Progesterone in men: the norm, pathology and effect on the body

For the normal functioning of the body requires not only vitamins and minerals, but also hormones. Some of them are very specific. To similar it is necessary to carry a hormone of pregnancy. However, as shown by numerous studies, there is progesterone in men. This hormone is also necessary for them. After all progesterone plays not the last role in activity of an organism both women, and men. What functions is the hormone

? What is progesterone for? The hormone in men and women is synthesized in the adrenal cortex, as well as in seminal vesicles. This substance takes part in the development of many important components for the body. In fact, this hormone is the precursor of other hormones. In other words, this is the building base, thanks to which the body forms cortisol, neurosteroids, testosterone and so on. In addition, progesterone affects nervous activity.

The effect of the hormone on the body of men

Many men have an estrogen level of about 50 years. As a result, obesity occurs, there is a decrease in sexual function, feminization of the figure and breast enlargement are manifested. The hormone progesterone in such cases affects the production of estrogen, inhibiting the process, and also preventing the excess content of this substance.

It is worth noting that from testosterone, men can develop forms that are capable of provoking the development of a phenomenon such as prostatic hyperplasia. In such situations, prostate tissue begins to expand actively. Often a tumor is formed. Progesterone in men plays the role of a blocker in the formation of hormonal forms of testosterone. In this case, the development of prostate cancer and their hyperplasia is prevented. progesterone is elevated in men

What is the effect of progesterone on the body of men?

Progesterone in men affects many processes in the body. This hormone has many positive effects, among which:

  1. Suppression of the active transition of testosterone and a hormone form that is dangerous to the body.
  2. Cautions for increased levels of estrogen.
  3. Strengthens bone tissue.
  4. Participates in the regulation of the exchange of liquids.
  5. Prevents the onset of cancerous processes in the tissues of the prostate. It is worth noting that in the treatment of such diseases, preparations containing progesterone are prescribed.
  6. The hormone controls the sugar content in the body.
  7. Supports libido.
  8. Improves sleep.
  9. Prevents the development of cardiovascular pathologies.
  10. Normalizes the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  11. Protects the activity of the brain.
  12. Improves skin condition.

What should be the level of the hormone

Is progesterone dangerous? The norm in men of this hormone should be from 0.3 to 0.6 nmol / l. If this indicator significantly increases or decreases by half, then this can affect the state of the body.

Minor deviations from the norm are almost invisible. Specific pathologies that can affect the level of progesterone, at the moment does not exist. However, there are a number of factors that cause deviations from the norm: the daily diet, lifestyle, climatic conditions, the development of certain diseases, and so on. progesterone is normal in men

If progesterone level is lowered

If progesterone in men is lowered and abnormalities are significant, a similar phenomenon can be caused:

  1. Presence of diabetes mellitus, thyroid hyperfunction, brain tumors.
  2. Erectile function.
  3. Inflammatory processes of the genital system: orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis and others.
  4. Abuse of intestinal and bile cleansing, diets in which the diet includes many foods with fiber and virtually no meat and fat.
  5. Chronic form of renal failure.
  6. Surgical intervention associated with the removal of benign pituitary education.
  7. X-ray examinations of malignant neoplasms.
  8. Removal of ovaries, torsion of the ovaries, which provoked tissue necrosis, prostate cancer.
  9. Prolonged intake of penicillin and anticonvulsant drugs, as well as preparations of "Danazol" or "Tsiperteron".
  10. Disturbance of the functions of the adrenal cortex. progesterone hormone in men

Symptoms of decreased progesterone

If progesterone in men is lowered, then symptoms characteristic of this phenomenon appear. Often there is a lack of appetite, increased fatigue, weight fluctuations, mood swings, problems in the genital area, and also increased irritability. With such deviations, men often have an explosive mood. He can break down, fall for no particular reason into a deep depression, psycho.

It should be noted that a decrease in the level of progesterone can trigger a decrease in the number of androgen hormones. This phenomenon is fraught with a violation of sexual desire and sexual functions. That is why it is important to conduct regular laboratory tests and monitor the level of the hormone.

If progesterone is elevated in men

Elevated levels of this hormone can also have a negative effect on the body. With this phenomenon often atrophy of testicles, as well as infertility, which is due to the violation of metabolic processes and malfunctions in spermatogenesis.

It should be noted that causeless depression and weakness are signs of increased progesterone. In this case, serotonin - the hormone of joy - is suppressed. Therefore, with deviations in men, a sense of joy and cheerfulness disappears. As a result, a person tries to compensate for such a shortcoming, often abusing alcohol or tobacco. progesterone in men is lowered

Symptoms of increased levels of progesterone

The main signs of such a deviation include a constant feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, nervous breakdowns, depression, sudden mood swings, headache, a tendency to fatigue, irritability. In addition, a man may have various visual disorders, acne, acne and other skin manifestations, lower blood pressure and so on.

It should be noted that an increase in the content of progesterone also adversely affects sexual attraction. In the last century, drugs that could enhance the production of hormones, were used to chemical castration of criminals. Their sexual desire as a result of taking such a remedy completely disappeared. level of progesterone in men

How to normalize

How to increase progesterone in men, and in some cases - to lower? To normalize the level of the hormone in the body, often resort to hormone therapy. To reduce the concentration of progesterone used a variety of drugs. They are prescribed only by a doctor, after a thorough examination. To reduce the production of the hormone leads to the taking of such drugs as "Leupromide", "Epostan", "Goserelin", "Ampicillin", "Cyproterone."

If the level of progesterone in men is lowered, then its concentration can be increased by taking medications such as Corticotropin, Mifepristone, Tamoxifen, Clomifene, and so on. how to increase progesterone in men

Can I do without hormonal drugs

Progesterone in men is most often normalized by taking hormonal drugs. However, it is not a secret that such medicines are unsafe. As a result of their reception, serious complications often arise. It is for this reason that many use the means of alternative medicine.

For the normalization of progesterone, preparations based on a plant such as a red brush are often used. It has many positive properties. It is worth noting that the plant is able not only to lower the level of progesterone, but also to save the man from adenoma and inflammation of the prostate. However, before starting therapy, it is recommended to consult a doctor.