Can I apply "Depantol" during pregnancy: instruction

Women are often recommended to use "Depantol" during pregnancy. The drug belongs to the category of combined and effectively fights inflammation, microbial infections, infection. However, responsibly related to their health, women doubt the possibility of using these suppositories in an "interesting" position. Doctors, of course, assure that it is absolutely safe, nevertheless, there is some risk. Consider what kind of medicine it is, what helps and how to use it.

Depanctol during pregnancy

When to apply?

In pregnancy, "Depantol" will help if a woman has vaginitis in a chronic, acute form. The drug is effective in various forms of cervicitis and will be useful in the presence of complications, including ectopia of the cervix. Often, suppositories are prescribed as an element of complex therapy with true erosion.

In pregnancy, "Depantol" can be used to activate the regenerative processes of the vaginal mucosa, if it has been damaged by various factors. If a therapeutic technique that negatively influenced the integrity of the mucosa was used, the candles would be at hand. After birth, if a woman underwent a gynecological surgery, the suppositories "Depantol" will help to restore the healthy state of the body faster.

What is in pharmacies?

Authorized for use in pregnancy "Depantol" on sale is presented by candles, packed in a blister for five copies. One package contains a blister or a pair. The exact amount of the drug is always indicated on the cardboard box.

depantol in early pregnancy

How does it work?

The preparation contains active substances:

  • dexpanthenol;
  • chlorhexidine( in the form of bigluconate).


This substance, which is included in the approved drug "Depantol", has pronounced antiseptic qualities. The compound shows efficacy against gram-negative, gram-positive microscopic life forms. Chlorhexidine successfully fights with yeast fungi, protozoa. When it is used, it is possible to eliminate viral infection: dermatophyte, herpes. An increased sensitivity to the antiseptic is possessed by E. coli, treponema, staphylo-, gono-, streptococcus, gardnerella, trichomonas, chlamydia, fragilis, ureaplasma.

At the same time, it is known that either is absent or there is, but in a very weak form, the activity of the antiseptic against pseudomonads, proteus. In addition to the above two forms of the virus, the others are also resistant to chlorhexidine. The compound against acid-resistant microscopic organisms, spores, will not help. The possibility of using "Depantol" during pregnancy is due not only to the safety of its active components for women bearing fetuses, but also to the preservation of the effectiveness of the compound even under the influence of bloody excretions, pus, and secrets of the human body.


This compound belongs to the category of prodrugs. In the process of metabolism, it turns into calcium pantothenate, which is normally present in coenzyme A and takes an active part in lipid, carbohydrate metabolic processes. Pantothenate is indispensable for acetylation. As the producer of suppositories explains, the positive responses to "Depantol" during pregnancy are largely due to the inclusion of dexpanthenol in the composition of the medicine, since this substance affects the hormonal binding processes, porphyrins, acetylcholine. Under the influence of the compound regenerative processes take place much quicker, the metabolism at the cellular level comes back to normal. Dexpanthenol strengthens collagen fibers and induces mitosis.

depantol during pregnancy in the first trimester

Some features of

The use of suppositories must necessarily take into account the following fact: the drug does not correct the activity of lactobacilli.

Often prescribe "Depantol" in the early stages of pregnancy, but not only. The manufacturer on the basis of clinical trials firmly assures that the drug can be safely applied and during the period of bearing the child, and during breastfeeding.

When not?

This medication is not intended to treat children. It can not be used if a woman has an increased sensitivity or allergic reactions to any component used in the production process.

Possible side effects of

The wide experience of application of candles "Depantol" on early terms of pregnancy shows that tolerance is almost always high. Adverse reactions are theoretically possible, but in practice they are encountered with a vanishingly low percentage of undergoing therapy. It is known that there may be:

  • local itching, burning;
  • hyperemia.

Allergic manifestations may accompany the use of suppositories in the presence of intolerance to any component of the drug. In this situation, both local and systemic reactions are possible. All the unpleasant consequences disappear on their own soon after the drug is discontinued. No special therapeutic course for their elimination is required.

How to use?

Apply "Depantol" during pregnancy in the first trimester, second or third according to the same scheme: they inject a suppository into the vagina. Right before the procedure, the candle is removed from the blister, falls on the back and deeply injects the drug.

depanthol during pregnancy 3 trimester

It is important to follow the rules of hygiene: before you apply the medicine, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and perform hygienic treatment of the organs of the reproductive system. Duration of the course and dosage is prescribed by the attending physician, focusing on the patient's condition, disturbing symptoms and individual characteristics. Most often, the drug is prescribed twice a day by one candle. The duration of the course is a week or a little more, although less often it stretches for 20 days. The specific duration is determined by both the disease and the effectiveness of the suppositories.

