"Blueberry Forte", "Evalar": reviews

Many people have repeatedly noticed that after a long time at the computer or with hard work that requires close attention, the eyes begin to blush or hurt, and in addition, the visual acuity may temporarily decrease. And it happens that good vision with time just begins to deteriorate. blueberry forte

Unique method of

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies has developed a unique method for solving all of the above problems. Today it is a biologically active supplement called the intensive complex "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar".It is a vitamin preparation, which includes anthocyanins berries along with antioxidants. More about what this drug is, we'll tell in this article, and also learn how customers react to it.

What is included in the "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar"?

The presented bioadditive includes various vitamins, among them:

  • Zinc Lactate.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6.
  • Extract of blueberries.
  • Routine.

Pharmacological properties of

The blueberry anthocyanins inclu

ded in the preparation contribute to the synthesis, and in addition to the restoration of the main visual enzyme, which is the rhodopsin. This component mainly affects the visual acuity, it increases it, contributing to the improvement of twilight function. The action of the anthocyanins of blueberries is aimed at stimulating the regeneration processes in the retina, and they also prevent eye fatigue against the backdrop of prolonged work that requires visual strain.

In combination with routine and ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids lead to a decrease in capillary fragility and permeability, improving microcirculation in the choroid of the eyes. In addition, the intraocular pressure decreases along with the risk of hemorrhages in the retina.

Zinc, in turn, acts as a unique natural antioxidant, which protects the visual organs from the effects of free radical complexes on them. In combination with the anthocyanins of blueberries, he takes part in the synthesis of rhodopsin, protecting the most fragile part of the eye, which is the retina. Thus, protection from the destructive influence of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum occurs. Zinc, among other things, prevents detachment of the retina, as well as interferes with the formation of cataracts, improving the overall perception of the color palette. blueberry forearm intensifier complex for vision

Vitamins from group B are required to optimize the exchange processes in all structures of the visual organs. Vitami B1, it is also called thiamine, promotes the establishment of microcirculation in vascular membranes, normalizing the work of the muscular apparatus of eyeballs. This vitamin in combination with zinc takes part in protection against free radicals.

Vitamin B2 is involved in most of the oxidation and reduction processes of the human body. This vitamin acts as a coenzyme. If it is deficient, symptoms may appear that appear in the dryness of the eyes, the burning sensation or the sensation of sand. It is not excluded and redness.

With a deficiency in the body riboflavin is associated with the development of photophobia, and in addition, conjunctivitis, cataracts and keratitis. Vitamin B6 takes part in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, improving the signaling on the optic nerves and reducing muscle tension. This vitamin prevents the appearance of conjunctivitis.

Lutein acts as part of the synthesis of zeaxanthin, which is found in the yellow spot of the retina. This component is also found in the choroid, the ciliary body, the lens and the iris. It is required for normal visual acuity. In addition, lutein interferes with the oxidative destruction of cells, reducing the flow of the most dangerous part of the spectrum. Due to its properties, lutein prevents retinal damage and loss of vision. According to the studies, lutein has a positive effect in the presence of glaucomatous neuropathy, which is marked by an increase in intraocular pressure.

Indications for use of

"Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar", as already noted, is a biologically active additive that contains bilberry extract along with vitamins and microelements. Use this tool should be for the prevention of eye fatigue, as well as to improve overall visual acuity and improve dark adaptation. In addition to the obvious benefits for the eyes, "Blueberry Forte" has a strengthening effect on the entire body. Thus, the main indications for taking this drug are the following:

  • The need for prevention of age-related changes in the eye apparatus.
  • In the presence of myopia, cataracts, glaucoma, disturbance of twilight vision. In all these cases, "Blueberry Forte" is used as a component of complex therapy.
  • For preventive purposes with long-term work at the computer.
  • Long stay at the wheel of the car, especially at night.
  • Any work that requires regular eye strain or close attention.

blueberry forte ewalar reviews

Is an intensive complex for the eyesight of "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar" suitable for everyone?

To whom is the drug contraindicated?

It should be noted that the presented biological additive is absolutely safe. However, there are some contraindications, in which its use is undesirable:

  • The presence of individual intolerance of certain constituents of the drug.
  • Children under the age of three.
  • The period of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

It is necessary to emphasize that before using this medication, it is recommended to consult with an ophthalmologist.

Method of taking bioadditives

Apply "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar" inside in the mornings and evenings. As part of the reception, two 500 mg tablets are drunk. You should take the supplements after or directly during meals. Prevention with this drug can be done for a long time, which can be from two to four months. Between courses a ten-day break is allowed. blackberry forte with lutein

This confirms the instruction to "Blueberry Fort" from "Evalar".

