Non-Nicotine Cigarettes: reviews, instructions, photo

What is a non-nicotine cigarette? Despite the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle, there are still many questions related to their use. To date, nicotine patches, special cigarettes and pills have been actively used to combat smoking. They contain a small amount of narcotic, which is enough to level the breaking.

But this is not enough to maintain a sufficient level of the substance in the blood, which means that the body begins to get used to function without it, and the dependence is gradually weakening. However, non-nicotine cigarettes are a completely different principle of action, which we will now consider.

What is a herbal cigarette?

This is the most accurate definition, because such products do not contain a single drop of tobacco. Non-nicotine cigarettes in most cases look like ordinary products, although they can be made in the form of roll-overs, go with or without a filter. In fact, you can make them yourself. Because it's just dried herbs without the addition of tobacco, which are wrapped in tissue paper. Lovers can even buy a tube and stuff it on their own. A set of herbs depends on the preferences of the smoker.

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Doctors are slow to approve of non-nicotine cigarettes, as among plants there may be those that are capable of harming your health.

What is an electronic cigarette?

This is another helper for quitting smoking, however its effect is very different. Electronic cigarette contains a special container, when tightened, it gives out a portion of steam in which there is a dose of nicotine. Thus, the withdrawal syndrome is removed, and it is much easier for a person to postpone the first days after quitting smoking. And since the dosage of nicotine is significantly less than in conventional cigarettes, it does not get much harm to the body.

Varieties of herbal cigarettes

There are a lot of such products today, although they came to the Russian market relatively recently. Non-nicotine cigarettes with herbs form two large groups, each of which differs not only in composition, but also in its approach. If we talk about Indian cigarettes, then it is important to make the right choice. The fact is that there are two types. The first is traditional Indian herbal cigarettes containing a large number of spicy plants and wrapped not usually with paper, but with dried leaves, for example eucalyptus. Usually they consist of cinnamon and cloves, kalgan and basil. These cigarettes are many centuries, but today advertising has made them a novelty for getting rid of nicotine addiction. They are sold under the name of the non-nicotine cigarettes "Nirdosh".
non-nicotine cigarettes reviews

However, there is another kind of cigarettes, which are called bidi. They consist of tobacco plants, which are wrapped in ebony leaves. They are no less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and the percentage of resins in them is even higher. Such products do not have a filter and are often sold in the form of a hand-crafted scooter, which is tied with a thread. Specific flavors noticeably make them against the background of other cigarettes.

European herbal cigarettes

They come to the store in the usual container for us. On a kind these are usual cigarettes in a convenient pack with the filter. They are designed to facilitate the transition from the life of a person smoker, to the existence of a non-smoker. It is possible to carry a pack of cigarettes and a cigarette lighter, go out with colleagues to smoke, smoke after eating or in order to relax. There is one difference - cigarettes do not contain nicotine, so easy discomfort at first is provided. The filler mixture usually includes neutral herbs. This, as a rule, mint and thyme, sweet clover and elecampane, which have a light taste and aroma. It can not be said that they will make withdrawal easier, but psychologically the period of rejection of cigarettes will become easier.

Many smokers choose exactly the non-nicotine cigarettes "Profit".The reviews say that they taste very specific. That's why the next tightening will want to be done soon. Outwardly, the products are very similar to the most common cigarettes. They have a filter and are packed in a neat container, but there is no nicotine in them. In the composition there is oregano, thyme and sage. The taste is quite specific - very few people like to smoke hay. But it is these three plants that suppress an acute desire to make a tightening. There are two kinds of such products on the market - classic and line. Thus, the non-nicotine cigarettes "Profit" are divided into female and male. Their cost varies from 30 to 60 rubles.

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There is also such a brand in the market as "Tavolga".These cigarettes contain fragrant, fragrant herbs: horsetail, yarrow, motherwort, plantain, thyme, mint and eucalyptus. Also used are flavors: chocolate and vanilla. The cost is about 30 rubles per package, but the taste of this herbal collection is very original.

Another popular brand is Nirdosh, a non-nicotine cigarette. In their composition are medicinal plants, because of what the manufacturer claims about the health effects on the body. Physicians are categorically against such a rationale, because the products of combustion entering the lungs can not give a person anything useful. That is, the maximum that can be expected is that these cigarettes will not harm your health. So, in the composition of this product is turmeric and basil, cloves, Indian cinnamon. The fragrance from such a cigarette is much more effective than from an ordinary incense sticks. At the same time, it does not differ from an ordinary cigarette, except for a slightly different color. In general, it is a smoking inhaler, which contains no nicotine. Even the filter is made on the basis of plant components. The cost of these cigarettes is about 30 rubles per pack, that is, you start saving already at this stage.

Psychological effect of

Below we will talk about whether the non-nicotine cigarettes are harmful. In the meantime, let's consider how justified their use. Indeed, such smoking gives only psychological satisfaction. These products simulate the process as closely as possible, and with them the electronic cigarette can not be compared. It is practically a real cigarette with smoldering, smoke and real puffs.

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Every smoker knows that it is quite easy to overcome physical dependence on nicotine - just a few days of abstinence, and the body comes back to normal. But then psychological dependence begins to gain momentum. A man can not hold his hands while stopping while waiting for a bus, he reflexively looks for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter after lunch or during a break at work.

