Where is it cheap to take tests in Moscow?

Every person has faced in his life with the need to take tests or pass different kinds of research.10-15 years ago, this procedure took a lot of time and effort, we had to defend first the direction for the direction to the municipal polyclinic, then go to the laboratory. Today anyone can quickly and without loss of quality conduct a study in any of the private clinics. Only in Moscow there are more than a hundred such institutions, today we will consider the most popular of them, we will find out where it is inexpensive to take tests in the capital.

where it is inexpensive to take tests

Actuality of the problem

Over the past 20-30 years, life expectancy in Russia has increased several times. This fact is connected not only with improving the material well-being of citizens, but also with the assertion of a new trend towards prevention. People have learned to monitor themselves and their body condition, to visit the doctor on time, and not wait until the last and hopes for a miracle. Because the question is so urgent where it is inexpensive to take tests. People come from different levels of life in the laboratory, so the clinics try to establish democratic prices to attract clients.

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The delivery of tests allows you to more accurately know the diagnosis, and therefore to prevent or in time to stop the development of the disease. Today, independent medical laboratories offer different types of tests:

  • blood;
  • urine;
  • feces;
  • biopsy.

Bacteriological and microscopic examinations, tomography, X-ray, MRI, etc. are carried out. The availability of one or another category depends on the capabilities of the clinic and the availability of the necessary equipment.

Review of laboratories for the delivery of tests in Moscow

Free medicine is not always able to give every citizen the opportunity to pass this or that study. Because many people turn to private laboratories. Their advantages in the individual approach, the lack of queues, and hence time saving. The disadvantage is the price. In the capital, the cost of a full survey can be tens of thousands of rubles.

In our article we will consider popular clinics and laboratories where you can make inexpensive tests in Moscow. Such statistics will allow us to deliberately approach the issue of conducting research at different levels and find the best solution even in such an expensive city as Moscow.

"Invitro": services, prices, schedule

The network of independent medical institutions under this brand has been successfully operating in Russia since 1998.During this time, their branches appeared in all major cities of the country. The centers are also located in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In Moscow, the offices of the Invitro Laboratories are located practically in all districts of the city. The branch "Invitro" in Nagatysnoye is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can find the schedule of visitors reception in other places on the company's website, as well as on the phone that is available there.

General schedule for taking tests:

  • taking samples of urine and blood: on weekdays from 7.30 to 19.30, Saturday from 7.30 to 12.30, Sunday the day off except for some branches;
  • issue of results: from 7.30 to 20.00, on Saturday from 09.00 to 15.00.

The Royal Clinic

The laboratory "Invitro" offers the service "analyzes at home", to call the doctor, you need to call the general telephone number from 09.00 to 17.00.The cost of basic services:

  • general clinical blood test - 315 r.(with manual microscopy -1020 r.)
  • analysis for sedimentation rate of red blood cells - 315 r.;
  • analysis of feces - from 340 rubles;
  • urine test - from 220 rubles;
  • study of sperm - from 570 rubles;
  • cytological studies - from 845 r.;
  • for platelets - 240 r;
  • detection of hereditary diseases - from 6800 rubles;
  • study on the mapping of alloimmune antibodies - 700 r.

The full list of services and their cost is indicated in the price-list of the company. For urgency, an additional charge is required. The management of the medical center regularly holds promotions and practices discounts for certain days or for the whole family. At the moment, there is an action for CT scans, a discount of 15%.In addition, upon passage of any type of study, the patient is entitled to a 50% discount on admissions to a doctor of any qualification.

"The Royal Clinic"

The multidisciplinary medical center "Tsarskaya klinika" offers treatment, examination and rehabilitation services in many areas. Blade is located almost in the center of the city at ul. Profsoyuznaya. 58 K. "Tsar's Clinic" works without days off, breaks and closings for holidays, schedule: on weekdays from 09.00 to 21.00, Saturday - from 10.00 to 21.00, Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00.

