Zhanin, women's reviews are eloquent any descriptions

A modern woman solves a lot of problems on her own, among which is the way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Contraceptives today have special requirements. He should have close to 100% efficiency, solve other women's problems, do not take up much space, ease of use and many other requirements. All this corresponds to the drug Jeanine, firmly won its position in the market of oral contraceptives.

The essence of its action lies in the fact that it suppresses ovulation by the action of micro-doses of combined hormones on the body. In other words, the production of the egg stops, because the body thinks that it is already in the early stages of pregnancy. The effectiveness of oral contraceptives is recognized by doctors as the highest among other means of protection from pregnancy.

Many midwives - gynecologists about the drug Zhanin reviews leave most of the positive, since his high degree of protection and at the same time a minimal effect on the body earned their confidence. This is a new generation drug that does not change the hormonal background of a woman. Many are afraid to start taking oral contraceptives, because they are afraid to lose the opportunity to conceive in the future, and also to gain a large number of kilograms. When applying Janine, the side effects of this plan were not identified.

It should not be forgotten that this is still a medical product and can only be prescribed by a doctor after all necessary tests have been performed. This forethought is due to the presence of contraindications to its reception. Among them, diabetes, various thromboses, liver disease, migraine, an allergy to one of the components of Zhanin.

Reducing the effectiveness of the drug can be overweight women, smoking, drinking alcohol, frequent headaches. Oral contraceptive Jeanine positive reviews got quite deserved, as not only is one of the most effective ways of planning pregnancy, but also has a positive effect on endometriosis, which in turn is one of the causes of infertility.

Combined oral contraceptive Jeanine reviews is positive and because it does not affect the ability to conceive a woman after she finishes their appointment. Myths that pills lead to infertility have long been in the past. In modern gynecology, doctors prescribe this remedy to give rest to the ovaries for a while, restore the normal hormonal background and stimulate the body for the onset of pregnancy.

Many women received only iridescent remedies for taking Zhanin's drug, as it helped them cope with menstrual pains and regulated the cycle. Such an action in the majority causes delight, since menstruation begins strictly at a certain time, goes less than usual and without any ailments. Janine may well be the first oral contraceptive, since it contains a minimal dose of hormones that does not alter the woman's radically hormonal background.

For the same reason, it absolutely does not affect the weight. In the first months of admission, a woman will be able to notice some breast augmentation, a slight nausea or aching pain in the abdomen, which are the result of the adaptation of the body and pass very quickly. Do not forget that oral contraception does not save from sexually transmitted diseases, so its reception is justified only if the woman is confident in her partner.

A woman should not rely more on the man and the will of the case in matters of protection. Today she herself has the right to decide when and from whom she should have a child. She received a huge degree of confidence in the safety of sexual contacts with a trusted partner.