The drug 'Anaprilin'.Instructions

Most patients of the drug "Anaprilin" characterizes as a fairly effective and quick-acting remedy. The drug has antiarrhythmic, antihypertensive and anti-anginal action.

The drug "Anaprilin" instruction refers to the category of beta1 and beta2-adrenoblockers. The drug helps to reduce the automatism of the sinus node, it can slow atrioventricular( atrioventricular) conduction, and reduce heart rate. The drug, in addition, lowers the contractility and oxygen demand in the myocardium.

The drug "Anaprilin" reduces the formation of ectopic foci, the excitability of cardiomyocytes, has a membrane-stabilizing property, is able to increase the tone of the bronchi.

Medication has an antihypertensive effect. A stable antihypertensive effect is observed after the second week after the start of the therapeutic course.

The drug "Anaprilin" instruction recommends in thyrotoxic crisis, the syndrome of fear, essential tremor. The indications also include sinus tachycardia( with hyperthyroidism, including), unstable angina, stress angina, arterial hypertension. The "Anaprilin" medication is recommended for ventricular and supraventricular extrasystoles, tachystolic atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia. The remedy is used to prevent migraines.

The preparation "Anaprilin" does not allow for the prescription for metabolic acidosis, Raynaud's disease and other obliterating vascular pathologies, vasomotor rhinitis, acute heart failure, and deficiency of the second-third stage of chronic course. Not recommended means for arterial hypotension, weakness syndrome in the sinus node, bardikardii, atrioventricular blockade of the second or third degree, sinoatrial blockade.

The dosage regimen is set individually. Tablets "Anaprilin" should be taken orally. The initial dosage is 20 milligrams. The amount of medicine for one dose should not exceed forty to eighty milligrams. In a day it is not recommended to take more than 320 mg. Frequency of reception - two or three times.

The use of the drug may cause side effects. Among the negative manifestations of keratoconjunctivitis, visual impairment, hypoglycemia, exacerbation of psoriasis. Probably the appearance of allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cooling in the extremities, depression or agitation, sleep disturbance, headache may occur. As practice shows, these side effects appear in patients in rare cases. The most common negative reactions include muscle weakness, heart failure, bronchospasm, atrioventricular blockade, bradycardia.

The drug "Anaprilin" with extreme caution is prescribed during pregnancy. For two or three days before the proposed delivery, the medicine should be canceled. If necessary, take the product during lactation, feeding is stopped.

The withdrawal of the drug after prolonged use is carried out gradually. The patient's condition must be controlled by the doctor.

Anaprilin is administered with caution to a patient with diabetes mellitus, kidney or liver disorders.

If a patient has a pheochromocytoma, the drug is taken after the alpha-blocker.

Caution should be exercised for patients whose work is associated with potentially dangerous activities requiring high concentration of attention, clear vision and rapidity of psychomotor reactions.

Before applying the drug "Anaprilin" you need to consult a doctor and carefully read the annotation.