The list of popular tests with the indication of the cost of the service:

  • total protein - 470 r.;
  • urea in the blood - 260 r;
  • analysis for the content of amino acids by 16 indicators - 3215 r.;
  • rheumatoid factor - 490 rubles;
  • cholesterol HDL-300 r;
  • blood glucose 250 r;
  • the general analysis of urine - 290 r.;
  • total blood test - from 300 to 600 r.;
  • Calculation of platelets - from 300 r.

In addition, the "Royal Clinic" offers comprehensive analyzes for the content of vitamins( from 5000 to 15 000 rubles), complex genetic studies, on histocompatibility, allergic components and much more. There are actions on various medical programs, such as diabetes management, diagnosis of abdominal cavity diseases, detection of myomas, as well as diagnosis for women after 50 years.

Лаборатория "Вера" Москва


Citilab is one of the largest medical networks in Russia, today it has 241 centers in various regions of the country and diagnostic laboratory buildings in 7 largest cities. In Moscow, the Citilab labs are located at the following addresses:

  • ul. Marshal Chuikova, 12;
  • Khoroshevskoe Highway 90;
  • Str. Mitinskaya, 48.

More information about the schedule of work, the scheme of travel and the cost of services can be found on a single phone number available on the official website.

List of assays in Citilab:

  1. Biochemical blood test:
  • for enzymes - from 240 to 490 rubles;
  • substrates - from 240 to 750 rubles;
  • protein exchange - from 260 to 300 rubles;
  • carbohydrate metabolism - from 250 to 670 rubles;
  • lipid exchange - from 250 to 2950 rubles.

2. Urinalysis:

  • total protein - 210 rubles;
  • general analysis - 350 rubles.

3. Hormonal research: thyroid gland, sex hormones proteins, growth hormones, stomach markers, adipose tissue and others - from 500 r.up to 1500 r.

The laboratory "Citilab" conducts genetic studies on predisposition to oncological and other diseases. In addition, it is possible to undergo biopsy, immunological and bacteriological studies of any level. Also conducted in the "Citilab" tests for the identification of DNA, the definition of kinship or a system of genetic risks. The clinic is often referred to by families planning children or IVF.

Citilab tests


The network of branches "Hemotest" covers all regions of Moscow and many cities of the Moscow region. The company's website provides a virtual map showing all the centers and laboratories of the network. According to consumer reviews, analyzes and prices in "Hemotest" are suitable for citizens with any income, the management practices a system of discounts for corporate and regular customers.

To get advice on services, as well as make an appointment at the nearest office, you can call the information phone. Call within Russia is free. The clinic is open from 07.30 to 19.30.

The list of popular analyzes and prices in "Hemotest":

  • histology - from 2500 to 5200 r.;
  • research on allergens - from 650 to 5500 r.;
  • biochemical analyzes - from 260 rubles;
  • the general or common analysis of a blood - from 90 r.;
  • analysis for genes - 900 r.;
  • diagnosis of anemia - from 360 rubles;
  • test for hormones - from 550 rubles;
  • tests for hepatitis - from 550 r.

There is a discount card in the clinic, bonuses are collected by all family members, the maximum discount is 15% of the service cost, 1 bonus is 10 rubles. Pay bonuses can be up to 50% of the cost of analysis and research. Also, the clinic offers discounts to patients younger than 25 and older than 55 years with the provision of a document confirming the age.

"Miracle Doctor"

The multidisciplinary clinic "Miracle Doctor" provides medical services in different directions. For 16 years, the institution's specialists have been successfully working in the Russian market. Here, complex treatment of organs and systems is carried out, doctors of different qualifications take the lead, carry out instrumental and laboratory studies. Also, the clinic uses non-standard approaches to the treatment and prevention of certain diseases: hirutherapy, ozone therapy, manual therapy and osteopathy.