Features of the joint use of

Despite the fact that they designate "Depantol" during pregnancy from thrush, explaining this by the high safety of the drug and excellent tolerability, it must be applied carefully. Known negative reactions associated with the simultaneous use with other drug groups. In particular, suppositories are strictly forbidden to use if soap or funds from the group of anions are introduced into the vagina. Such therapy will provoke severe local consequences for the body. It is important to be careful and extremely attentive. When passing therapy with any of these groups of drugs, you must first inform the doctor about it. Either one of the medicines will be canceled or replaced with another. In any case, the therapeutic program will be adjusted.

How to store?

The product is intended for standard storage conditions at a temperature of at least 10, but not more than 20 degrees Celsius. Do not put the drug in the refrigerator, as this leads to a deterioration in the quality of the active components. Do not remove the candles from the blister in advance, this leads to contamination with microscopic forms of life.

Depantolum during pregnancy

Duration of storage of suppositories - two years from the date of manufacture.

What can I replace?

The most popular now analogs:

  • "Hexicon".
  • Bepanten.
  • "Chlorhexidine" in suppositories.

The possibility of replacement must first be agreed with the attending physician.

In addition to "Depantol", several other drugs can be used in pregnancy in the first trimester, but the choice remains at the discretion of the treating doctor, which takes into account not only the fact of an "interesting" situation, but also the pathology, the general condition of the woman's body.

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Turnout and passwords

On average, in pharmacies for one package of suppositories "Depantol" ask about half a thousand rubles. The drug is sold in both usual pharmaceutical outlets and in online pharmacies.

Features of the application

The best performance "Depantol" shows when recovering the mucosa after diathermocoagulation, cryodestructive influence, laser treatment of the cervix. But with thrush during pregnancy, "Depantol" in the 3rd trimester( as in the first, second), you can appoint, but this is not always justified. There are several more effective drugs presented in modern pharmacies.

However, the specific decision remains for the doctor. In particular, if the thrush is accompanied by some other pathological conditions, in which the suppositories under consideration show high effectiveness, their application becomes reasonable and justified due to the complex therapeutic effect. Do not forget about the possibility of using the drug during gestation: not all effective medications against thrush are allowed during this period.

Important points

After the morning application of the suppository it is recommended to apply sanitary napkins.

The macrogol( 400 or 1500) is used as an auxiliary component in the manufacture. This substance is the basis for the candles. In case of intolerance, it is strictly forbidden to use the medication.

The product is sold without a prescription. However, this does not mean that you can use it at your discretion: "Depantol" is used only if there are recommendations of the doctor. Otherwise, it is possible and the disease can not be cured, and the condition can be started, which will significantly complicate the therapy in the future.

Can: almost always? !

As can be seen from the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, "Depantol" is allowed not only during the fetal gestation and breastfeeding. The drug is combined with alcoholic beverages, it can be resorted to in the period of monthly bleeding. The remedy seems universal, completely safe and surprisingly effective. It is recommended to use it for pregnant women at approach of sorts - it allows to carry out sanitary processing of patrimonial ways and to prevent bacterial infection of the fetus. Suppositories help in eliminating the consequences of HPV removal, stop inflammation, infection, restore mucous membranes. Willy-nilly doubt crept in: Is it possible? Taught by the bitter experience of taking a variety of drugs, many are trying to find a catch. It does not happen that way: the efficiency is high, you can always use it, and the price is quite reasonable.

depanthol during pregnancy 1 term

However, clinical practice shows: not always everything is as rosy as described in the instructions. The probability of occurrence of anxious symptoms is small, but still there is. Normally, when using the drug, there are clear or slightly yellowish discharge without odor, in a rather small volume. If the color, smell, amount change, it's probably time to see a doctor.

Threat to pregnant women

It is known that the use of suppositories "Depantol" can provoke abortion. This is explained by the sensitivity of the pregnant woman's body to any changes. From medical practice, there are cases when the use of candles led to painful sensations in the lower abdomen and bloody secretions. In this case, urge to urinate more frequent, the tone of the uterus increases, the lower back pain. This symptomatology indicates the probability of a miscarriage. When observing the situation, you should immediately seek medical help.

drug depantol during pregnancy

When examined, the doctor will examine the condition of the cervix. If the pharynx has not yet been revealed, there is no threat, but the woman will have to observe peace and regularly do exercises to relax the muscular tissue of the uterus in order to relieve the increased tone. In this situation, it is strictly forbidden to take alcohol.