The drug "Menoril": instructions for use, description, indications, prices and reviews

The body of a woman undergoes hormonal changes every month. This is facilitated by the work of the ovaries, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. However, sooner or later every woman has a menopause, followed by a menopause. Then most of the ladies and face unpleasant symptoms."Menoril" will help to avoid their appearance. Instructions for use, price, reviews on the drug will be described in the article. Also you will learn about the description of the biologically active additive. It is worth mentioning separately that they inform about the indications for the use of the medicine "Menoril" instructions for use, the opinions of doctors.

menoril instructions for use

Composition of the preparation

What does the instructions for use tell about the medicine "Menoril"?The summary says that the composition is a biologically active additive and does not belong to the category of medicines.

The preparation contains a vitamin complex, which includes several substances. Among them, it is possible to note isoflavones, vitamins D and K, which are so necessary for women during this period. In addition, the additive contains additional components.

Description of the drug

Biologically active additive is a tablet. They have a pinkish tint and individual packaging. The blister contains ten capsules. In a pack, you can find six such plates. Consequently, 60 tablets are contained in one medicine package. Required attached to each pack of "Menoril" instructions for use.

menoril instruction manual price review

Price, reviews about the drug will be presented to your attention below. To begin with it is necessary to say a few words about the packaging facade. Cardboard tutu has a pinkish-violet hue. Above is the name of the drug - "Menoril".Instructions for use are presented to consumers in Russian.

Indications for the use of the biologically active additive

Before starting the correction, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the fact that it informs about the preparation "Menoril plus" instructions for use. Experts say that you should not prescribe yourself this medication. It will be more correct to visit a doctor and after some studies get permission to receive the composition.

About the drug "Menoril" instruction for use reports that it is used by women during the menopause and menopause. Indications for correction can be considered unpleasant manifestations of this condition, such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, lack of sexual desire, nervousness and constant mood swings. After all, it is these symptoms that often knock a woman out of the rut.

Also an indication for the use of the composition is osteoporosis, associated with a decrease in the amount of estrogen in the body of the fairer sex, fragility of nails, hair and poor condition of teeth and enamel.

What can I say about contraindications to correction by this composition?

What data does the instruction for the use of "Menoril" indicate? Annotation reports that the drug is strictly prohibited for use during pregnancy and lactation. It is worth noting that at such times such a biologically active additive to the fairer sex is not needed. After all, they have their own production of the necessary homons.

The composition is prohibited for children of any age, as well as for women during fertility. Also it is not recommended to take the composition to men. No supplement is given to persons who are hypersensitive to one of the components of the drug.

menoril plus instructions for use price reviews

"Menoril plus": instruction for use

Price, reviews about the drug will be presented to you a little later. In the same paragraph, the method of using the tool will be described. As you already know, a doctor should recommend the use and select the individual dosage of the formulation.

Capsules "Menoril" are prescribed on two pieces per day. At the same time you can make a one-time reception or you can drink the formula twice. It is preferable to use the medication after eating, with plenty of water. The course of treatment is usually one month. However, in some situations, the doctor may recommend a different scheme for using the medication. To repeat reception of structure it is possible on purpose of the gynecologist.

menoril instructions for application price

The simultaneous use of additional additives and medicines is not prohibited. This medication is sometimes combined with hormone replacement therapy. A vitamin complex of calcium can also be prescribed. However, it is worth paying attention to the content in it of vitamin D. This will help to avoid an overdose.

How much is the drug in different quantities?

You have now learned that it informs consumers and medical professionals about the preparation "Menoril" instructions for use. The price of the medicine depends on the region in which the composition is purchased. The cost also varies depending on the number of capsules in the package.

menoril plus instructions for use reviews

The most popular large pack, which contains sixty capsules. Its cost is about 600 rubles. If you find a drug in the amount of thirty pieces, you can buy it for 400 rubles.

Reviews about the drug: what do physicians and consumers say?

Consumers report that an instruction on the use of the "Menoril Plus" preparation has been written in an accessible language. The price of the composition, unfortunately, is quite high. About this says about half of all women. However, the effect of the correction is obtained correspondingly.

Doctors say that the effect of the drug can be noticed already in the first day of correction. The number of tides gradually decreases. The condition of a woman also improves. All this is due to the vitamin complex, which is contained in the supplement. It is impossible not to mention the effect of the drug on osteoporosis. Bone fragility is the main symptom of menopause. As part of the dietary supplement contains vitamin D. It is he that promotes the correct absorption of calcium in the body of a representative of the weaker sex.

Consumers report that after the first course of correction hair becomes stronger. The same effect is on the teeth and nails. If you use concomitant formulations containing calcium, the effect will be stronger.

menoril instructions for use review

Representatives of the weaker sex note that already in the first week of using the drug, the previous sexual desire arises. Also, dryness in the genital area disappears. Women feel much more comfortable.

More information on the drug that helps combat symptoms of menopause

Physicians remind all women of the fairer sex who want to use this compound, that "Menoril" is a biologically active additive. A drug of this nature is tested by tests solely on the possibility of toxic effects. The rest of the data is not taken into account. This is why the side effects are not described in the instructions for use. The manufacturer reports that the only unpleasant manifestation of such a correction may be an allergic reaction.

menoril plus instructions for use price

However, other side effects may occur. If any unusual and unpleasant symptoms appear, it is worth to cancel taking the drug and contact the gynecologist. Only the doctor can determine whether it is worth continuing the correction or you need to replace the medication.

Instead of the conclusion of

, you have learned all the information about the preparation "Menoril Plus".Instructions for use, price, reviews about it are presented to your attention in the article. Remember: one way or another, but this remedy is a medicine. That is why it is absolutely unacceptable to use the composition independently. Consult your doctor if you have any indications for using the medication. Only after obtaining permission, correct. Be healthy!