Today the clinic "Miracle Doctor" conducts the following studies and analyzes:

  • general blood test - 430 r.;
  • on reticulocytes - 210 r.;
  • blood type and Rh factor-450 r;
  • total blood protein - 140 r;
  • determination of blood glucose - 140 r;
  • cholesterol - 140 r.;
  • migolobin - 1370 r.;
  • analyzes for the presence of inorganic substances - from 140 to 4000 rubles;
  • general clinical urine analysis - 340 r;
  • hormonal studies - from 1440 rubles;
  • biopsy - from 2200 r.

The clinic is located at the addresses Moscow, ul. School, 11, etc. 49. Work schedule: on weekdays from 07.30 to 21.30, on Saturday from 8.30 to 20.00, on Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00.

Laboratory Niarmedic

"Chromolab": services, cost, schedule

Laboratory "Chromolab" in Moscow since 2004 engaged in medical care, the founder of the research center was one of the scientific staff of RNIMU him. Pirogov. The management focused on conducting highly accurate and complex analyzes and studies. For 13 years of work the clinic managed to acquire regular customers and good reviews among professionals.

Today, "Chromolab" is already an international center where medical developments are being conducted jointly with other countries. Particular emphasis is being placed on clients who want to practice a healthy lifestyle, as well as those who want to abandon bad habits. The clinic is located at Kaluzhskaya Square, 1, metro station Oktyabrskaya. All the detailed information can be found by calling the numbers on the institution's website.

Today the laboratory "Chromoloab" offers the following cost of medical tests:

  • general clinical tests - from 190 rubles;
  • biochemical blood tests - from 90 to 1000 rubles;
  • biochemical study of urine - from 60 p.;
  • hormonal studies - from 280 rubles;
  • studies on mineral metabolism - from 1244;
  • determination of mineral-vitamin complexes of blood - 2400 r.;
  • bacteriological studies - from 650 r.

It is possible to order complex analyzes at a significant discount. The final price depends on the type of biological material, the necessary equipment and the complexity of the study, the process can take from 1 day to several weeks. When ordering a service on the official website, there is a 5% discount, as well as promotions for pensioners on Victory Day, May 9.

Hemotest assays and prices

Laboratory "Vera"

Laboratory "Vera" in Moscow conducts research on 850 different indicators. The clinic is equipped with modern foreign-made equipment. The clinic offers home-delivery services for the collection of material, and courier delivery is also possible.

The following tests and prices are presented in the laboratory:

  • bacteriological studies - from 550 to 800 rubles;
  • biochemical blood test - from 200 rubles;
  • hematology - from 400 rubles;
  • determination of blood hormones - from 400-500 rubles;
  • diagnosis of drug content - from 250 rubles;
  • immunology - from 290 to 5000 rubles;
  • parasitology - from 600-800 rubles.

If you are looking for inexpensive tests, contact the Vera Medical Center. It is located at Moscow, Tsvetnoy Bulvar, 22, page 4, schedule: on weekdays from 08.00 to 18.00, on weekends from 09.00 to 15.00.


The network of medical clinics "Niarmedic" is in many areas of Moscow. The clinic offers services in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The company cooperates with large insurance companies, if desired, the client can conclude a contract for the provision of services for the whole year at a good discount.

Laboratory "Niarmedic" conducts tests for pregnant women, children, on the detection of genetic or oncological diseases. Cost of services:

  • biochemical blood test - for protein exchange - from 290 rubles;on the exchange of iron - from 350 rubles;on substrates - from 290 rubles;
  • hematological studies - a general blood test - 470 rubles;
  • allergological investigation - 620 rubles;
  • tests for hormones - male and female - from 570 rubles;on the markers of the pancreas - 660 rubles.
  • tests for infection - from 470 rubles.

The clinic also offers prenatal diagnosis for pregnant women. The study of the fetus's condition allows early developmental anomalies to develop and take timely measures to eliminate them.

"Dietrich Medical"

The modern medical laboratory "Dietrich Medical" was opened in 2005.Today the clinic conducts more than 1000 studies in accordance with international standards and rules. Accounting and registration of materials occurs automatically thanks to the system of chipping. On the official website, anyone can get an online consultation and find out the prices for services.

