Irrigation Donfeel: review of the best models, specifications and reviews

The company Donfeel, founded in Russia, has been producing dental equipment for 10 years. Irrigators of this brand are in great demand and popularity due to the ideal ratio of affordable price and high quality.

Reviews about Irrigation Donfeel will be discussed in this article. irrigator donfeel

Features of

models The device has a pressure power control function, with which it is not difficult to select the most suitable mode for cleaning the oral cavity.

The large volume of the reservoir provides a continuous and continuous supply of medical fluid or water jet to the oral cavity.

The Donfeel irrigation kit includes special nozzles for the care of teeth, dentures, gums and implants.

The device works from an electrical network, the cord is strong and long.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The Donfeel oral care device has a number of advantages:

  • The large volume of the container holds a lot of liquid.
  • Irrigator practically does not make noise during operation.
  • The streamlined body of the device allows the hand not to slip during the procedure.
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  • The set of the device includes standard and additional attachments, providing soft care for teeth, dentures, gums and crowns.
  • Irrigator is waterproof. irrigator donfeel reviews

The following issues are related to the manufacturer's faults:

  • The device is not connected to the water supply.
  • Nozzles can not rotate.
  • The manufacturer did not provide an automatic shutdown function.

Donfeel OR-820D Compact

This model of Irrigation Donfeel is very convenient, inexpensive and not inferior to many analogues in its functional properties. Also, the compact shape of the device allows you to save space in the bathroom or take it with you on a trip.

In the configuration of this model has provided a special compartment for storing replaceable attachments, which allows the device to be more portable and compact.

The device can work in 10 modes, which, undoubtedly, helps to regulate the power of water pressure and choose the most optimal option.

The irrigator is turned on and off with a light finger, that is, the appliance is simple and intuitive even for the child.

A set of numerous attachments allows you to care for the mouth as effectively as possible, gaining access even to the most remote corners of teeth, tongue and cheeks. irrigator donfeel or 840

The head of the jet formed by the device does not exceed 0.8 mm, which allows water or medical fluid to penetrate into the spaces between the teeth, and the tip of a special shape allows creating the effect of cavitation( microbubbles).

This irrigator can be used by all family members, especially it is shown to people suffering from dental and gum problems.

Irrigator Donfeel OR-840 Air

Irrigator of the mouth is a unique innovative device designed for cleaning the mouth and gum massage. The device is not inferior to toothbrushes, balms, flosses, pastes and many other preventive subjects.

The pressure of the water jet at 680 kPa allows to wash off the remaining food particles and the bacteria of the interdental space that were previously inaccessible to ordinary hygiene products. This model can be used both individually and with the whole family. Irrigator is a very necessary item for the therapy and prevention of such ailments, as periodontitis, gingivitis, lysis of bone tissues. Also, the device is indispensable when wearing braces and other orthodontic structures. donfeel or 820m irrigator

This model of Irrigation Donfeel has very compact shapes and an automatic timer, which allows measuring the time intervals necessary for a qualitative cleaning of the oral cavity from bacteria and plaque. Hydromassage will help improve the tone of gums and improve blood microcirculation. This device is an excellent preventive device in the fight against bleeding gums, it gives wonderful sensations of freshness and cleanliness in the mouth. In the kit there are 4 nozzles, which ensure high-quality cleaning of even the most remote corners of the oral cavity.

Consider the irrigation agent Donfeel OR-888.

Donfeel OR-888

Before use, you should read the instructions carefully and consult a doctor, as there are contraindications.

Features of this irrigator expands the set of spray nozzles. This model has a universal design that allows you to clean and rinse your nose. Irrigators of this series, in comparison with many nasal preparations, are not addictive. These devices have a large number of options, which makes it possible to use them as a means of preventing catarrhal diseases.

The long-term operation of the device provides a virtually non-wearing electromechanical part. The control process of this model is facilitated by the presence of one special button. Irrigators of this series have a compact form, which makes it convenient to use and store them. The body is made of high quality plastic, which provides good protection of the mechanism from various negative environmental influences.
donfeel or 830 irrigator

This equipment consists of several parts, which allows it to be easily washed and disassembled. For operation, the irrigator is connected to an uninterruptible power network with a voltage of 220 W.Due to the presence of rolling bearings in the hydraulic pump, the apparatus is of high quality. The equipment is very convenient due to the fact that it allows smoothly adjusting the liquid flow.

Irrigator Donfeel OR-830 ​​

Reviews confirm that this model is stationary and very reliable, provides quality oral care to all family members. None of the modern dental tools can be compared in efficiency with irrigators. This model is the leader among the huge variety of products on the market.

The Donfeel OR-830 ​​irrigation cavity reservoir has a volume of 1 liter, which allows for several complete oral hygiene sessions without replenishing the fluid. This model allows you to very smoothly adjust the power of the pressure of the jet( 80-680 kPa), which helps to choose the most optimal mode for the device.

As a component of a special cleaning solution, it is recommended to use specialized firm rinses and balms. Do not use soda, chemical ingredients, herbal tea or toothpaste. After the application of the solution, which includes special rinse aid, the irrigator must be driven through 200 ml of purified water to prevent contamination of the unit.
irrigator donfeel or 830 reviews

Irrigators of this series contain 7 baits in the kit. Such a variety of attachments can satisfy the wishes of not only all family members, but also use the device in solving special dental problems.

An additional option of this model is the availability of a special nasal nozzle designed to wash the nasopharynx for the prevention of colds.

Built-in option

Also the irrigator is equipped with a special built-in option that allows using the ultraviolet rays to disinfect the nozzles that are stored under the side cover of the instrument case. When the control button is switched to UV mode, an ultraviolet lamp is switched on, which is located near the nozzles and their quartz occurs. This disinfection should be carried out for seven minutes once a week.


Reviews about Irrigators of the oral cavity Donfeel are only positive. The main advantages include a low price, compact forms, the presence of many attachments in the kit. Also, many people like the function of adjusting the desired head of the liquid jet. People note that after the procedures in the mouth there is an unsurpassed feeling of freshness and purity. The device allows you to easily reach and clean those hard-to-reach interdental spaces, where there is no access to other dental hygiene products. Especially often people buy compact models of irrigators, which allows them to take with them on trips.

Summing up

Let's briefly describe the most popular models:

  • Irrigator Donfeel OR-820 M compact in its kit contains not only the standard nozzles, but also the paradontal and orthodontal. There are also various devices for cleaning the tongue and implants.
  • The Donfeel OR-840 Air Irrigator has an automatic timer that allows you to measure the time interval necessary for the quality removal of bacteria and plaque from the surface of the teeth.
  • The device Donfeel OR-888 allows not only to properly care for the oral cavity, but also to do inhalations, to wash the nasopharynx. irrigator of the mouth donfeel reviews
  • The device Donfeel OR-830 ​​has an additional function of disinfection of nozzles with ultraviolet rays, which allows to destroy all microbes and bacteria.

Irrigators produced by Donfeel provide a very high quality oral cleaning, completely remove plaque on the teeth and prevent the development of various diseases of the gums and teeth.