Why bleeding gums when brushing teeth: causes and treatment

Why does the gum bleed when brushing my teeth? If you are concerned about this issue, our article will be useful to you. We consider the causes of bleeding and several ways to combat this phenomenon.

why bleeding gums when brushing teeth

Mechanical effects of

In some cases, a bristle with a stiff bristle can become the culprit for bleeding gums during the hygiene procedure. Of course, healthy tissues should not react to this factor. However, some patients have too sensitive gums. Therefore, experts recommend that they use brushes with an average degree of rigidity.

It is necessary to perform the hygienic procedure correctly, neatly. Too zealous mechanical action can damage soft tissues and cause bleeding.

Removal of food residues with dental floss should also be performed carefully. Excess time to injure healthy gum tissue is undesirable. An open wound is the gate to infection.

bleeding gums when brushing teeth cause

Inadequate oral condition of

Another reason for the gum bleeding after cleansing the teeth is the banal failure to follow the rules for oral care. Untimely removal of the plaque leads to the fact that the pathogenic microflora begins to actively multiply, causing inflammation of the soft tissues. On the teeth are formed stones, pushing the edge of the gums. Simply put, the gate opens for the penetration of microbes into the body. All this can cause a person to bleed gums while brushing his teeth. If the process takes a regular course, you should immediately contact a specialist.

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after cleaning teeth bleed gums

Taking medications

Some drugs can provoke bleeding soft tissues. Basically, these are medicines, which contain components that dilute blood. In this case, this reaction should be indicated in the instructions. These drugs include "Aspirin", "Warfarin", modifications of heparins, "Clopidogrel".In principle, this situation is not dangerous for the patient. After stopping medication, the vascular system returns to normal.

Unbalanced Nutrition

Why does the gum bleed when cleaning teeth for those who often sit on different diets? The health of the body as a whole is directly dependent on a balanced diet. The vascular system reacts acutely to the lack of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, the diet should be only an experienced specialist. The lack of vitamins B, C, E, K immediately affects the condition of the gums. A person should understand that the manifestation of painful symptoms, swelling, or bleeding is the body's signal for help. Especially dangerous for us is the chronic vitamin C deficiency. This can provoke such a terrible disease as scurvy.

Orthopedic structures

If after the installation of the crown or bridge the gum bleeds while brushing teeth, what should I do? In this situation, the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon is clearly traced. Poor work of the orthopedist always brings a lot of problems to the person. If the edges of the crown are poorly adjusted, this leads to permanent trauma to the delicate gingival tissue. There are edemas, redness, unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​prosthesis installation. In such situations, you need to contact a specialist.


If the patient regularly notes that after cleaning teeth gum bleeds and swells, this may indicate the onset of a chronic inflammatory process. To diseases of the oral cavity include gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis. The regular nature of bleeding should immediately lead the patient to a specialist. After all, the disease must be diagnosed. Only the right treatment will solve the problem.

It should be noted that the inflammatory processes on the gums can quickly transform into serious diseases, such as periodontal disease. This ailment can not be cured. In some cases, the patient even loses his teeth. bleed gums while brushing teeth

Why is it important to contact a doctor in a timely manner? A person is not able to determine on his own why the gums bleed when brushing his teeth. Not always because the disease is localized in the mouth. The causes can be common ailments, for example: diabetes, immunodeficiency, vascular diseases. Therefore it is extremely important to seek help from a specialist. Only he is able to correctly diagnose the disease by examining the results of surveys.


Often, women who are preparing to become mothers, face the problem in question. During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes, it is under additional stress, there are violations or malfunctions in the work of all body systems. In expectant mothers, bleeding gums often bleed when brushing teeth. How to treat? It is enough to apply to the dentist to exclude the presence of diseases of the oral cavity. If everything is normal, then after the birth, bleeding gums itself will pass.

bleeding gums when brushing teeth what to do

Bleeding the gums when cleaning teeth: treatment with medications

So, if the problem in question has brought you to the doctor's office, it's already good. The first thing the expert will perform is an examination, will prescribe an examination and make a diagnosis.

If inflammatory diseases of the cavity are found, the doctor will prescribe medication. Before the beginning it will be necessary to carry out professional cleaning of teeth. The specialist should remove the hard plaque in order for the treatment to lead to a positive result.

Then the doctor selects a complex of preparations: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, antiseptics and vitamins. Today often use lincomycin hydrochloride, drugs "Levomycetin", "Olazol", "Sumamed", etc. These medicines are classified as antibiotics.

A special gel or ointment is mandatory for complex therapy. Antimicrobial drugs will help to remove swelling, reduce the manifestations of inflammation( "Holisal", "Kamistad", "Metrogil denta").The active substances of this group of medicines are able to penetrate only into the mucous membrane, without touching the bone tissue. It is for this reason that they are prescribed as the main agent only in the treatment of weak inflammatory processes.

In some situations, the specialist additionally prescribes antiseptics or epithelial preparations( Solcoseryl, Actovegin).They are effective in cases when the inflammatory process leads to the disintegration of tissues or is accompanied by stomatitis.

In addition to medical treatment, the specialist recommends that the patient balance the diet. If he does not have the opportunity to consume the necessary food in sufficient quantity, it will be rational to start taking a course of vitamins and microelements.

bleeding gums when brushing teeth how to treat

Hardware treatment

Modern technology can effectively combat gum disease. With the help of special preparations, you can carry out a deep cleaning of the periodontal pockets. They also contribute to the improvement of tissue regeneration. It is these features that make hardware treatment popular.

Devices can effectively combat various periodontal diseases. Thanks to them, the doctor removes even very hard dental calculi, removes the granulation tissue from a pathological dentogingival pocket.


This technique is used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes. In moments of exacerbation it is not prescribed. The specialist in certain situations recommends the patient a set of procedures.

  • Soft tissue massage. It is carried out manually or by means of a special apparatus.
  • The method of darsonvalization is prescribed in the absence of inclusions of pus in the area of ​​the gingival pockets. There is an effect of current on the affected areas. As a result, blood circulation is normalized.
  • The vacuum therapy method involves the use of special pumps. The device is aimed at the artificial rupture of surface capillaries. In this case, a hematoma is formed. At the time of its resorption, the body activates regenerative abilities.

bleeding gums when brushing teeth

Traditional methods of treatment

Rinsing with decoctions is always topical if bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. The cause of the phenomenon must undoubtedly be established. Experts do not recommend self-medication.

Often, doctors after professional cleansing themselves prescribe treatment with the help of various applications from decoctions of medicinal plants. Or, a simple rinse of the mouth will help to eliminate bleeding. We suggest taking a note of several recipes.

  • Chamomile flowers have excellent anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. In order to prepare the broth, you need to pour 1 tablespoon of boiling water( 1 glass).After the broth is infused, it must be filtered and used to rinse the oral cavity.
  • Decoction of oak bark is famous for its astringent effect. This raw material can be called the first assistant in the fight against bleeding gums. Prepare the broth the same way as the remedy from chamomile.
  • In the same proportions we can prepare an infusion of sage. This plant has an excellent antibacterial property. Rinse with decoction can also have an anesthetic effect.
  • We can advise soda as a rinse aid. After all, not always at hand is the necessary healing plant. Soda solution is perfect for rinsing. It has antimicrobial properties, removes inflammation.

So, we discussed in detail why the gums bleed when brushing their teeth and what to do about it. All ways of solving problems are given as background information. If such symptoms occur, it is extremely important to consult a specialist in a timely manner.