Today, Dietrich Medical offers the following analyzes and studies:

  • hematology - from 195 rubles;
  • biochemistry - from 180 rubles;
  • immunochemistry - from 390 rubles;
  • oncomarkers - from 400 rubles;
  • allergology - from 390 to 30 000 rubles;
  • bacteriology - from 440 rubles;
  • diagnosis of infections - from 200 rubles;
  • parasitology - from 340 rubles;
  • urine analysis - from 200 rubles;
  • analysis of feces - from 990 rubles;
  • spermogram - from 690 rubles.

If it is not possible to come to the center for the delivery of biomaterial, the clinic offers a home service. Cost of services: within the Moscow Ring Road - 990 rubles, within 30 km from MKAD - 1490 rubles. Detailed information can be found by phone numbers available on the official website. An application for a doctor's home can be filled in the same place, indicating the type of tests and address of residence.

Клиника "Чудо доктора"

General recommendations for the preparation for analysis of

To ensure that the indications of the studies are as accurate as possible, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the physicians in preparation for the analyzes. Below we list the basic rules of behavior before visiting the laboratory depending on the type of biomaterial:

  1. Usually, blood is taken in the morning, it is important that the body was as rested and free from foreign products and substances. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the following rules:
  • do not smoke for two hours;
  • blood collection must be preceded by ultrasound, physiotherapy or an X-ray;
  • for 2-3 days is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol, fatty foods, it is worth to abandon physical exertion;
  • the last meal should be 4-6 hours before the material is taken, food can affect the state of the blood cells;in some cases, the doctor can prescribe fasting for 12 hours or more.

Water does not affect the indicators, so non-carbonated water can be drunk without restriction.

2. When collecting urine for hormonal and biochemical studies:

  • to exclude alcohol from the diet, it is forbidden to smoke;
  • it is necessary to pass tests not later than 6.00 am on an empty stomach;
  • collection of material should occur in a disposable container purchased at a pharmacy, otherwise inaccurate indicators are possible;Keep the jar at +4 +8 ° C.

3. Preparation for sperm research requires the following preparation:

  • should purchase a new sealed container in the pharmacy;
  • on the jar indicate information about the patient's name and surname;
  • before taking the test it is necessary to adhere to sexual abstinence within 3-7 days;
  • do not consume medicines, overcool or warm up.

4. Preparation for stool examination includes the following rules:

  • biomaterial should be submitted to the laboratory on the day it is received;
  • for 3-4 days should abandon laxatives or enemas;
  • in infants, you can not collect feces in diapers, only in specially washed and ironed rags or sliders.

All these recommendations are general, more detailed instructions are given by a specialist depending on the situation and type of research.

invitro laboratory

Why you can not choose cheap offers

Everyone is looking for inexpensive tests, compares prices, services, reviews. This is normal practice, since we do not want to be deceived and get a substandard service. You need to compare the cost, if by comparison you notice a significant and unjustified difference in price, this is an occasion to think about the adequacy of this clinic. A low price for research can talk about the following facts:

  • lack of modern equipment, manual analysis;in some cases, this practice can lead to serious omissions and incorrect diagnosis;
  • cheap or counterfeit equipment - the accuracy of such studies is also questioned, the results may be completely unexpected and false;and there are situations when you can not hesitate for a second, and the correct way of treating the patient depends on the way of his treatment;
  • replacing complex and costly tests with alternative methods that do not give half the accuracy of proven methods;especially since all equipment must be regularly checked and calibrated, which also costs a lot of money;
  • is one of the most dangerous phenomena in cheap and unknown medical clinics - it is saving on the biomaterial fence;there were cases of re-use of disposable syringes and other instruments.

But all these facts are rather an exception than the rule. Almost all medical laboratories want to earn the trust of their patients, therefore they try to have only expensive equipment and highly professional employees.