Croupous pneumonia

Croup pneumonia refers to pleuropneumonia( another name is shared pneumonia), which occurs as a result of acute infectious and allergic processes. The most common cause of this disease is such a pathogen as pneumococcus. The pneumonia develops for the most part due to the weakening of the immune system, as well as the lowering of the purging work of the bronchi. Usually, the onset of a disease is promoted by severe hypothermia and a cold disease. In this regard, the most common croupous pneumonia appears in winter and spring. It is worth noting that the working and living conditions of a person often influence the development of the pathological process.

A disease such as croupous pneumonia is most common in areas where there is a cold and unstable climate. Previously, among internal diseases, the incidence of pleuropneumonia could be as high as fifteen percent. Now its share has increased to thirty. People with different age are ill with croupous pneumonia. Everyone who is between the age of eighteen and forty-five can be at risk.

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Croupous pneumonia is a symptom.

This disease is different in that it affects the lower part in the right lung. Simultaneously, the pathological process has the property to extend also to the pleura. Symptoms of such pneumonia are easy to recognize. Usually croupous pneumonia begins very sharply. A person has a strong chill, which gradually develops into a fever. The body temperature rises very sharply and reaches forty degrees. The febrile state becomes permanent. Wavy fever is possible. The temperature drops usually in a fairly long time. In the absence of compulsory treatment with antibiotic drugs, the crisis may occur on the seventh-tenth day of the disease. The duration of it is not more than a day. However, when treating antibiotics, the pathological process can be stopped already in the first phase of development. The main thing is to start treatment in a timely manner and take regular medications. It is necessary. During treatment, the temperature of a person is normalized within two to three days.

The first hours of the disease are characterized by a sharp and stitching pain in the chest - from the side where the lung is struck. This pain is aggravated by a sigh, and a strong and dry cough is also observed. Two to three days after the disease began, thick and viscous sputum begins to flow away. Croupous pneumonia can be determined by the so-called "rusty" sputum. It is meant that the sputum has blood impurities. The amount of such sputum can be from fifty to two hundred milliliters per day, which is quite a lot. The patient feels very restless, an unhealthy blush appears on his cheeks, his eyes unnaturally shine, his breathing is hard. There may be rashes in the form of bubbles around the lips and the wings of the nose of the patient.

Croupous pneumonia is a treatment.

If a person has been diagnosed with a disease such as croupous pneumonia, it must be hospitalized urgently. If the case is severe and the patient is delusional, you need a constant medical watch near him. The patient takes antibiotics, expectorants, antiallergics, vitamins. It is necessary to drink a lot of water during illness, eat light food. At the same time, the food should be high in calories. Of course, you do not need to feed a sick person either, but he must have the strength to recover. The room should be ventilated all the time, so that the patient has enough air. Massage is recommended. Croupous pneumonia is a dangerous disease, be careful and attentive!