7 hospital. Maternity hospital at 7 GKB.Maternity hospital № 7, Moscow

Almost every woman in life faces the question of where to give birth to her child. From this choice will depend the fate of two people at once - mother and baby. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the availability of modern equipment and the professionalism of the staff of the clinic.

Maternity hospital № 7 in Moscow refers to the medical institutions of the capital with a high rating among residents. Here, the most comfortable conditions for patients stay are created and professional obstetricians and gynecologists work.

Where is the

Maternity hospital № 7 is located at the former city hospital number 7. Since 2015 this institution has been renamed into the clinic named after. SS Yudina. Immediate address of the maternity hospital № 7: Kolomensky travel, 4.

7 maternity hospital

You can get here by metro - Art."Kashirskaya".Then you need to transfer to fixed-route taxi No. 220, 820 to the stop with the same name with the clinic. The hospital works around the clock.

Maternity ward

Women come here from the hospital's reception room. The maternity ward is located on the second floor of the clinic and is divided into 14 boxes. In each of them there are equipped halls with all the necessary equipment and a constant supply of oxygen.

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Thus, the equipment allows the doctors of maternity hospital № 7 to conduct:

  • partner births;
  • vertical;
  • is multicellular;
  • with a scar on the uterus after the first caesarean section;
  • with pain relief;
  • with pelvic presentation of the fetus.

There are modern multi-functional beds that allow a woman to take a comfortable pose during labor and relax. This method can significantly reduce pain.

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Also in the hall there are Jacuzzi baths with warm water. Pregnant women may spend some period during fights in them. Massage from water and heat help relax the muscles and calm the mother in childbirth.

The department has 3 operating units, where the cesarean section is performed, both planned and emergency. Here, the best equipment is installed to provide emergency care if necessary.

Obstetric department

For women in labor there are chambers for a joint stay with a child for 3-4 people. If the birth was without complications, then in 3 hours, mom and baby are transferred here.

7 Maternity hospital

The office is designed for a simultaneous stay of 70 people. There are several rooms with an increased level of comfort for 1-2 patients. They have their own bathroom.

In the normal state of health of a newborn and a woman, the stay here is for 3-4 days. During this time, mother and child are examined using ultrasound and laboratory tests. If necessary, the specialists from the city hospital are called for consultation.

Paid midwifery department

In maternity hospital No. 7, patients are allowed to stay in wards with a high level of comfort on contract terms. The department is designed for 30 people.

There are family rooms where one of the relatives is allowed to stay with the mother. In the rooms there is a shower, an electric kettle, a microwave oven, a TV, a comfortable changing table, a multifunctional bed for the woman in labor.

The cost of staying in this department includes a full-fledged meal of patients taking into account their preferences. Medical workers are on duty around the clock, who can help mother at any time to care for her child.

The specialists of the clinic help the mothers to initiate breastfeeding and can look after the baby while the woman is resting. Mom and the newborn during the stay here undergo a complete examination of the body.

Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation

There are experienced doctors who perform anesthesia during natural childbirth and inject patients with anesthesia during surgical interventions. All women in labor after a cesarean section are sent here for the necessary time to monitor all the vital functions of the body.

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When natural childbirth is more often used epidural anesthesia in the absence of contraindications to it in women. Thus, the mother in the most difficult period does not feel a lot of stress and pain. As a result, in the process of trying it comes with enough strength and in a normal emotional state.

Several types of anesthesia are used during caesarean section:

  • general anesthesia;
  • spinal;
  • epidural.

In normal operation, the baby is immediately applied to the breast of the mother, if she is conscious.

Department of newborns

There are babies who can not be with mom right after birth. In this department there is a children's intensive care unit. Here come the premature babies and those born with various pathologies.

The necessary equipment is installed here for round-the-clock monitoring of vital signs of children. There are modern facilities for artificial ventilation with an automatic mode of necessary parameters.

Premature babies are in special heated sticks with mattresses that mimic the conditions of finding the fetus inside the mother. In the department there are special lamps that help to cope with the jaundice of newborns.

There is a separate ward where there are babies who were born by cesarean section. They are here for a certain amount of time under supervision, until a woman is transferred from the intensive care unit to the joint room with the child.

Pathology of pregnant women

At the maternity hospital № 7 a department has been created where women are observed during the carrying out of the child with violation of their own health or fetus. There may be 40 patients at once.

Shared rooms can accommodate 4 people. In the paid rooms there is an increased level of comfort and is located here for 2 pregnant women. In these rooms there is a private bathroom.

While in the department, women undergo all possible types of diagnostics and laboratory tests. They are assisted in the form of drug treatment or physiotherapy.

If a critical situation threatens the life of the patient or the child, an emergency cesarean section is performed at any time of the day. Pregnant women come here in the direction of precinct gynecologists or by calling for an ambulance.

Maternity Hospital No. 7: Feedback from

On the Internet, there are many different comments about the work of the medical institution. Basically, women are satisfied with the qualifications and attitudes of doctors. Patients who gave birth under the contract, note a cozy atmosphere in the wards of maternity hospital number 7( photos shown in the article, it demonstrates) and a delicious and varied food.

7 maternity hospitals reviews

Women are satisfied with the possibility of staying with the baby right after delivery. Patients who were in the intensive care unit, noted the good attitude of medical workers and 24-hour care.

The parturients are pleased with the attention of the staff to sick children from the department of newborns. They note that neonatologists are inspecting babies every day, and nurses at any time of the day come to help women take care of newborns, especially for first-borns. And mothers can attend special lectures on this matter.

Negative feedback is found about the slow registration of patients in the ward of the maternity hospital at GKB number 7. Especially this trend is observed at night. And also a few negative comments about the unfair cleaning of nurses free chambers.