"Iberogast": reviews of doctors."Iberogast" for newborns: reviews

The drug "Iberogast" is a natural remedy able to relieve a person from abdominal pain, heartburn, increased gas production. It is used both in relation to the adult population, and for children, although the instruction says that the age of 18 is a contraindication. Today we learn whether it is possible to treat this remedy with children. And also find out what doctors think about this drug. Iberogast reviews

Properties of

The agent "Iberogast", which will be discussed below, is a phytopreparative used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The medicine eliminates inflammatory processes in the stomach, normalizes the tone of the whole digestive system, relieves the person from spasms. In this case, the agent does not affect the normal reduction of the walls of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Composition of the preparation

Iberogast drops include such components:

- Angelica roots, milk thistle.

- Leaves of lemon balm, celandine.

- Licorice root.

- Petals of a camomile.

- Leaves of peppermint.

- Iberis.

- Ethanol.

The product is available in vials of 20, 50, 100 ml.

. Country of origin: Germany.

The cost of the bottle( 20 ml) is in the range of 270-320 rubles. For a bottle with a volume of 50 ml, you need to pay about 500 rubles.

Iberogast for newborns reviews

Commendable responses of patients

The drug "Iberogast" reviews men and women who have been treated by him, for the most part positive. Here are the advantages seen in this medication patients:

- Naturalness of the composition. Many patients note that this drug contains no chemical components. The drug "Iberogast" consists exclusively of herbs, and this, in the opinion of men and women, is a huge plus.

- Wide range of applications. The medication really helps to cope with various problems of the gastrointestinal tract: spasms, heartburn, bloating, colic, gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc.

- Exposure speed. Iberogast drops receive positive reviews not only because of their excellent composition, but also, of course, for their effectiveness. Already a few minutes after taking the remedy, the condition of the patients improves significantly. And this is confirmed by the numerous responses of people in various forums.

- A pleasant remedy. Patients note that they take the drug without disgust. Droplets are actually easy to drink. Iberogast for children reviews

Negative responses of patients

Unfortunately, the tool "Iberogast" reviews receive not only laudatory, but also negative. True, their number is negligible compared to positive responses. People who did not like this drug, here's how to argue their point of view:

1. The drug provokes the appearance of allergies. In some patients, after the application of these drops, red spots appear on the body, coughing begins. It turns out that the agent "Iberogast" can cause an allergic reaction. But in principle, any medication can lead to the emergence of various side effects. Therefore, people who have a tendency to develop allergic reactions, should know that this medicine should be taken with care or replaced with another medication.

2. Expensive. Some patients did not get the price of the drug "Iberogast".The cost of this tool is really high, but for the effect, as everyone knows, you can pay. Moreover, the price of the issue is human health.

Iberogast reviews for babies

Doctor's responses regarding the use of drops in relation to adult patients

Iberogast medication doctors' comments about its use by men and women receive positive. So, gastroenterologists note that these drops have an anti-inflammatory effect, they perfectly clean spasms, normalize the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. The composition is the main plus of the drug "Iberogast".It is the medicinal herbs included in this medication that have a quick effect.

Positive feedback from parents about

The medicine "Iberogast" for children reviews from moms and dads gets mostly commendable. Many parents who, from birth, struggled with colic in their infants, note that before this drug many different means were tried. These were such medicines as Espumizan, Riabal, etc., but nothing helped them. And when the parents ran into the Iberogast remedy, their search for the best drug was over. Mom began to give these droplets to their babies, and a miracle happened: the kids soon stopped crying, the cramps quickly passed through them, the tummy did not hurt anymore, the ghazik went out without problems. Also, parents like the naturalness of this drug, because, in addition to herbs, there are no additives, chemical compounds.

Negative feedback from moms and dads about

Unfortunately, drops of "Iberogast"( for newborns do not recommend the use of the drug) are not only approving but also negative responses. The disadvantage of this remedy, according to some parents, is that alcohol is present in the composition. And this, in the opinion of moms and dads, is unacceptable, especially if it concerns babies. Also, the adult population notes that the instructions to the drug even indicate that due to the lack of clinical data, Iberogast should not be appointed to persons under 18 years of age. But why then do many pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists still prescribe this medication? The answer to this question you will find below.

drops Iberogast reviews

Positive feedback from

pediatricians The "Iberogast" remedy of pediatricians, gastroenterologists - receives ambiguous comments. Some experts recommend this drug, others criticize it and do not advise buying it. First, let us dwell on the supporters of this medication and understand why the "Iberogast" drops are acceptable for them.

  1. Effective result. Experienced doctors who repeatedly come across the fact that parents and children came to them to receive them, who had abdominal pain, colic, increased gas production, noted: no preparations such as Espumizana did not help to cope with the above problems. And it was necessary for doctors to appoint a medicine "Iberogast", as later moms and dads came and thanked for effective treatment.
  2. Naturalness of the composition. This is another plus of this drug. Although many parents emphasize the fact that the drops of Iberogast contain alcohol, but doctors rush to calm. After all, in fact, the dose given by a pediatrician or gastroenterologist to boys and girls is so small that for a single dose the child drinks up to 0.24 g of ethanol. This is a small amount, so parents should not even be afraid that the composition contains alcohol.
  3. No side effects. Children's doctors also did not miss this point. Due to the fact that the medicine is made from natural ingredients, the risk of unwanted reactions in children is minimal. iberogast reviews of doctors

Negative responses of pediatricians, pediatric gastroenterologists

But not all doctors are so positive about the use of the drug "Iberogast" in relation to children. Doctors who criticize this medicine also have feedback. Some doctors forbid the use of these drops, focusing on instructions. After all, it clearly states that it is forbidden to take a drug for persons under the age of 18 due to insufficient research data. It turns out that doctors are simply reinsured. Although the agent "Iberogast" in Europe is widespread, and in Germany, France it is allowed to take even infants( which is information in the instruction).And our domestic manufacturers for some reason forbid it to use.

Some doctors do not directly deny the possibility of using these drops, but they do not prescribe them. In their opinion, the best way to cope with colic and abdominal pain in children is proper nutrition, day and rest regime, and also a diet. These are the three components that will ensure the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


From the article you learned the composition, the cost of the drug "Iberogast", reviews. For infants, this medication should be used only after consultation with the treating doctor, because the opinions of specialists about this drug in relation to the children are divided. As for the adult population, the situation is unequivocal: gastroenterologists recommend this medication to treat various problems of the gastrointestinal tract in women and men.