How to know your weight without scales: all ingenious is simple!

Imagine that you were in complete isolation from society, and you urgently needed to weigh yourself. But the trouble is: there is no balance at hand."How to know your weight without scales?" - this thought will torment you from morning till night. While you do not dare to try an alternative method that will effectively correct the situation.

Wrist and 10%

With the help of the lightest trick, you can easily find out your weight by height. First you need to grab the left and right thumb of your left wrist with your right. If the fingers are joined into the ring freely, then you are an asthenic, that is, a person with a thin physique. Surely you know your height in centimeters? Then you can follow such an instruction on how to know your weight without scales. Calculate 10% of growth and take them away from the last 2 growth figures. For example, if your height is 170 cm, then 10% is 17. Now 70-17 = 53 kg. This is approximately and will be an indicator of how much you weigh. In case the fingers could not grab the wrist, then you are a hypersthenic with a massive physique. In this case, add 10% of growth to the last two digits. With an increase of 180 cm 10% will be the number 18;80 + 18 = 96 kg is a healthy mass for a large man.

Minus 5 from the waist

"Minus 5 from the waist" is not only a simple, but also a fairly accurate way of how to know your weight without scales. To implement this procedure, we need a centimeter tape and, in fact, your beautiful waistline. We measure the waist, let's say, it will be equal to 65 cm, now we use the magic formula "minus 5 from the waist", we get the number 60. This figure is an indicator of how much you weigh in kilograms. Also, if a person does not have obvious problems with obesity or excessive leanness, then a system that demonstrates the relationship between the girth of the wrist and the weight will work perfectly. You, of course, will be surprised, but really the number of a fourfold volume of the wrist is equivalent to the mass of its owner. If you see a 15 cm mark on the ribbon, you weigh 60 kg.

Cubes in a barrel

Such a method of how to know your weight without scales is more troublesome than the previous two. But it has its advantages, namely, incredible accuracy. For the experiment, use any empty capacity( barrel, for example), in which you can fit, and a bath filled with water. Put the barrel in the tub, climb inside and mark the level of how high the water has risen. Now get out and pour water into the barrel until the water around rises to the mark you left. It remains only to calculate the mass of water in the barrel, which will be equal to how much you weigh. This will be difficult, but you can go for a little trick. Let's assume that 1 kg = 1 liter. Take a measuring cup with a volume of 1 liter and gradually pour water out of it into the barrel. Do not forget to count the mugs. So, if after 48 such mugs the water rose to the cherished mark, then a miracle happened - you weigh 48 kg.

This is by no means all the existing methods of how to know the weight without scales. In extreme cases, it will be possible to use a partner on a swing, or contact an experienced farmer who can measure the weight of livestock by eye, or even better, to a psychic.