Analogues of the preparation

One of the popular analogues of the presented preparation is a remedy called "Anthocyan Forte".This analogue also acts as a complex bioadditive, which is used to maintain vision. In addition, it is used against the background of decreased sensitivity of the eyes to increased physical stress. It is also used by patients with diabetes mellitus with reduced permeability and fragility of the eye vessels.

The complex includes beta-carotene, which has antioxidant properties, similar in function to lutein. In addition, the analog contains vitamin A, which is an active natural antioxidant, and in addition, copper, whose action is aimed at improving visual acuity. In addition to the listed components, "selenium" is present in the "Antocian Forte" dietary supplement, which prevents the development of dystrophy of the optic nerves and reduces the risk of cataracts.

Thus, thanks to its composition, "Anthocyan Forte" is similar to the "Blueberry Forte" facility perfectly suited for people who regularly spend a lot of time at the computer or are subjected to increased strain on the visual apparatus. This analogue is suitable for use against a background of diseases such as cataracts, myopia or retinal detachment.

What is unique about the intensive complex for the view of "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar"?

Features of the

supplements As for the preparation, the following features can be listed:

  • "Blueberry Forte" is a bioadditive which is not a medicinal product.
  • The preparation contains natural food components.
  • A complex of vitamins along with trace elements and active substances, which are in the composition of the drug, promotes the correctness of all biochemical processes in the eye tissues. Thanks to them, the blood supply improves, the visual acuity is increased, and besides, any age changes are prevented.

blueberry foreight for eyesight

  • The presented bioadditive is perfectly suitable for its application as a component for complex treatment in ophthalmic practice.
  • "Blueberry Forte" has almost no contraindications.
  • Bioadditive is suitable for use in people with diabetes.
  • "Blueberry Forte" is distinguished by an affordable price, having different versions of analogues. The cost of this drug ranges from one hundred to two hundred rubles.

Now we will find out what people think about the bio-additive?

Reviews about "Blueberry Fort" from "Evalar"

It's worth mentioning that when you get acquainted with the reviews that people leave about the bioadditive, a high rating of this drug is striking. Buyers are very pleased with this vitamin complex and say that it actually helps to cope with such problems as eye fatigue, redness and burning.

People like the natural composition of tablets, their pleasant taste. Buyers say that "Blueberry Forte" with zinc from "Evalar" perfectly removes tension from eyeballs, helping to maintain visual acuity. Buyers are also satisfied that the agent does not cause any side effects.

In addition to the pharmacological effect, many like its accessibility. In particular, it emphasizes its low price, which is an average of one hundred and fifty rubles, as well as a large number of tablets contained in one package. Also people say that these tablets can be found in any pharmacy.

Among the additional benefits reported on the overall improvement of well-being, in addition, people write that against the background of using the "Blueberry Forte" supplements with lutein from "Evalar" they have strengthened their hair and nails. Buyers also talk about the fact that they become much less tired due to the intake of these pills, which is most likely explained by the content of a number of vitamins, which have a restorative effect on the entire human body as a whole.

Thus, more often people write that the vitamin complex "Blueberry Forte" perfectly supports the eyes, feeding them with useful trace elements, and also that the pills perfectly help to cope with the overstrain of the visual organs. There are also reviews in which people say that thanks to this vitamin complex they have even improved their eyesight. blueberry forte instruction

As already noted, there are mostly positive reviews about the "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar" for sight, although sometimes you can read the comments, which say that the tool just did not help, but it did not hurt either. Or some report that they have a dry eye in the face of this medication. Some buyers simply do not trust this tool and do not consider it effective. In a number of cases it is reported that there is no pronounced effect even against a background of prolonged reception.

Advantages of

Thus, based on feedback, the following advantages of the presented bioadditives can be named:

  • Availability and price.
  • Elimination of eye fatigue.
  • Vitamin feeding of the visual organs.
  • Improved vision.
  • Maintaining visual acuity.
  • Improving overall well-being.
  • Prevention of vision as part of a long pastime at the computer.
  • Copes with red eyes and turbidity in them.

Among the negative characteristics can be read about the following drawbacks:

  • Weakness of the effect or its complete absence, even with prolonged use.
  • In rare cases, the appearance of dryness in the eyes.
  • Unproven effectiveness.

blackberry forte intensive complex


Thus, based on the reviews, we can say that buyers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the drug "Blueberry Forte" and very often report that this tool helps them cope with strain in the eyes, and also serves as an excellent prophylaxis for vision. True, not everyone trusts this drug and consider its effectiveness unproven. But there are very few such comments. Most often people, on the contrary, praise the effect of the drug on the body.

We reviewed the instructions for the application of "Blueberry Forte" from "Evalar" and reviews.