In this case, the non-nicotine cigarettes are ideal. Reviews say that, despite the unusual taste, these products help to resist the temptation to smoke. Best if you get as much work as possible. So you distracted and will suffer less. And if in the evening you are in a smoking company, then a herbal cigarette will help you maintain the general atmosphere and not break.

Benefit or Harm

This is a question that has no unambiguous answer. On the one hand, the body no longer receives nicotine, and this is an indisputable plus. A smoker can safely part with his usual cigarettes, because at the most difficult moment it will help herbal. However, the opinion of doctors and manufacturers of these non-nicotine analogues is very different.

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Companies that manufacture such products insist that it is completely safe and even with prolonged and regular use can not harm a person. Some go further, assuring the consumer that smoking herbal cigarettes is an ancient tradition, a ritual that not only does not harm, but on the contrary, heals the body. However, we are inclined to believe more doubts of doctors.

What can harm a herbal cigarette?

There is really no nicotine in it, but is this component only harmful to cigarettes? On any pack you can read that there are gums in the composition. We are glad to confirm that herbal cigarettes are no exception. Depending on the composition of the resin content can be much higher than in conventional products. In addition, carbon monoxide and combustion products, which penetrate directly into the lungs, can not be ignored. Therefore, cigarettes without a filter are especially dangerous. The composition of herbal cigarettes is not subject to strict control, therefore, it may significantly differ from what is indicated on the package. It is possible that any component may not suit you or cause irritation.

Secondary Addictive - Myth or Reality

Psychologists are well aware of such a phenomenon as sublimation, that is, the replacement of one object, feelings, sensations with something else. Approximately the same thing happens here. A person replaces one addiction to others, perhaps a little less harmful, but does not get rid of dependence completely. Usually things are even worse. A person buys phyto-cigarettes in order to quit smoking, and as a result gets psychological dependence on them. That is, these products are not a panacea. Their function is only to help make the first and difficult step in quitting smoking. You can use these cigarettes only as a last resort and with a very strong need. In the rest of the time you need to occupy yourself, to distract from thoughts of smoking.

Practical experience of smokers

Indeed, you need to ask those who have already tried on their own non-nicotine cigarettes. Reviews of these people are ambiguous, apparently this option is not suitable for everyone. As users say, the contribution of herbal cigarettes to fighting smoking is questionable. They do not eliminate neither the process of smoking, nor the need for it. That is, judging by the numerous reviews, a phytosigarette can become an assistant in an emergency situation, when you already feel that you give up, and there is no other choice. However, you will need to discard all the usual cigarettes, but hide the herbal ones for an emergency. At the same time, prepare for disappointment - the phytosigarette will not relieve nervous tension, but will only intensify the desire to completely give up smoking, since it has an unusual taste.

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Summarizing your experience, smokers say that even if you gradually move from conventional cigarettes to herbal ones, you still can not get away from the very ritual of smoking. At the same time, there is a risk that the transition link in the form of phyto-products will become another habit, the need to breathe in smoke. Soon this will only strengthen your addiction to smoking. In addition, phytocigarettes do not eliminate the withdrawal syndrome - about the same success you can use lollipops or chewing gum, ascorbic acid and other popular methods.

How to use the non-nicotine cigarettes

At first glance, everything is very simple - he struck a cigarette lighter and inhaled a fragrant smoke. But you quit smoking, do not forget? So you need to do everything to make such rituals as small as possible. Have you already seen non-nicotine cigarettes on sale? Photos show products of the usual form, only with a different content. If the desire to smoke is not too strong, manufacturers recommend getting a cigarette, sniffing it and, without lighting, bring it to your mouth, simulating smoking.

Only if the desire becomes unbearable, you can safely set fire to it. But in this case, try not to inhale the smoke, but only fill them with the mouth cavity. Particularly interesting in this respect is the brand "Tavolga".Non-nicotine cigarettes of this series produce seven varieties, for example, "anti-stress", "control of appetite" and many others. You can choose the one that suits you best.


The best in the modern market is considered to be nicotine cigarettes "Nirdosh".Feedback from former smokers suggest that if your desire to quit smoking is strong enough, then they can help. To throw a pernicious habit it is necessary as follows: first replace half of the smoked cigarettes with non-nicotine, then one per day reduce their number. However, this sparing method has its contra-indications. These include pregnancy and lactation period, as well as cardiovascular diseases. It is not recommended to use non-nicotine cigarettes for persons under the age of majority.

Summing up

Non-nicotine cigarettes are not a panacea for smoking. In any case, you need to make the most effort to get rid of the addiction. But this is the way to hold out in the most difficult situations, when the hand automatically follows the cigarette. If you are able to tolerate, then it is better to do so. However, if there is a choice between the usual and phytochemicals, then it is better to choose the second option. This will give you a chance to continue the path to getting rid of addiction.

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Do not forget that phytocagarettes are not harmless, which means they can not be used all the time. This is only a temporary measure, and if possible, try to reduce the time of application of herbal cigarettes. The most important thing is to remember your goal, because you want to first get rid of the habit that costs you health and well-being. And for this, any means are good.