Lyubertsy, "Institute of Health": address, prices and reviews

Health is the main value for any inhabitant of the planet, the luxury that everyone dreams to possess. Preservation and maintenance of this wealth is the task of workers in a sphere such as medicine. In every city in Russia there are many institutions where every citizen who needs medical help can apply. One of such organizations is discussed in the article.

"Institute of Health" in Lyubertsy, general information

This institution is a center for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Here doctors of different profiles carry out their professional activities. In this organization, procedures are carried out for the examination, therapy, recovery and prevention of pathologies. Here, each patient can get clear information about his physical condition. The clinic has all the necessary equipment for medical research: equipment for ultrasound diagnostics, tomography, X-ray room, laboratory for analysis and study of biological material. In this institution there are many highly skilled and experience

d doctors who provide assistance to patients of different ages with various pathologies.

The Institute of Health is located in Lyubertsy, on Komsomolsky Avenue, in house number 11 B.

Lyubertsy Institute of Health

About the doctor who played an important role in the work of the

clinic The gynecology department of the medical center "Institute of Health" in Lyubertsy is named after the famous professor and doctor Landehovsky Yu. DHe was convinced that the main task of any woman is the birth of children. Landehovsky conducted many successful surgical interventions, giving many women a chance to become mothers. Institute of Health Lyubertsy Komsomol prospectus This professor also performed surgery and therapy for serious pathologies of reproductive organs, for example, in tumors of the uterus. He is the author of several outstanding scientific works. His doctor dedicated himself entirely to his professional activities. He worked until he was old. In October of this year, in honor of the ninetieth birthday of an outstanding doctor, a solemn event was held in the clinic. And although Yu. D.Landehovsky is no longer alive, many women, whom he helped to cope with serious pathologies, remember him with gratitude.

Diagnostic base

The clinic offers a wide range of activities for the diagnosis of various diseases. Surveys are conducted with the help of innovative technologies, available at the Institute of Health in Lyubertsy. MRI is carried out on a high-quality apparatus manufactured in Germany.

Medical Center Institute of Health With its help, the examination is not only of the brain, but also of the musculoskeletal tissue. As other diagnostic procedures that are offered in the center, the following can be named:

  1. Examinations with the help of ultrasound and an encephalograph.
  2. Diagnosis using an endoscope.
  3. Different kinds of blood and other biological material analyzes.
  4. X-ray examination.
  5. Diagnosis of cardiac and vascular pathologies with the help of special equipment.

Directions of professional activity of the employees of the

Center The "Institute of Health" in Lyubertsy employs doctors who provide diagnostics and therapy services to both adults and under-age patients.

Institute of Health Lyubertsy Comments For children and people of transitional age, services for medical supervision, various vaccinations are offered. Also, small patients are treated with pathologies of the genitourinary system, heart, vessels, skin, musculoskeletal tissue, allergic reactions and nervous system disorders. Adult clients are given the opportunity to treat teeth, gastrointestinal tract, gynecological diseases. Women who carry a child can regularly go to the center for examinations and examinations. Adult clients of the medical center receive medical help in case of diseases of the skin, mammary glands, in the presence of cosmetological problems. Physiotherapy is carried out here. Various activities are offered in the room of cosmetology( skin lifting, correction of figure defects, piercing, treatment of acne on the face and so on).

As for the cost of services, the prices in Lyubertsy, in the Institute of Health, are very diverse. For example, a prick to determine the allergic reaction will cost 600 rubles, a gynecologist's consultation on the problem of menopause is 1700 rubles. Cleaning of the skin of the back costs 7500 rubles., Correction of cheekbones - 35000 rub. The massage procedure for the head will cost 700 rubles.

Positive characteristics of the institution

Residents of different regions of the capital of Russia seek medical help in this organization because it enjoys a good reputation. Reviews about the "Institute of Health" in Lyubertsy are different, but positive majority. This organization is characterized by the availability of a variety of diagnostic equipment of good quality. The atmosphere in the center is pleasant, the room is kept clean and tidy.

Institute of Health mr. Lyubertsy Polite and attentive staff work here, who know their business well. Some patients say that they consulted doctors in emergency situations( intense toothache, leg injury, and so on) and received highly qualified medical care. There are customers who visit the center with the whole family. The department of gynecology of the center enjoys a good reputation among a large number of clients. Indeed, it is with the help of doctors and the treatment that they assign to women, many of them can get the long-awaited chance to conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

Many of the advantages of the clinic are ideal cleanliness in the corridors and in the toilets, the presence of elevators, a good playground where the kids can play, waiting to see the doctor.

Disadvantages of the

Unfortunately, not all patients are satisfied with the quality of services rendered to them in the "Institute of Health" in Lyubertsy. There are visitors who are not satisfied with some nuances in the work of the organization. For example, some clients say that clinic doctors set too high prices for their services. Some clients are unhappy with the rude and impolite treatment of the center administrator and the negligence of this employee. There are patients who have experienced some difficulties in the preparation of a sick leave sheet in this institution.

Also to the disadvantages, some visitors refer to the fact that sometimes you have to wait a long time for your turn, although every patient has a coupon with the time indicated on it.