Kolpino, "European Institute for Family Health": doctors, services, prices, reviews

The European Family Health Institute is the first medical institution in the city of Kolpino, where doctors of various profiles provide assistance to the population. The institution was formed more than ten years ago and is still functioning. This article provides detailed information on the activities of this organization and its services.

"European Family Health Institute" in Kolpino: general information

Throughout the entire period of its activity, the specialists of the center sought to continuously improve the organization. In addition, they used all the knowledge and skills to ensure that the work of the clinic met the requirements of the international level. Employees of the organization try to use innovative medical equipment in their professional activities. This significantly improves the quality of services. The management of the clinic is responsible for the selection of personnel in the field of medicine. Doctors of the center regularly attend additional courses to improve their professional skills. Due to high-quality medical care and courteous attitude of the staff, the city's population has the opportunity not only to solve the health problems that have arisen, but also to significantly improve the emotional state.

colpino European Family Health Institute

The European Family Health Institute is located in Kolpino, on the Workers Boulevard, at No. 35. The organization operates seven days a week, from 9:00 to 21:00.

About the staff of the

institution Almost all the specialists who work in the clinic are doctors of the highest category and are constantly attending classes on improving professional skills both in the Russian Federation and in other countries. Many doctors are employees of the "European Family Health Institute" for more than ten years. European Institute of Family Health reviews There are few doctors of the highest category in Kolpino. Therefore, specialists are employed to work in the center, who are residents of St. Petersburg. The salaries of the clinic staff are quite large, and the selection criteria for staff are strict. Most doctors working in the center have certificates of higher education in various branches of medical science. Some specialists have diplomas that confirm their ability to use various methods of examination and therapy. In the "European Institute for Family Health" in Kolpino, doctors regularly participate in various conferences that are held at the clinic.

The following specialists work in this organization: Matveeva E. V., Lysova T. Ya., Radionov I. S., Umnov I. N., Bashkireva V. V. and many others.

Medical care and prices

In the city of Kolpino, the European Family Health Institute provides patients with medical care for various pathological conditions. European Institute of Family Health colpino boulevard of workers As directions of diagnosis and treatment can be listed the following:

  1. Therapy of cardiac and vascular pathologies.
  2. Help with diseases of the digestive system.
  3. Treatment of bronchial and pulmonary diseases.
  4. Help with pathologies of endocrine glands.
  5. Treatment of diseases of the female genital area.
  6. Therapy of pathology of the eye apparatus.
  7. Help with diseases of the ears, nose and throat.
  8. Treatment of pathologies of the nervous system.
  9. Therapy of bone disease.
  10. Help with mechanical damage.
  11. Carrying out of surgical interventions.
  12. Medical assistance at home.
  13. Consultations specialist for solving psychological problems.
  14. Stomatology.
  15. Surveys.
  16. Physiotherapy, cosmetology.

In the "European Institute of Family Health" in Kolpino, the prices for medical services are different. For example, a consultation with a gynecologist will cost 1100 rubles. Installation of a seal in the form of a paste in the tooth canal - 300 r. Examination of the ear with an endoscope costs 600 rubles. Consultation on the choice of vision correction - 500 r. Reception surgeon in the city of Kolpino( with the departure of a specialist at home) will cost 2500 rubles.

Cosmetic procedures

The clinic provides services for patients who would like to eliminate external defects of the face and body. As procedures that are offered in the cosmetology room, you can list the following:

  1. Skin tightening with the help of small doses of current. This procedure eliminates the age-related changes in the face, tightens its oval, removes stains, fights with acne and "orange peel".
  2. Stimulation of outflow of excess fluid from body tissues by the action of electric current. Eliminates excess weight and eliminates swelling.
  3. Cleansing of the skin of the face with the help of ultrasonic waves. Eliminates black points, coarsened upper layers of the epidermis, contamination.
  4. Cleaning of face and body with the use of chemicals( acids).Helps maintain the elasticity of the epidermis, get rid of acne, age changes.
  5. Injection of various drugs under the skin of the face or body. With this procedure, you can achieve a pleasant shade of the cover, get rid of stains, acne, wide pores and wrinkles, and improve metabolism in cells and the outflow of excess fluid.

European Institute of Family Health colpino doctors

Medical assistance at home

This service is provided for those patients who are not able to attend a medical facility. Some patients prefer medical care at home, because this takes less time than for a trip to the clinic.

Specialists of the center in Kolpino "European Institute for Family Health" usually provide a similar service to the following categories of patients:

  1. Families with small children.
  2. To the elderly.
  3. People who lead an active life and are too busy to spend time on a trip to the medical center.
  4. Patients who have an acute disease or pathology that limits their ability to move.

The specialists of the clinic also go to the house in case of need for any medical events, for example, injections.

Procedures for the rehabilitation of

The medical facility "European Family Health Institute" in the city of Kolpino is carrying out measures to restore the patient's body after mechanical damage, past illnesses, surgical interventions and long-term use of medicines.

European Institute of Family Health colpino prices Rehabilitation activities include the following:

  1. Massage procedures.
  2. Therapeutic diet food.
  3. Consultation of specialists in homeopathy.
  4. Acupuncture procedures.
  5. Therapeutic physical culture.
  6. Help with problems with conception( using modern technologies).
  7. Measures aimed at getting rid of excess weight.
  8. Therapy of various pathologies with the help of mineral waters and medical baths.
  9. Procedures using ozone.

Advantages of the organization

Speaking about the opinions of patients about the work of the medical center and the quality of service, it should be noted that many clients notice the significant advantages of the institution. The responses to the "European Family Health Institute" in Kolpino speak of such advantages of the organization as the high professionalism of doctors. Among the workers who are the most competent and knowledgeable of their work, they are called a children's dentist, a specialist in the laboratory research department, a gynecologist. Many patients say that they are her regular customers. Here is a cozy and friendly atmosphere. clinic European Institute of Family Health in Kolpino Some plan to continue using the services of the center, for example, to consult a gynecologist during pregnancy. Judging by the reviews, doctors treat their clients politely and attentively, and specialists in the treatment of childhood diseases can find the right approach to every child.

Disadvantages of the organization

Among the minuses of the clinic "European Institute of Family Health" in Kolpino is usually called the inadequately high cost of medical services. Some patients believe that the center's doctors prescribe too expensive medications and medical procedures for them. There were cases when clients of the institution were taking tests, they were diagnosed with certain pathologies and recommended therapy that cost a lot of money. Patients rechecked the results of the diagnosis in other institutions. It turned out that the tests were normal. Costly procedures outraged some clients of the clinic and forced to abandon its services.

There are also patients who are unhappy with the fact that this medical center is difficult to reach, there are some difficulties with the appointment.