseases. It includes: regular professional dental cleaning at the dentist, daily proper dental care( brushing your teeth twice a day) and using dental floss at home. This helps get rid of the plaque where the toothbrush can not help. For preventive purposes, doctors advise taking more liquid and soft food. But at the same time, solid food can not be completely excluded from the diet, as this leads to atrophy of the tissues. Food should be thoroughly chewed, this is a kind of gymnastics for the teeth, which strengthens the alveoli. What else to do with the descent of the gums?

Proper nutrition

If you do not have an anatomical predisposition to recession, proper nutrition in this case can play an important role in carrying out preventive measures of the disease. It is necessary to introduce into the diet as much as possible products containing vitamins E and C. They have antioxidant properties and contribute to the strengthening of gum tissues. These vitamins contain apples, celery, blueberries, black currants, citrus fruits, and broccoli cabbage. As we said above, you need to quit smoking, and also get rid of other bad habits. It's about the fact that you can not snap nuts with your teeth and drink a very hot drink. In addition to all this, if you have an incorrect bite and you are going to correct it, then you need to do it with the most gentle methods. And of course, you need to visit the dentist once a year for preventive purposes.

How to raise the descent of the gums, it is now clear. the descent of gums as a means of raising folk remedies

Correct tooth cleaning methods

Proper tooth cleaning is so important for the whole organism and for the oral cavity in particular, that we will pay special attention to this. It is believed that the best way to brush your teeth is to use the Bass method. With this method, the bristles are pulled a millimeter below the gum line and the plaque that is formed there is removed. In addition, such cleaning does not hurt the gums, but rather, they massage them. It is necessary to tilt the head of the toothbrush at an angle forming 45 degrees with the gum line. If you move in this order, the gums are not injured when cleaning. It is necessary to make careful circular motions with a brush. At one point, you must make at least twenty circular motions and only then move to other surfaces. Then you need to go to the chewing teeth, here you should do reciprocating brushing in the horizontal direction.