Prostate massage: harm and good. The correct technique of massage of the prostate

What is male prostate massage? This is called the effect on the prostate gland from the rectum. Massaging can be performed with a diagnostic purpose to take the secretion of the prostate. For therapeutic purposes, it can be prescribed to improve blood circulation and outflow of fluid from the prostate. Such recommendations can be given for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. In the syndrome of chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, this medical procedure is applied less often.

prostate massage harm and benefit Over 90% of the cases of the appointment of massaging the prostate are due to chronic prostatitis. Clinical, instrumental and laboratory methods are used to diagnose this disease. A comprehensive examination reveals inflammatory and stagnant phenomena in the gland. They, in the absence of pathological flora, will be eliminated under the influence of prostate massage.

The therapeutic effect of massage on the prostate

Prostate massage, the harm and benefit of it, the methods of conducting and recommendations are actively discussed by patients. However, he does not lose popularity among urologists andrologists. The therapeutic effect is explained by the following physiological mechanisms:

about the benefits and harm of massage is all about prostatitis

  • Normalization of venous and lymphatic outflow from the gland, leading to improved microcirculation in its tissues.
  • Restoration of patency of ducts of the prostate restoring the evacuation of secretions. This normalizes the functioning of the gland.
  • With adequate blood supply and lymph flow, the delivery of drugs to the cells is improved and the effectiveness of therapy is improved.
  • Massage increases the muscle tone of the prostate gland.

Positions used

By appointment of an andrologist or urologist, a prostate massage is performed. The harm and benefit of this manipulation can be due to the technique of its conduct. Massage is carried out with an interval of one day. The course of treatment consists of 10-15 sessions, each of which lasts 60-120 seconds. There are several poses for massage:

  • Knee-elbow. The patient is located on a couch or a low table. In this case, the support is placed on the knees and forearms.
  • Standing. The patient flexes in the waist at an angle of 90 °.To increase stability and reduce stiffness, the patient needs to provide support.
  • Lying on one side. In this case, the patient needs to pull his knees to his stomach.
  • Lying on the back with legs apart.
  • Self-massage can be used to sit squatting.

Technique of massage

In any of the listed positions it is possible to conduct massage of the prostate. The harm and benefit of this procedure depend on the correctness of its implementation. The sequence of actions for massage is as follows:

prostate massage at home

  • To perform the massage, you must wear a medical glove.
  • Lubricate it with Vaseline or other suitable remedy.
  • Enter the index finger in the patient's anus.
  • Evaluate the condition of the gland( size, shape, density, consistency, smoothness, etc.).
  • To assess the soreness of the prostate by gentle pressure on each part of the gland separately.
  • Perform massage according to recommended technique.

massage prostate gland benefit harm

Massage movements

The feeling of discomfort and awkwardness during the procedure led to discussions about the benefits and harms of massage. All about the prostatitis, as the most common indication for kneading the prostate, you need to know in advance in order not to doubt the validity of the manipulation. It is also important not to press on the iron with force, but to act on it gradually. The general direction of massage coincides with the location of the excretory ducts of the gland: from top to bottom, from the edges to the middle. It is better to massage the fractions in turn. Recommended movements for use:

  • . Funnel.
  • Eight-movement. They are oriented perpendicular to the isthmus connecting the lobes of the gland.
  • The procedure ends by massing the isthmus.

The intensity of the massage increases from session to session, while focusing on the patient's feelings.

Prostate Massage: Harm and Benefit at Home

Despite the significant positive effect that a patient can get, prostate massage is an unpleasant procedure. Patients try to avoid it. Passing sessions or refusing treatment leads to complications. There is a way to avoid embarrassment in the urological room. You can perform prostate massage at home.

The right technique in this case is of great importance. If it is carried out by a girlfriend or spouse, an unavoidable effect is an indispensable condition. To do this, you either need to get rid of long nails, or, wrapping a finger with a cloth or gauze, fix it with a fingertip. In this case, it is more difficult to feel the border of the gland, and the massage is done blindly. So the easiest way to injure the gland.

At home, the patient can completely relax and get a full prostate massage. In this case, you must not tolerate acute pain. Painful areas are massaged most superficially.

Massage should be performed with a filled bladder. After massaging the prostate gland, it is necessary to wash off its discharge from the urethra.

Effects of massage

Sensations after massage are strictly individual. They can be unpleasant. For example, discomfort and feeling of squeezing. There may be burning and sore in the urethra, which intensify during urination. Such feelings quickly pass, giving way to relief. If they do not go on for a long time, you need to see a doctor for treatment correction or massage techniques.

How to make a prostate massage yourself

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to massage in a medical institution. If no one can do it at home, sometimes patients resort to self-massage.

It must be understood that this is an unreasonable measure. Qualitatively make yourself a massage can be a unit. This is due to the anatomical location of the gland and the structure of the fingers. Doctors do not recommend this manipulation on themselves because of low efficiency. Carrying out the procedure on their own, patients do not receive medical treatment and lose valuable time. This can aggravate the course of the disease.


Prostate massage will be harmful or useful - depends on who it is applied to. There is an impressive list of pathologies in which it is contraindicated:

  • All oncological diseases.
  • Prostate adenoma.
  • Acute period of prostatitis( especially bacterial).
  • Retention of urine outflow.
  • Acute period of diseases of the intestine, genitourinary system.

Application of prostate massage in other countries

This method has been used for more than a century in medical practice. The initial point of application of massage of the prostate was the state, accompanied by a decrease in potency and libido. Later it was used for prostatitis and pain in the pelvic region.

prostate massage is harmful or useful

In 1968, in the United States, this method was excluded from treatment by the American Association of Urology. The reason for this measure was unproven efficiency. Later, European doctors came to the same conclusion. They also stopped applying prostate massage for therapeutic purposes.

Measures to exclude this manipulation from the standards of medical care in the West raise questions among the medical community in our country.

Prostate Massage: Harm and Benefit of

A debate about the positive or negative effects on a patient of a prostate massage is justified. Negatively the procedure can work in the following cases:

how to make a prostate massage yourself

  • Assignment is not according to the indications. If the patient has a pathology, in which the prostate massage is contraindicated, the procedure can not be performed. This can lead to significant complications.
  • Violation of the technique of conducting. If the recommendations on massaging are not observed, as well as the use of improvised means( especially for self-massage), injuries not only of the prostate, but also of other organs are possible.
  • The manipulation of bacterial chronic prostatitis can lead to the spread of the process beyond the gland. In this case, the inflammation can sweep around the rectal tissue, lead to the cracks in the anus, etc.

what is male prostate massage If you follow the indications for the appointment and follow the recommendations for implementation, it will be from such a complex procedure as prostate massage, benefit. Harm from it will be received at deviation from the rules. In connection with the importance of proper functioning of the gland, it is necessary to contact qualified specialists and follow their prescriptions in full.