Pancreas: prevention of diseases

The pancreas plays an important role in the human body and is responsible for the production of enzymes that break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is she who produces insulin, without which diabetes can develop. The most common disease of the pancreas is pancreatitis. It is characterized by inflammatory processes in its cells. What measures for diseases of the pancreas, prevention of its exacerbations can be applied?

The main disease of the pancreas

The gland is located behind the stomach and snug against it. In appearance it resembles a tadpole. The length of the gland is about 20 cm with a diameter of 4 cm. It has a head and a body - a tail.

Two main functions of the body depend on the pancreas: digestive and hormonal.

Pancreas prevention

The body and tail of the organ are considered part of the endocrine system and are responsible for producing the most important hormones: insulin and glucagon, which affect the level of glucose in the blood. Her head produces and delivers pancreatic juice to the pancreas, and along with it enzymes necessary for digesting food.

Type 2 diabetes is also completely associated with problems in its work.

The most common pancreatic disease is pancreatitis, which is characterized by inflammation in it. It can be acute or chronic.

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptoms of pancreatic disease are expressed in the following syndromes:

  • Dyspeptic. This includes digestive disorders( nausea, flatulence, stool change).
  • Pain. It manifests itself in the form of blunt pains, which are localized in the pancreas region.

Digestive Disorder

Unbalanced nutrition, prolonged periods of time and irregular intake of food - these are some of the causes of pancreatic disease. These factors lead to a malfunction of the digestive system.

Harmful products for the pancreas

When pancreatic diseases occur, the prevention of complications consists in the following measures. Necessarily it is necessary to observe a diet and to accustom to it children. Do not make large intervals between meals, because the pancreas will break down and the balance of insulin production will change. This can cause the onset of diabetes. To avoid this situation, you need to eat at least 4 times a day and small amounts.

Fatty food and pancreas, free from inflammation, are on different scales. There is a need to little by little and do not mix a lot of varied food. Simultaneous reception of carbohydrates, fats and proteins affects the pancreas so that it is in difficulty and does not know which enzyme should be produced. Dairy products should be consumed separately, because for their processing, very specific enzymes are needed.

The pancreas is prone to stress. Its second function is the production of insulin and glucagon, which are responsible for the glucose level in the blood and are dependent on the state of the nervous system. Stresses can greatly accelerate the process of converting glucagon into glucose. When people have similar situations, their blood level rises. Because of this, for a long time, blood glucose can be kept in the region of 6-7 mmol / l. Therefore, the pancreas is depleted and there is type 2 diabetes.

Factors that adversely affect the pancreas

Pancreatic diseases in the world are subject to a lot of people. In order not to suffer from this disease, it is necessary to abandon many bad habits:

  • Alcohol. The pancreas is destroyed by alcohol. Alcohol inside the body causes a spasm, so the enzymes begin to corrode it from the inside. If the liver has the ability to restore, then the pancreas has no such ability. All people who drink alcohol should do so in moderation and not get carried away by it.

Fatty food and pancreas

  • Smoking. Tobacco smoking is harmful not only for respiratory organs, but also for the pancreas. It can cause pancreatitis, and sometimes promotes the appearance of a tumor of the organ.
  • What are other harmful products for the pancreas? It's coffee. Do not abuse it, but if you drink it, only during meals. The drink stimulates the gastric system and promotes the release of a large number of enzymes. If you drink only coffee, then the stomach and the pancreas begin to digest themselves.

Harmful factors affecting the body should be neutralized and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What to know about

If pancreatic disease is present, the following is recommended. Be sure to adhere to the sense of proportion and avoid everything that is hazardous to health. This applies to sports and physical activities.

Preparations for the pancreas

In severe exercises, pancreatitis can become aggravated and cause pain. Therefore, in case of problems with the pancreas, it is necessary to limit physical activity to prevent deterioration of the condition.

The most acceptable option is breathing exercises. Before performing any exercises, you need to get a specialist consultation. He can allow or deny the complex, or assign his own.

It is worth to reduce the visit to the sauna and sauna, because high temperatures can increase swelling, pain and contribute to the development of the inflammatory process.

Serious consequences

For various reasons, the pancreas can become inflamed, so there is a disease such as pancreatitis. It causes a lot of trouble and diabetes, which is caused by the malfunctioning of this organ. There may be other diseases of the digestive system associated with the pancreas. If symptoms of the disease manifest themselves, you should immediately seek treatment, and not wait for negative consequences.

Medical treatment

What medications are prescribed for a pancreas prophylaxis and its diseases? For the prevention of organ disease, there are various medicines. There are a lot of them, so when you designate they are guided by the type of illness, the age of the patient and the presence of other pathologies.

Alcohol and pancreas

In case of acute pain, nausea and vomiting, the patient should not take painkillers alone. They are prescribed only by a doctor. Most often he prescribes "No-Shpu" or "Papaverin", which refer to spasmolytic drugs.

The treatment of acute pancreatitis is handled by a surgeon, and the chronic one by a therapist.

When an acute phase occurs for therapy, antibiotics are prescribed. Such medications as "Festal" or "Mezim" can be taken only during remission.

For the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, the doctor usually uses complex therapy. The disease is characterized by a slow flow, and with each exacerbation a greater number of diseased cells is replaced by a connective tissue. Therefore, the pancreas produces fewer and fewer enzymes that digest food.

When treating the disease, you must adhere to a sparing diet.

The physician can prescribe "Maalox", which has adsorption and enveloping properties. Widely used "Mezim", which promotes the rapid assimilation of food. Enzyme preparations are safe and can be taken for a long time.

Diet for pancreatic diseases

What can you eat with pancreatic disease? When treating a disease, you must not forget about dieting. Nutrition rules for pancreatic diseases:

  • There are better small portions without mixing a lot of products at one time. Separate nutrition has a beneficial effect on the pancreas. Food is consumed with minimal treatment, less fat, carbohydrates and fried.
  • The amount of products that contain dyes and preservatives should be reduced.
  • Foods containing fiber, eat in limited quantities. They are useful for the intestines, but the pancreas does not digest them properly. You can eat fresh vegetables and fruits. If they were stored all winter, it is better to cook baked or stewed dishes out of them.
  • What can you eat when you are sick? Unloading days are useful. At this time, the food should consist of vegetable soup, low-fat cottage cheese, baked apple. Sweet is excluded.
  • Strict diets are harmful to the pancreas, so it is better to spend unloading days or eat everything, but little by little.
  • There are blueberries and mulberries in any form that is a medicine for a sick organ.

What you can eat

Compliance with simple rules will help reduce the burden on the pancreas and reduce the risk of exacerbations.

Prevention of pancreatic diseases with folk remedies

For pancreatic diseases, prevention consists of such measures. Together with the change in the dietary regime, the use of medicinal herbs will be effectively treated with medicinal herbs. You can apply the following recipes:

Prevention of pancreatic diseases

  • Pass through a meat grinder for 0,5 kg of parsley, garlic and 2 lemons. Insist for 7 days. Take before meals for 1 teaspoon.
  • With inflammation of the pancreas, you can drink a drink from a grass walker. To reduce pain, the grass can be added to hot dishes as greens.
  • Pour a few spoons of flowers immortelle, cook for half an hour on a water bath. After cooling, drink in small sips before eating for 2 weeks.

Applying traditional medicine and medications in the complex, you can reduce pain during the period of exacerbation of the disease. All treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor to prevent negative reactions.