Professional blocker of calories PBK-20: instructions for use, composition, description and reviews

Extra kilograms bother many women. Ways to lose weight a lot. These are different diets, proper nutrition, exercise. If a lady can not lose weight on her own, PBB-20 is ready to help her. The instruction to the preparation says that it takes at least a month to achieve the effect.

What it is

PBK-20 is a biological supplement based on the fiber of pumpkin seeds. The drug cleanses the intestine, stimulates peristalsis, accelerates digestion, burns fat, stimulates metabolic processes. All this contributes to the active process of losing weight.

The modern market offers a huge selection of drugs for weight loss. Among them is allocated PBK-20.The instruction is attached and provides all necessary explanations for a stable weight loss.

Composition of the drug for weight loss

The composition of PBK-20 is completely natural. The instruction indicates such active components as cellulose of pumpkin seeds, natural sorbents, a complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for beauty and health.

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пбк 20 instruction

Pumpkin fiber helps to clear the gastrointestinal tract, has absorbent properties. Vegetable sorbents excrete viruses, microbes, allergens and unsplit carbohydrates from the human body. The drug contains natural pectin, which is a therapeutic enterosorbent. The complex of vitamins and minerals charges with force, relieves physical and nervous tension, raises working capacity.

Principle of operation PBK-20

The instruction promises quick and effective weight loss - up to fifteen kilograms per month. Bioadditive is referred to the new trends in dietetics. It is based on three main factors:

  • decrease in volume and portions of consumed food( cellulose fills a certain space in the stomach, which causes a feeling of satiety);
  • stabilizes digestion, including cleanses the intestines, removes constipation, removes harmful substances from the body;
  • saturates the body with vitamins and minerals, which gives energy, as a result of losing weight more and easier to move, are more likely to exercise, walk a lot.

There is no magic in the action of the drug, and the secret of effectiveness lies in the correctness of the selected substances, which push the body to lose weight.

пбк 20 user manual

With a pear-shaped figure, when a lady has narrow shoulders, a small chest and wide hips, the slimming process starts from the hips. With the figure "hourglass"( the upper and lower parts are the same in their parameters), the weight comes off evenly from all parts of the an "apple" structure the problem zone is the waist. It is she who first starts to build.

Rules for the use of the drug

The biological additive for weight loss is packed in 100 gram bags. Single dose is 15 grams of powder, which are bred in a glass of liquid( water, juice, mineral water, milk, kefir).Take the resulting solution should be half an hour before the main meal. This time is enough for the fiber inside to swell and occupy a certain part in the stomach. As a result, the feeling of hunger is dulled, there is no desire. At least three times a day, you need to take the drug PBK-20.

пбк 20 price instruction

Instruction for use reports that a single dose of a dietary drug is able to meet the human body's need for fiber by 17%.

Also, the specialists of the manufacturer during the weight loss process advise to adhere to the following menu:

  • Breakfast .Omelet of three chicken eggs with a piece of bread. Tea or coffee with one teaspoon of sugar. Plus one portion of the biological additive PBK-20.
  • Lunch at the .Any soup, you can and on fat broth. Vegetable stew. Two pieces of bread. Juice. Dessert of fruit. Half an hour before lunch, 1.5 servings of pumpkin fiber should be taken.
  • Dinner .Macaroni with steak. Salad.0,5 servings of the blocker of calories.

The course of dietary supplements is a month. The daily intake of the drug should be at least 25 grams per adult. If necessary, the course can be continued or repeated without interruption.

Advantages of using

The calorie blocker PBK-20( instruction for use notes that if you comply with all the rules and advice specified in it, the result will be) is a new and completely safe drug for weight loss. When it is used, a number of advantages stand out:

blocker calories pbc 20 instructions

  • is a natural stimulation of metabolic processes in the body, including those responsible for the breakdown of fats;
  • eliminating hunger, increased appetite, and at the same time reducing the amount of food consumed and its quantity;
  • improved digestion, biliary excretion;
  • rid the body of constipation, absorbing harmful substances;
  • removal of excess fluid due to stimulation of excretory renal system;
  • prevention of body fat;
  • charge the body with energy, good mood, which makes a person more mobile;
  • prevention of helminthic invasions;
  • lowering of sugar and cholesterol;
  • recovery and normalization of metabolism;
  • body support during hormonal, antiviral, antibacterial therapy;
  • rehabilitation of the microflora of the intestinal environment due to the presence of pectin, which protects the mucosa from the effects of various stimuli;
  • rapid decrease in body volume.

Indications and contraindications

The calorie blocker PBK-20( the instruction states that the drug helps to lose weight naturally, forcing the body to work more intensively) is suitable for all people who want to lose weight without special efforts. The drug does not have age and sex restrictions. Stimulates the process of losing weight by losing fat mass.

blocker calories pbc 20 instructions for use

Before taking dietary supplements should consult with a specialist, since the drug has contraindications. It can not be taken by children, pregnant and lactating women, people with allergies to constituents. Do not use the product in cases of individual intolerance of the components.

BAA is not recommended for persons with:

  • ulcer of the duodenum;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • low level of acidity of gastric juice;
  • with acute intestinal disorders;
  • gastritis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypertension;
  • violation of water-lipid metabolism.

Side effects during the use of the drug are rare. It can be a skin rash, hyperemia, itching, discomfort in the stomach and intestines.


price The instruction advises to consult a dietitian before buying a slimming remedy, because the price of the drug is rather large, and it will be a pity if it does not work.

Supplements can only be bought via the Internet. The price, depending on the site, ranges from 790 to 990 rubles per pack, plus 300 rubles for shipping. Tutu, as a rule, is enough for a week, and for a month it is necessary to use four packages. In this case, the total cost will vary within 4000 rubles.

professional blocker of calories pbc 20 review

Where you can buy the drug

PBK-20 in pharmacies is not for sale. It is not a pharmaceutical preparation, but a biologically active additive to food. Does not contain chemicals, but only proven natural ingredients. The drug should be purchased only on the official website of the manufacturer. First, buying a product elsewhere, it is very easy to run into a fake. Secondly, the goods from the manufacturer are slightly cheaper than from the reseller.

Reviews of women

A lot of positive feedback was received by professional BPC-20 calorie blocker. The recall of the woman's recall confirms the effective effect of the drug. They say that the weight goes slowly, in the first two weeks you can remove up to 4-8 kilograms. Well slender sides, not drawn to the sweet, noticeably reduced appetite. Many people find the taste of a pumpkin fiber unpleasant. Some are happy that you can lose weight without making significant efforts. They also note a good mood, cleansing the body, unprecedented ease and energy. For ladies who do not have time to play sports, and with weak willpower, the product for weight loss has become just a godsend. Without spending significant efforts, they were able to achieve results in the fight against excess kilograms.

пбк 20 in pharmacies

There is a category of persons to whom BAA is not suitable. They drank the drug for a month, and during this time they did not lose a kilogram, and some even recovered altogether. Women regret the money spent, because, hoping for the effectiveness of the means, they did not infringe on their nutrition and completely disregarded physical exertion.

Negative product reviews of pumpkin fiber are few. Most often it is noted that for the course you can lose 3-8 kilograms.