Than to treat herpes?

Today, the most common viral disease is herpes. Up to 98% of the population is infected with it. However, not all manifest its clinical signs. Usually, the virus is infected in childhood.

People who still face characteristic eruptions are interested in how to treat herpes effectively. Today, for the treatment of the virus, mainly use acyclovir, although there are more modern drugs. Nevertheless, he has proved himself well, and he is not in a hurry to refuse.

Today, both ointments with acyclovir for topical use and systemic therapy with this drug are actively used. The treatment regimen depends on the course of the disease. If this is the primary episode, then it is one. If the herpes has a recurring course, then the doctor is guided by the appointment of therapy with frequency and severity of episodes.

Usually, along with antiviral therapy, even more immune medications are prescribed. It can be a natural medicine like Echinacea. However, interferon preparations are more often used, for example, viferon.

This is because herpes usually appears against a background of decreased immunity. On the other hand, he himself weakens the body. Therefore, after activation of the virus, protective forces need to be restored in order to reduce the likelihood of relapses.

More serious medicines can be used only after examination and consultation of an immunologist. Also sometimes folk remedies are used, which dry the sores.

However, the patient's question: "How and what to treat herpes?" Should be answered only by a qualified doctor. To prescribe to itself therapy it is impossible. The specialist will monitor the body's response to treatment and adjust the scheme.

People whose rashes appear on the genitals are interested in what to treat genital herpes. There are no principal differences in the drugs used. However, only local treatment in this case is ineffective, especially with frequent relapses.

Eruptions on both the genitals and lips causes the same HSV.But it is commonly believed that the genitalia affects type 2, and in the manifestations on the face is guilty 1. Although today more often genital herpes provokes HSV 1.

These viruses are especially dangerous during pregnancy. Primary infection of the mother often leads to infection of the fetus. In this case, the shorter the time, the harder the consequences. In the first trimester, even his death is possible.

Therefore, the treatment of herpes during pregnancy is necessary, but this requires great care. The fact is that systemic therapy with acyclovir is contraindicated. Only its local application is permissible and only after consultation with the doctor. In general, the treatment regimen and drugs should be selected only by a gynecologist.

Activation of the virus during pregnancy is also undesirable, but still not so terrible. This is due to the fact that the mother's blood already has antibodies to it. Therefore, the probability of infection of the fetus is much less, and the consequences are easier.

In addition, future mothers should strengthen immunity and avoid provoking factors. After all, pregnancy is already a difficult period for the body, the hormonal background changes and protective forces are depressed. Therefore, exacerbation of the virus during this period is not uncommon. To panic in this case it is impossible, and it is necessary to begin therapy.

Than to treat herpes to a pregnant woman, depends also on the period. After all, many drugs categorically banned in the first trimester, in 2 have already been resolved. It is generally easier to avoid than to be treated. Therefore, it is desirable for all women to plan pregnancy and be sure to be tested for herpes.

It is necessary to donate blood to antibodies, and also to examine smears from the genital organs by the PCR method. Even if there are no characteristic rashes, this does not mean that the virus is inactive. Today its atypical forms are increasingly being diagnosed.

So, we figured out what to treat herpes, and found out that therapy should be prescribed only by a doctor, especially during pregnancy. Also found out that the scheme depends on the frequency and severity of relapses, the localization of the process.