Children's polyclinic № 1 in Veliky Novgorod: address, appointment to the doctor, paid services

A children's polyclinic is an institution without a visit by any family with babies. They come here for preventive examinations, vaccinations, during illness, for making inquiries to various institutions.

Children's polyclinic No. 1 in Veliky Novgorod serves patients until adulthood. Children from the age of 15 can apply for medical assistance on their own.

Where is and how the

works The children's polyclinic No. 1 in Veliky Novgorod is located at ul. Timur Frunze-Olovyanka, 17/3.And also there are offices of district pediatricians at other addresses for convenience of visiting parents with young children:

  • ul. January 20, 14;
  • md. Krechevitsy, 79.

Polyclinic 1 Velikiy Novgorod phone

A medical institution operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.Narrow specialists and pediatricians conduct the reception until 15:00, in the evening there are doctor on duty who can provide qualified assistance to the child.

How to make an appointment for a doctor

The children's polyclinic No. 1 in Veliky Novgorod has a state patient registration program for visiting the necessary doctor. To get an appointment with a doctor, you can take advantage of several ways:

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  • through the site of the regional health department( 24 hours a day);
  • on a single portal of municipal services;
  • in Infomata, which is installed on the first floor of the clinic;
  • in the registry;
  • through the call center( from 8:00 to 10:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00).

In case the patient's condition worsens and threatens with complications, it is necessary to contact the medical institution directly. Here the reception will be contacted by the doctor on duty, and he will take a patient without waiting for inspection and assistance.

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Parents with children with disabilities are also accepted without an appointment in case the specialist has free time. Therefore, before visiting a doctor, it is better to contact the registry staff and specify at what time to come with the child to the reception.

Which specialists accept

In pediatric clinic No. 1 in Veliky Novgorod, in addition to paediatricians, they provide medical care and doctors with a narrow focus:

  • neurologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • Allergist;
  • immunologist;
  • Surgeon;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • ENT;
  • traumatologist, etc.

These doctors regularly improve their qualifications at various courses. The institution is receiving a doctor of vaccine prevention. He makes individual schedules of vaccinations for children with chronic diseases.

And also there is an endocrinologist who leads children with diabetes. He can get a prescription for insulin for the baby, if it is shown. This specialist leads children with thyroid dysfunction. To him parents who are lagging behind in growth or, on the contrary, are ahead of him address.


On Tuesdays, sick children are admitted in special boxes, where they do not have contact with babies under 1 year old and other healthy children. Parents with babies are invited monthly for a preventive examination by a pediatrician:

  • measurement of height and weight;
  • check of reflexes;
  • advice on household and nutrition;
  • routine vaccination.

polyclinic 1 in Veliky Novgorod

And also on this day, parents can make medical certificates for admission to the garden or school.

Paid services

Children's polyclinic number 1 on Timur Frunze( Veliky Novgorod) provides medical and preventive care on the basis of a separate payment to the cashier's office.

Thus, parents can carry out diagnostics or get to the necessary specialist, without waiting for a queue by recording. Frequently paid services are used by residents of the district, which are not registered there.

The medical facility also has a swimming pool where small patients can undergo rehabilitation after severe illnesses. You can find out the price of the procedures at the reception of polyclinic No. 1( Veliky Novgorod) by phone.

And also there pass necessary diagnostics without queue:

  • ultrasound;
  • X-ray;
  • laboratory tests.

Veliky Novgorod outpatient clinic 1

Prices for all services are on the notice board on the first floor of the establishment.

Children's annual service program

According to this proposal, parents can pay for the chosen option of monitoring the child by doctors, depending on his age. In this case, doctors will be required to monitor the health of the child throughout the year.

The program for children from 0 to 1 year includes:

  • monitoring the child from the moment of illness to recovery;
  • 18 pediatrician visits at home for a toddler examination;
  • planned examination at 3 months of the child by narrow specialists at home;
  • blood sampling at 3 months at home;
  • ultrasound of the hip joints, abdominal cavity, ECG;
  • vaccination in a polyclinic.

For children from 1 to 3 years old the action plan operates:

  • conducting the ill child;
  • 12 visits to the pediatrician at home;
  • blood collection at the age of 1.6 years at home;
  • examination by a neurologist and surgeon in a year and a half at home;
  • vaccination in a polyclinic;
  • examination by narrow specialists in a medical institution.

At the age of 3 to 15 years, its annual program operates:

  • from the moment of illness to recovery is maintained by a pediatrician;
  • 7 visits to the local doctor at home;
  • every 12 months, scheduled testing at home;
  • examinations by narrow specialists;
  • vaccination in a medical institution.

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The cost of such programs can be found in the registry of the medical institution. Polyclinic No. 1( Veliky Novgorod) also has a special service for managing children with chronic diseases that require a more frequent visit to the pediatrician.

These guys are registered, and their health is monitored by the doctors attached to them. These children are examined semi-annually by all narrow specialists and take the necessary tests.