Skvortsova-Stepanova Psychiatric Hospital: address, departments, reviews

Stepanova-Skvortsova Hospital in St. Petersburg is one of the oldest psychiatric institutions in Russia. Built in the 19th century, the clinic never changed its purpose. And today the main building of the clinic is also a place of attraction for connoisseurs of architecture.

The initiative of the Crown Prince

The Skvortsov-Stepanov Hospital was founded in 1870 on a personal initiative and with the funds of Emperor Alexander III.The project of the complex was created by the famous architect IV Strom. In the summer the first stone of the future clinic was laid, and in the autumn of the following year, in 1871, the consecration and the opening of the Charity House for mentally ill patients, designed for 120-130 guests, took place. The chief physician of the clinic was appointed the physician-physician A. V. Timofeev.

Originally, the hospital was intended for patients from the noble, spiritual and merchant classes. One year of treatment cost about 5 thousand rubles. Such contributions allowed the adm

inistration to purchase the best equipment and provide "mournful soul" with excellent conditions of stay - steam heating, home environment and much more. By the end of the 19th century, the number of places in the clinic had increased to 350, new premises had been added, but not wooden ones, but stone ones. Some patients were so guarded by their relatives that separate houses were built for them.

city ​​psychiatric hospital skvortsova-stepanova body for the ladies-in-waiting

Development of

In 1904 the hospital was expanded. Architect GI Lyutsedarsky designed and built two buildings, one for officers and the other for the lady's maid of honor. Today they represent unique and perfectly preserved architectural monuments of the Northern Art Nouveau. Lattices on the windows in the hospital did not set, but everywhere used ship glass, characterized by increased stability, not destroyed even from a bullet shot from a revolver.

In 1885 the hospital received a new complex of buildings, designed for 600 beds, where hosted patients. Supervised by the department of VF Chizh, and the content was released from the city treasury. All patients were ordinary citizens, so they did not have to count on luxuries. In 1919, both institutions were merged into a single Udelninsky psychiatric hospital, which later became known as the 3rd psychiatric hospital. In 1931 the clinic was given the name of II Skvortsov-Stepanov.

Since the foundation of the institution, the church of St. Panteleimon the Healer was opened in it. In 1929, it ceased to exist - the church was rebuilt for household needs. In 1937, medical-labor workshops and another building for patients were built on the territory. Replenishment of places for patients occurred in the late 60's - there were three new medical buildings with a total capacity of 240 beds. In the same period, 18 more branches were opened. Hospital Stepanova-Skvortsova could take up to 1,900 patients, but the real needs of the city were at the level of 3 thousand beds.

medical building of psychiatric hospital Skvortsova-Stepanova


With the onset of a new economic era in Russia, Stepanova-Skvortsova Hospital has not lost its relevance and, having managed to survive in the 90s, continues to be an advanced medical institution. Today the psychiatric clinic is one of the largest specialized institutions of the country. By the mid-90s, the Panteleimon Temple of the Healer was rebuilt on the territory of the hospital, along with the belfry and the tent. In 2007, beside the church, a bust was established for the founder of the clinic - Tsar Alexander III, lost during the Soviet period.

City psychiatric hospital Stepanova-Skvortsova, according to the comments of citizens, more like a certain settlement, so large and cozy territory. In historical buildings life is boiling, almost all of them are used for their intended purpose. The hospital unites 31 psychiatric departments. The total number of round-the-clock beds is 2075 units.

Who is served by the hospital

Stepanova-Skvortsova Hospital provides services to seven regions of the northern capital, including preferential treatment for the population( veterans of the Second World War, etc.) and teenagers from St. Petersburg aged 15 to 18 who suffer from mental disorders.

psychiatric hospital 3 skvortsova-stepanova

The daily flow of patients in the clinical and diagnostic department and the day hospital is about 2000 visitors. Annual service receives more than 2 million citizens. The staff consists of 1200 people, including 180 doctors, 10 social workers, 21 psychiatrists, 200 nurses and more than 200 junior medical personnel. The inpatient department works around the clock, patients are taken by ambulance.

