Sanatorium "Leningrad", Nalchik: photo, reviews

In the city of Nalchik, which is in the foothills of the northern slope of the main Caucasian ridge, there are more than twenty springs and wells with mineral waters, differing in chemical composition. They are located in the resort area of ​​the city, Dolinsk.

Spring is early here, the summer is warm, the winter does not frighten the frosts, it is moderately soft, and the autumn is dry and warm. That is why the resort has many different levels of boarding houses, where you can not only relax from the city's bustle, but also to heal your body. One of such medical dispensaries, which is very popular, is "Leningrad".

General information about "Leningrad"

sanatorium of Leningrad nalchik

Sanatorium "Leningrad" in Nalchik, photo of which can be seen above, welcomes guests all year round. Thanks to mineral springs, the main activity of the institution is connected with the treatment and prevention of various diseases. You can come here alone or with children of all ages.

Number of sanatorium-dispensary

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Number of sanatorium "Leningrad" in Nalchik consists of 240 seats. Guests are offered to stay in the rooms of the following categories:

  • double one-room "standard";
  • two-room suite;
  • three-room suite.

Each room has the necessary set of furniture: single and double beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, table and chairs, coat hangers. All apartments also have a radio and telephone. Also everywhere there is a private bathroom with shower. The balcony is provided for all but the first floors. Most rooms have air conditioning.

Prices for accommodation in the sanatorium-dispensary "Leningrad" start from 1500 rubles per day( as of 2017).

Facilities and services provided by

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In the sanatorium "Leningrad" in Nalchik, the following services are available to guests:

  • room cleaning;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • various ways of spending leisure;
  • children's playground with slides, swings and other entertainments;
  • room for children's leisure, where the kids are under the supervision of educators.

Parking for private vehicles is not provided. Vacationers who arrived by car, are forced to leave the car near the sanatorium in accessible places.

Meals ordered, dietary, four- or five-time. Fifteen dietary tables are provided.

Medical services and treatment options

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In sanatorium-dispensary "Leningrad" vacationers are offered treatment and prevention of respiratory and digestive diseases, female genital organs, nervous and genitourinary systems, as well as musculoskeletal system and connective tissue.

In the health resort there are two physiotherapy and underwater shower-massage rooms, a mud treatment room, IRT, ECG, ultrasound, intestinal procedures, inhalators, proctologist's offices, urologist, gum irrigation, face and head, gynecological procedures, gynecologist, dental, psychotherapy, paraffin-naphthalanal treatment, hydropathy, underwater traction, as well as a laboratory and X-ray room, an office for bathing.

The cost of a voucher to a sanatorium includes such types of compulsory medical services as:

  • rectal tampons;
  • microclysters;
  • dental irrigation;
  • bowel irrigation;
  • electric mud;
  • ИРТ;
  • exercise therapy;
  • swimming;
  • electrophoresis.

Additional paid services are:

  • inhalation;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • underwater shower massage;
  • underwater vertical traction;
  • hydropathy;
  • sauna;
  • mud treatment;
  • paranaft;
  • gynecological irrigation.

Opening hours of the sanatorium "Leningrad"( Nalchik) in the form of a clinic - from 8 am. It is then that the medical staff begins to perform various procedures.

Organization of leisure in the sanatorium-boarding house "Leningrad"

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Fans of active leisure in the sanatorium-dispensary "Leningrad" offer:

  • to swim in the large pool;
  • visit the gym for physical therapy;
  • visit the gym, where there is a variety of sports equipment;
  • play tennis, badminton or volleyball on the summer sports ground.

Among other entertainment available on the territory of the sanatorium "Leningrad" works:

  • library with scientific and historical literature, as well as detectives, modern prose, classics, science fiction, etc.;
  • sauna;
  • billiard room;
  • Concert Hall, where from time to time there are various performances, seminars and other entertainment programs;
  • bar.

For those wishing to combine the rest with the survey of the surrounding areas there are excursion programs. They are walking tours of the main natural and cultural sights of the Caucasus. You can order an excursion from the reception.

Impressions of holidaymakers about sanatorium-dispensary "Leningrad"

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Reviews about the sanatorium "Leningrad" in Nalchik are of different nature. Among the positive it is worth paying attention to such moments:

  • Very happy holidaymakers medical building. Especially attentive attitude from doctors and nurses.
  • The area is well maintained, guarded. Everywhere beautiful alleys, there are benches for rest.
  • Swimming pool recently renovated.
  • In the children's room there is an excellent educator who is able to interest and enthrall children.
  • In all rooms are arranged live green plants.
  • Cold and hot water in the rooms is served round the clock and uninterrupted.
  • Rooms are small but cozy. Everything is clean and cleaned.
  • Air conditioners are installed only in luxury rooms.
  • The main emphasis in the dispensary is on the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Therefore among the entertainment there are sports events, swimming pool and sauna.

There are also negative reviews:

  • The variety of dishes in the dining room is not spoiled. On the second serve mainly fish and cereal. There are practically no meat dishes in the menu, only cutlets or goulash.
  • Dance evenings only on Thursdays.
  • The billiard room is closed from time to time.
  • Excursion program covers only the surrounding area.
  • Bed linen is changed once a week.
  • Rooms are not cleaned daily. Sometimes you have to contact the administrator.

Of all the reviews about the sanatorium-boarding house can draw the following conclusions."Leningrad" is first of all a hospital. People come here to be cured. From this side, the boarding house has proved rather well. There are good specialists who know their work well. On the other hand, as for the rest, the guests in the "Leningrad" offer little entertainment and appropriate conditions. This can not be called a minus of a sanatorium. Simply, many holidaymakers express their wishes about the diversity of leisure.


Address of the sanatorium "Leningrad": Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik, Balkarova street, 10. You can get to the dispensary from the airport "Nalchik" or "Mineral Waters" by bus or taxi.