How and what to treat a cold with hypertension: folk methods and medication

Hypertension is a disease characterized by a significant increase in blood pressure. As a result, the work of the heart is disrupted, changes occur in the functioning of vital systems and the whole organism as a whole, especially when the cold develops in hypertension. Treatment of the heart and colds should be interrelated.
than treating a cold with hypertension

Traditional treatment of

People rarely attach importance to the symptoms of colds. Working schedule, family and many household matters require constant attention. Therefore, a person often suffers a cold on his legs, maintaining a normal state of various pharmacy and folk remedies.

It is the lack of bed rest when taking antiviral drugs that greatly affects the state of the cardiovascular system. The active substances contained in powders from cold, contribute to increasing blood pressure and cause a rapid increase in heart rate.

In this case, the question arises: how to treat a cold with hypertension? The choice of funds depends on the symptomatology and the degree of disease progression. In the optimal case, you need to visit a doctor, take a hospital or at least a couple of days to lie back at home.

If there is no possibility to go to the hospital, it is better to call your doctor and clarify what means are safe and effective for treating colds in hypertensive patients.

hypertension treatment of folk remedies

How does the cold affect the condition of hypertensive patients?

Colds in people with high blood pressure give a big load on the cardiovascular system. This is especially evident with an increase in body temperature, so the issue of eliminating hyperthermia should be given sufficient attention. It is necessary to consult with the doctor in advance and determine how and how to treat a cold with hypertension, so as not to cause a hypertensive crisis.

If hypertension is at the initial stage, the temperature should be brought down when the thermometer is 38.5 degrees Celsius. If the increased pressure is complicated by ischemic heart disease, kidney disease or atherosclerosis, it is necessary to take antipyretics at 38 degrees Celsius.

Antipyretic drugs for hypertension

A rise in temperature will cause anxiety in people who do not know what to cure a cold with hypertension. To reduce the temperature with hypertension, it is better to use aspirin. The main advantage of this drug is the dilution of blood, thereby reducing the likelihood of blood clots in the bloodstream.

Important! Aspirin should not be taken to people with peptic ulcer and individual intolerance to the drug. In this case, it should be replaced with nurofen or paracetamol( the tablets should not contain any additives).

Hypertension is strictly forbidden to use complex drugs for colds, which are widely advertised on television. In such powders or tablets, there is a substance that causes an increase in the pulse and an increase in blood pressure.

The only approved remedy for cold is "Antigrippin".It contains no caffeine and phenylephrine, so it does not cause an increase in blood pressure.

Independently used to reduce the temperature of analgin is not recommended. This drug can be assigned to hypertension only in the absence of other antipyretic agents. Analgin reduces the number of white bodies in the blood. As a result, the body is defenseless and can pick up any infection.

Use of nasal drops

Hypertension is not allowed to use vasoconstrictive nasal drops. In addition to the vessels of the nasal cavity drugs can affect other, with the narrowing of the vessels will provoke an increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate and arrhythmia.

traditional methods of treating colds with hypertension

It is worth giving preference to homeopathic drops. You can use "Aqualor", containing in its composition sea water, or drops "Pinosol" on a plant basis. Nasal decongestants can not be used for longer than three consecutive days.

To eliminate a runny nose, it is best to rinse the nasal cavity with saline. Knowing the features of the drugs and their composition, you will not ask how to treat a cold in hypertension.

Common cold remedies for hypertension

The most popular folk method is inhalation. For this purpose, you can use freshly brewed potatoes or steam baths with the addition of essential oil of eucalyptus, juniper or fir.

cold with hypertension heart treatment

You can take tea on the basis of leaves of berries( currants, raspberries, mountain ash, cowberry, dog rose).If you add a spoonful of honey to such tea, then the anti-catarrhal effect will increase several times.

Traditional methods of treating colds with hypertension are used to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but are not capable of killing a virus or infection that may be in the body.

Great popularity in the treatment of colds and high blood pressure is enjoyed by cranberries. The use of berries or teas from cranberry leaves can restore the body's work, increase immunity and provide a person with protection from viral or bacterial infections.

How to treat colds with hypertension categorically can not be

For colds, hypertensive people are not allowed to use such a folk remedy as vodka with pepper. The intake of this mixture can cause an unpredictable reaction of the body. Bath procedures should be avoided.

With hypertension, you can visit the bath in a gentle mode and only with constant monitoring of blood pressure. People who have had a heart attack or a stroke, visit the bath is strictly contraindicated.

how to treat a cold in hypertension

It is very important to consult with a doctor before taking any medications, especially if you have a diagnosis of "hypertension".Treatment of folk remedies for colds should also be carried out only with the permission of the attending physician and in compliance with all of its recommendations. After all, uncontrolled reception of traditional medicine can only worsen the condition of the body and provoke the development of serious chronic diseases.