Stepanova-Skvortsova Hospital is the base for several research institutes and higher school educational institutions. Within the precincts of the clinic, the average medical staff of psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg raises their qualification level. Doctors of the clinic tirelessly bring new in the possibility of treatment and create products for medical and technical purposes, some of them outperform in their characteristics world analogues.


City hospital No. 3 Skvortsova-Stepanova has the following specialized departments:

  • For teenagers.
  • Somatic-psychiatric( assisting patients with concomitant somatic pathologies).
  • Day hospital.
  • Geriatric somato-psychiatric.
  • For patients with HIV infection.
  • Infectious somato-psychiatric( treatment of mentally ill with somatic diseases, including those with HIV infection).
  • Department of resuscitation and intensive care.
  • Clinical and diagnostic department.
church next to a psychiatric hospital


Psychiatric hospital № 3 named. Skvortsova-Stepanova is equipped with the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The clinic has a serological, clinical, bacteriological laboratory, functional diagnostics, and an x-ray room. Treatment of patients provides medical services:

  • gynecological;
  • otolaryngological;
  • traumatological;
  • surgical( including operating room);
  • neurological;
  • therapeutic;
  • endocrinological;
  • phthisiatric;
  • dental( including orthopedics);
  • is urologic;
  • dermatological;
  • neurosurgical;
  • Ophthalmic.

Help is provided in specialized rooms - exercise therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, dietology, etc.

Positive feedback

GPU Skvortsova-Stepanova( hospital) reviews with positive reviews received from patients who have been treated in different departments of the clinic. Visitors to the day hospital talk about attentive doctors and nurses, normal conditions in wards and common areas.

male body in the psychiatric hospital skvortsova-stepanova spb

Patients agreed that highly specialized psychiatric institutions are necessary. A person with a nervous breakdown, depression gets a full medical and professional help from a psychotherapist, overcomes his problems and can not just control his condition, but he knows why it arises and how to deal with it.

Patients with more severe forms of mental illness, destroying addictions in the form of alcoholism or drug addiction, and their relatives, also respond positively to the institution. Almost all patients considered that the Skvortsov-Stepanov Hospital gave them the opportunity to return to normal life. The departments for these categories of patients are more strict, but eventually the disease can be defeated and often for good. Of course, no one wants to be in the "mourning home", but it's impossible to live with the disorder of the psyche.

boiler room in the psychiatric hospital Skvortsova-Stepanova

Negative feedback from

A lot about the Stepanova-Skvortsov hospital and negative reviews. In general, patients who underwent inpatient treatment expressed negative opinions about the clinic. In the reviews there are stories that the ambulance often sends people to the clinic who do not need psychiatric help. But at the same time, everyone who is brought to the hospital on an ambulance is held in closed offices for at least one month, even if the diagnosis is not confirmed. In the clinic, strict discipline and no less strict treatment of patients. Many considered that the conditions of stay border on the prison, up to the penal system.

In addition, former patients wrote that in some departments almost adequate people are placed in one ward with violent patients. On impressionable personalities, such a neighborhood has a negative impact, despite the fact that their state is already unstable. Many complaints about the average and junior medical staff. There are charges of violence, blackmail and evasion of their duties. Some patients wrote that all occupational therapy consists of performing cleaning work - for a qualitative washing of the sexes and cleaning the wards, the nurse can give out cigarettes or sweets.

Some former patients believe that doctors specially prescribe a large number of medications to ensure that the departments are calm and do not have to communicate with patients more often than once a day. Many claims to nutrition - there are stories that it is simply not enough for all patients, and transfers from relatives often disappear. Complaints to the administration about the arbitrariness of junior medical personnel do not give any results, as reported by former patients, on the contrary lead only to repressive measures against those who wrote them.

wooden building of the 19th century, psychiatric hospital Skvortsova-Stepanova

Useful information

The inpatient department and the hospital take patients around the clock. Reference information can be obtained by phone, contacting at any time the hospital Skvortsova-Stepanova. Address of the institution: highway Fermskoye, building 36A.

Visiting of patients by relatives and friends is allowed from 09:00 to 17:00, on Fridays from 09:00 to 16:00, a temporary or one-time pass is required to enter the territory. Medical services on policies OMS clinic does not provide.