What is God's syndrome?

A person with God's syndrome is in absolute certainty that he is never wrong, no matter how difficult the task posed to him. Most often he ignores any established rules, considering himself worthy to do whatever he likes. This disease is among the undiagnosed, that is, there is no precise list of symptoms on the basis of which it is possible to draw conclusions.

God's syndrome is a disease that is often used by authors in modern culture: in plays, books, serials and films. For example, such a disorder is observed in Shakespeare's Hamlet, when he decides not to kill Claudius during the prayer( that he does not go to heaven).Many movie villains can note some symptoms, and in Japan they shot a whole anime on this topic - "Death Note".

god syndrome

Definition of

God's syndrome is a psychotic illness characterized by the patient's unshakable faith in his own power and impunity. In some cases, a person can show signs of aggression, irritability, behave arrogantly and, without hesitation in expressions, ridicule the shortcomings of others. Most often these are narcissistic persons, confident in their own irresistibility. Anyone who tries to doubt this, is declared an enemy.

Manifestations of this syndrome are often observed in successful people, mostly in men. Of course, certain signs are present to some extent in every person, especially if he has achieved outstanding results. It is important to understand that not every self-confident or arrogant person necessarily has such, often dangerous for others and requiring hospitalization, a mental illness, like God's syndrome.

God syndrome symptoms

Symptoms of

In order to be able to talk about the presence of any deviation in the psyche, it is necessary to make sure that a person has five or more of the following characteristics:

  • hypertrophied sense of self-importance( for example, a person can expect immediate recognition from a higher management without havingon that no reason);
  • endless fantasies and arguments about one's own irresistibility, strength, success;
  • the patient believes that he is "chosen", but few are to know and understand him;
  • needs to be admired endlessly;
  • is not able to substantiate its statements, often either chooses as arguments the answers in the spirit of "well this is me, you do not understand", or shows aggression towards the opponent;
  • a patient with the syndrome of God ignores the opinion of other people and generally accepted laws and principles;
  • is arrogant and believes that everyone should;
  • is sincerely convinced that everyone envies it;
  • and, of course, as in cases with many mental abnormalities, completely denies the existence of a problem.

Causes of

Causes may be very diverse, since the phenomenon has not been fully investigated yet, but the significant impact on the development of the disease can be exerted by: the excessive admiration of parents and other relatives without a clear indication of the reasons;

  • excessive praise for good deeds and excessive conviction for the bad;
  • episodes of emotional abuse in childhood;
  • parents are manipulators, from which the child could learn this behavior, taking it for the only true.
  • God disease syndrome

    Treatment of

    Unfortunately, at the moment there is no clear script on how to treat God's syndrome. But treatment is necessary, because in especially severe cases such a disease can lead to the disintegration of the personality, problems with socialization and even become a cause of dementia( dementia, which is not innate).

    The main difficulty in treating this syndrome is that the patient does not believe that he has problems, he does not realize what damage it can do not only to himself, but also to those around him.

    It is possible to conduct therapy aimed at helping a patient with God's syndrome to learn to be more sensitive to others. Often work is being done to teach how to use their talents to help others, while avoiding ulterior motives. Also, the result can bring work to tame anger, rage and impulsive behavior.

    It was previously thought that group therapy is impossible with such patients, but studies have shown that this type of communication allows you to develop trust, normalize self-esteem and learn to accept feedback from others.

    The main thing to remember is that not always a bad character or bravado, caused by self-doubt, is a symptom of God's syndrome. Sometimes this can simply be the result of improper education, spoiledness or lack of communication.