Acuvue - contact lenses for eyes( reviews)

Eye problems occur in almost every fifth person in the modern world. Someone prefers wearing glasses, someone - contact lenses. The advantage of the latter is comfort in wearing: you do not need to take them off, put on as often as glasses. But to choose contact lenses should be more carefully, because they are in contact directly with the eye. Some people experience different discomfort from the lenses, it happens that they even have an allergic reaction.

We suggest that you review the description and features of Acuvue contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson, a medical manufacturer.


Acuvue contact lenses have long been known in the United States of America. The first pair was released twenty-eight years ago. Since then, they are in great demand all over the world and have accumulated a lot of positive feedback.

One-day Acuvue contact lenses are designed to improve your vision without changing the color of your eyes( only if they are not colored).They help with myopia and hyperopia.

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The outer limbal ring of the lenses is slightly darker, which increases the contrast between the iris and sclera, while the inner translucent pattern adds a depth and brightness to the iris. That is, the color of your eyes becomes more intense and bright.

Features of Acuvue

contact lenses - Acuvue lenses made from Class A etofilkon have a rather high oxygen transmittance of 33%.

- Comfort. A moist pillow makes the lens comfortable for daily wearing. The surface of the lens is ultra-smooth. This means that the eyelids do not feel it at all and glide along it very easily. The percentage of moisture content is from thirty-eight to fifty-eight( depending on the type of lens).

- Protection from ultraviolet rays - the first class. UV technology helps protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. This is very good, because the organs of vision are ten times more sensitive to damage from ultraviolet radiation than skin.

- Health. Daily disposable contact lenses have a positive effect on the eyes. Unlike monthly and quarterly, they do not need to be cleaned every day and they do not accumulate different substances( after all, whatever solution you use, the lens will collect microelements and bacteria).You just use a new clean pair of these lenses every day.

Types of contact lenses Acuvue

To date, the Johnson & Johnson brand offers such a variety of contact lenses:

1. One-day Acuvue lenses( change daily, wearing period - no more than twenty-four hours):

  • one-day TruEyesmoothness of the surface);
  • one-day MOIST( suitable for people who are characterized by dry eyes, caused by individual physiological characteristics, specific work and so on).

2. Acuvue-lenses of repeated and long wearing:

  • "Oasis"( OASYS) - can be worn for two weeks, and continuously;
  • "Advance"( ADVANCE) - have a stronger UV protection filter, such lenses are suitable for travel and holidays.

3. Acuvue lenses for patients with astigmatism - MOIST for ASTIGMATISM( there are two types - one-day and long-term wearing).

4. Acuvue thin lenses: natural shine, natural shine.

5. Color lenses Acuvue 2, which completely change the color of the cornea( the lens is opaque).You can wear it continuously for a week or two weeks, if you take off the lenses for the night:

  • Opagues( available in a palette of seven colors: blue, green, gray, honey, walnut, chestnut, sapphire);
  • Colors Enhancers( the palette of lenses of this line consists of three colors: green, blue, turquoise).

Who is Acuvue suitable for?

One-day Acuvue lenses are shown to all people who have poor eyesight. They are especially relevant in cases when:

  • there are unpleasant sensations of dryness of eyes at wearing contact lenses of other firms and types: one-day, monthly, quarterly;
  • work is connected with spending a lot of time at the computer;
  • work and rest most often occur in a room with dry air;
  • gives preference to an active lifestyle and does a lot of sports;
  • user lives in a region with a hot climate.

Acuvue lenses. Reviews

For the great history of lenses Acuvue accumulated a large number of reviews. Having studied them, we can say with confidence that the circle of users is quite wide. Here are some examples:

- teenagers( adolescents);

- students;

- people with unregulated work schedule;

are people who spend most of the time in front of the computer.

Many people who use this optics, noted the following points:

  • lenses are not felt throughout the day, and some even forgot about their existence;
  • is fairly easy to use;
  • are indispensable on vacation, especially in hot countries;
  • can not be removed at night, just in the morning you need to replace it with fresh ones;
  • , after prolonged wearing and prolonged work at the computer, the eyes do not turn red.

In a large number of reviews it is said that people have been using contact lenses of other brands for a long time and they are not happy with something. For example, the fact that the lenses were constantly felt in the eye, they dried up, caused irritation and so on. After trying on the advice of a doctor lenses Acuvue, people were satisfied with them.

Of all the feedback left, the following advantages and disadvantages of Acuvue contact lenses can be highlighted.


  1. There is no feeling of sand in the eyes.
  2. The product does not feel at all on the eye.
  3. The lenses are elastic and soft.
  4. They're breathable.
  5. They have a high class of protection against ultraviolet rays, which eliminates the need to use other means of UV protection( for example, sunglasses).
  6. There is no need for a solution and a container for lenses. Of the necessary tools you only need tweezers.
  7. The number of bacteria and the level of contamination with the use of lenses are minimized.
  8. Suitable for people with hypersensitive eyes.
  9. High level of color transmission quality in color contact lenses.
  10. Ideal for a hot summer.
  11. The lens continues to remain functional for some time after exceeding the life-time limit, that is, more than twenty-four hours or two weeks.
  12. One package of contact lenses lasts almost two weeks( fifteen days).

Disadvantages of

  1. For those who only recently wear lenses, in the early days it will be a bit difficult to put them on and take off, since Acuvue is quite thin.
  2. If you compare them with long-wearing lenses( monthly or quarterly), then they are quite expensive.
  3. With prolonged continuous wearing, slight discomfort is possible.
  4. Due to the individual characteristics, the color portion of the contact lens may not completely cover the iris.

Wearing or not wearing Acuvue contact lenses, it's up to you. But we recommend to consult with your ophthalmologist before choosing a particular brand.